A continuation of the review of the Watchtower articles on the topic of the king of the north.

Paragraph 1 states:

WE HAVE more evidence than ever before that we are living at the end of the last days of this system of things. Soon, Jehovah and Jesus Christ will destroy all governments that oppose the Kingdom. Before that event occurs, the king of the north and the king of the south will continue their conflict with each other and with God’s people.

As everyone knows, the Watchtower teaches that the time of the end, or last days, began in 1914. According to the prophecy of Daniel during the time of the end a “pushing,” or shoving, will ensue between the two rival kings, which results in the king of the north storming against the lands with chariots and horses and many ships. Ultimately, the campaign is successful. The king of the north will “sweep through like a flood.” Reasonably, the storm and flood-like invasion of the king of the north precludes the “pushing.”

But not according to the Watchtower’s latest “insight.”

Even though the time of the end supposedly began over a century ago and both the Nazi and Soviet kings of the north are said to have fulfilled the prophecy when they flooded over and ravaged the lands of Europe and Asia, the “pushing” continues to this day.

Paragraph six implies that the “pushing” is now evidenced by cyber warfare:

The king of the north and the king of the south continue to compete for world domination. For example, consider what happened after World War II when the Soviet Union and its allies gained influence over much of Europe. The actions of the king of the north forced the king of the south to form an international military alliance, known as NATO. The king of the north continues to compete with the king of the south in an expensive arms race. The king of the north fought his rival in proxy wars and insurgencies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In recent years, Russia and its allies have spread their influence across the globe. They have also engaged with the king of the south in cyber warfare. The kings have accused each other of using destructive computer programs in an effort to damage their economies and political systems. And as foretold by Daniel, the king of the north continues his attack on God’s people.

The Governing Body is sorely lacking insight into the reality of the world’s present stage. It simply is not true that Russia has ambitions to dominate the world. The USSR certainly had an expansionist policy, that much is true. But since it was disbanded Russia has not had such aspirations. How could it? Russia itself nearly collapsed. London-trained financiers swooped in and looted post-Soviet Russia to the bone. After nearly 30 years Russia has only recently clawed its way back from Third World status. And contrary to the popular myth, since the dissolution of the USSR Russia has not attacked or invaded any country.

In the aftermath of the breakup of the vast Soviet Union, it has been the British-tuned American military that has set out on a long-range scheme to dominate the nations. To illustrate the point, Russia maintains about 20 military bases beyond its borders —nearly all of them in former Soviet countries. The United States has between 600 and 900 bases, depending on the source. There is no comparison.

Recently the US has considered placing nuclear weapons in Poland —right on Russia’s border —an extremely provocative move. Younger people may not be aware of what took place in 1962 when the Soviet Union began positioning atomic weapons in Cuba, 70 miles from Florida. It brought the world to the brink of an all-out nuclear war.

As for efforts to damage another’s economy —that is all on the Anglo-American side. Because Russia has a vast store of oil and natural gas and has used these natural resources to finance its economy America has used its political and economic power to try to cut Russia out as a supplier to Europe. And because the US Dollar is the world’s reserve currency the US has threatened to cut Russia off from SWIFT.

Government insiders have reported that even before the terror attack in 2001 the American administration was intent on implementing a plan to attack Iraq and ultimately destroy the Middle East.  The 9-11 attack was simply the necessary pretext for launching London’s latest geopolitical scheme. With Iraq, Syria, and Libya now in ruins, apparently Iran is the next target. Russia and China are being pushed into a corner and are preparing to defend themselves from the Anglo-America juggernaut.

As for cyber warfare, how sad that the Governing Body base their interpretation of prophecy on the lies fabricated by British intelligence regarding Russia hacking the democratic party server. I have discussed this at length in a previous article, so there is no reason to rehash it here; except to say that Jehovah is not under the influence of the flood of lies that blanket the world. There was no cyberattack.

The truth that is lost —buried under an avalanche of propaganda, is that Russia had extended a hand of friendship to the USA. Going back to the 9-11 attack that was masterminded by the British-linked Saudis, Russia offered critical support to help hunt down and destroy the terrorist networks. The United States declined Russia’s offer.

It is well-known that Osama bin Laden and the Mujahideen were originally created and trained by Anglo intelligence and deployed against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Why should anyone suppose that the jihadists are no longer controlled by London?

When it became apparent that the US was equipping and supplying ISIS terrorists to overthrow the administration of Syria, in 2015 Russia took action to thwart it. To be sure, the president of Syria requested Russia’s assistance. As a result, the empire’s mercenary terrorists were defeated.

The year before, 2014, the same Anglo imperialists orchestrated a coup in Ukraine and began a civil war in the east against ethnic Russians in the Donbas region in order to bring chaos to Russia’s border. Because of the persecution by the American-backed Ukrainian government, the overwhelmingly ethnic Russian enclave of Crimea voted to revert to the rule of Moscow for protection. 

To this day the mainstream media claim Russia invaded Ukraine and took Crimea by force. Evidently the Governing Body believes the prevailing lies spewed by the venerable New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc., which are open spigots for CIA and MI6 propaganda.

The relentless, vicious smears and attacks on President Trump stem from his stated intentions to have friendly and mutually beneficial relations with Russia and China. It is not Russia that is sabotaging relations between the nuclear powers. If anyone has been paying attention, in recent years the British have been waging a relentless campaign to thwart any alliance between the US, Russia and China and prevent the US president from undoing the disastrous trade agreements imposed upon nations by globalism, otherwise known as British free trade. (Why the British Hate Donald Trump)

It seems the COVID pandemic exploded on the world right at the moment China and the USA were about to launch a mutually profitable trade arrangement which may have also become a stepping stone to American participation in the One Belt One Road project. Now, China is being bashed for intentionally creating the pandemic and sanctioned for cracking down on the Hong Kong revolt which was surely orchestrated by Anglo spooks.

The British were at the core of the Russiagate hoax. And now the same sources are claiming Putin had used the Taliban to kill Americans in Afghanistan. People have such short memories. They don’t remember that when Trump tried to pull American troops out of the perpetual war arena the politicians and the media went berserk with outrage.

The reason the Governing Body and people, in general, do not recognize the British Empire as the primary power today is because it is largely an invisible empire. There is Great Britain, of course, and the collection of former colonies called the British Commonwealth. But that is only the visible part —the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The London-based empire primarily exerts control through the global financial system, including the central banks and the major banking network, as well as the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank, and the IMF. Numerous Crown territories like the Caymans are offshore money laundering sanctuaries. But that system is bankrupt and would collapse if not for the constant creation of more and more money.

And as already mentioned, the invisible empire controls much of the media, including social media and the gates to the Internet, popular music and Hollywood movies and TV —as well as academia. Through its secret, masonic cult, the empire is everywhere and nowhere. More than anything else, the empire controls what people think. You may be sure the hot button issues of the day are not a spontaneous discussion.  Just as Satan has hidden his own influence, so too, the British Empire —the king of the north — has made itself disappear.

End of part one

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