When did the name “Jehovah” come into existence?

//When did the name “Jehovah” come into existence?

QUESTION: A friend of mine has been talking to me about his faith and church, Jehovah’s Witnesses. I am trying to understand some of the things he is saying. In my research I came across a YouTube video of yours and you seem to have a lot of knowledge. I asked him this question, but have not received an answer. Perhaps you can tell me. When did the name Jehovah come into existence?


ANSWER: I assume you mean the English word. The name “Jehovah” is the most recent anglicized expression of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton – YHWH. According to the online user-edited encyclopedia, Wikipedia, the name in its recognizable present form did not come about until as recently as 400 years ago. That is because the word was originally spelled with an “I” instead of a “J”.

The name of God appeared as “Iehouah” in the very first English translation from the Hebrew, translated by William Tyndale and published in 1525. And the King James Bible, published in 1611, originally rendered the divine name as Iehovah. The reason it was spelled with an “I” is because that is how it appeared in Latin and the letter “J” had not been distinguished from the letter “I” at that time. Also, the letter “V” was not known in Old English.

So, just as the English language has gone through a developmental evolution over the centuries (no doubt as have all languages), so too the word “Jehovah” has undergone several revisions.

What is important is not the spelling or pronunciation, but that English-speaking people recognize that “Jehovah” is the most widely used and accepted form of the personal name of God – distinguishing him from all others, including Jesus.

Below is a list copied from an online Watchtower publication of how the YHWH is rendered in various languages.

CHIHOWA: Choctaw

IÁHVE: Portuguese


IEHOVA: Gilbertese; Hawaiian; Hiri Motu; Kerewo; Kiwai; Marquesas; Motu; Panaieti (Misima); Rarotongan; Tahitian; Toaripi


IEOVA: Kuanua; Wedau

IHOVA: Aneityum

IHVH: French

IOVA: Malekula (Kuliviu); Malekula (Pangkumu); Malekula (Uripiv)

JAHOWA: Batak-Toba

JAHUÈ: Chacobo

JAKWE: (Ki)Sukuma

JAHVE: Hungarian

JEHOBA: Kipsigis; Mentawai

JEHOFA: Tswana

JEHOVA: Croatian; German; Kélé (Gabon); Lele (Manus Island); Nandi; Nauruan; Nukuoro

JEHOVÁ: Spanish

JEHÔVA: Fang; Tsimihety

JEHOVAH: Dutch; Efik; English; Kalenjin; Malagasy; Narrinyeri; Ojibwa

JEOVA: Kusaie (Kosraean)

JIHOVA: Naga (Angami); Naga (Konyak); Naga (Lotha); Naga (Mao); Naga (Ntenyi); Naga (Sangtam); Rotuman

JIOUA: Mortlock

JIOVA: Fijian


SIHOVA: Tongan




YAVE: Kongo

YAWE: Bobangi; Bolia; Dholuo; Lingala; Mongo (Lolo); (Lo)Ngandu; (Lo)Ntumba; (Ke)Sengele

YEHÓA: Awabakal

YEHOFA: Southern Sotho

YEHOVA: Chokwe; Chuana (Tlapi); (Ki)Kalanga; Logo; Luba; Lugbara; (Chi)Luimbi; (Chi)Lunda (Ndembu); (Chi)Luvale; Santo (Hog Harbor); Tiv; Umbundu; (Isi)Xhosa

YEHOVAH: Bube; Mohawk; Nguna (Efate); Nguna (Tongoa)

YEHOWA: Ga; Laotian; (Ki)Songe; Tshiluba


YEOBA: Kuba (Inkongo)


YHWH: Hebrew

YOWO: Lomwe

ZAHOVA: Chin (Haka-Lai)

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  • Cate

    It’s even in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 🙂

  • kevinb 1914

    If you start at the bottom of the webpage that I linked below, you will get to the truth much faster than reading thru all of the demonic comments made by a couple of clowns:

    Malachi 3:16-17 A Book of Remembrance is Written

    Then those who revered YAH’UAH spoke with one another. And YAH’UAH listened attentively and heard, and a scroll of remembrance was written before him of those who revere YAH’UAH and ponder his name.

    “They will be mine,” says YAH’UAH of hosts, “on the day that I am acting, my treasured possession. I will have compassion on them as a man has compassion on his son who serves him.

    1. YHWH is a deceptively demonic acronym created by Satan using only the 1st letter of the
    English transcription of the 4 Hebrew characters that make up YAH’UAH’s name. UN is a legitimate acronym for ‘United Nations’. YHWH is a very deceptive acronym.

    YHWH simply takes the 1st letter of the Hebrew to English transcription of the names of the four Hebrew characters that make up God’s name and use them to deceptively represent God’s name in English.

    2. There are no consonants or vowels in the ancient Biblical, paleo Hebrew language. Each Hebrew character has an individual sound. The sounds that those Hebrew characters make are combined to form Hebrew words. Those individual sounds incorporate both consonants and vowels when they are phonetically transcripted into English.

    10. Even though Yod-Hey-Waw-Hey are the 4 Hebrew characters that form God’s Name, they are NOT how the characters are actually pronounced.

    Yod is pronounced with a hard ‘Y’ sound like the English word ‘Yes’, Hey is actually pronounced ‘AH’, Waw is actually pronounced ‘OO’ or a long ‘U’ like in ‘Bruin’, Hey is again pronounced ‘AH’.

    11. God’s name is pronounced Y-AH-OO-AH or YAH’UAH, and should be spelled
    similarly in all English versions of the Bible in order to produce the proper pronunciation.

    The pronunciation is the same in English as it is in Hebrew, as it is in all languages. God’s name should be spelled in each language so that the pronunciation will be the same.

    ‘Y’ = I (or self)
    ‘AH’ = exist
    ‘OO’ = causing (to)
    ‘AH’ = exist

    27. So for approximately 5,200+ years, ‘Je-hovah’ was never used nor promoted as God’s name. It has only been in the last 700+ years or so, that ‘Je-hovah’ satanically came into existence, and only 500+ years in English.

    28. Jehovah is actually another name for the Devil! ‘Azazel’ was the Devil’s original name which means ‘power of God’. Bible scholar Lew White uses ‘Elohim’ which is a Hebrew transcription for the English word ‘God’. (see #9 http://www.fossilizedcustoms.com/critic.html) (Lev 16:8,10,26)

    29. The Witchtower even admits that ‘Je-hovah’ is incorrect, but they state that it is ‘the name that people are most familiar with’ and the most accepted version of God’s name. All the while claiming that they are the only religion that has the ‘truth’!

    30. If the Name they promote is false, and they admit it is, why would they promulgate a
    false name of the most important person in the universe, the Almighty Creator, whose name we are to ‘make holy’ and ‘keep sanctified’… and yet the Witchtower somehow still claims that they have the ‘Truth’?

    31. They are hypocritical liars, just all of the religions of Christendumb that they constantly criticize as being from the Devil. It is NOT ‘the name that people are most familiar’ with and it is NOT the the most accepted version of God’s name. Most believers in the Bible would say
    God’s name is ‘Jesus’ or the ‘Lord’ or maybe ‘Yahweh’, before ever saying ‘Je-hovah’!

    32. No other religion promotes that false, blasphemous name like the modern-day Pharisees, the JJ’s (Je-hovah’s Jackasses)… whose real leaders, as well as the front men puppets that
    they control, the ‘Governing Bozos’ and the ‘satanic slave’, are all from their Father the Devil!


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