Watchtower’s Child Sacrifice Soon to End

//Watchtower’s Child Sacrifice Soon to End

Friday, June 17

Happy is anyone who shows consideration to the lowly one.Ps. 41:1.

When we assist “the lowly one,” not only do we imitate Jehovah but we also gain his approval. Admittedly, though, a negative view of those in need may at times hold us back from assisting them. Or because we are not sure of what we should say, we may feel embarrassed and withdraw from some who are having a hard time. Cynthia, a sister whose husband abandoned her, comments: “If brothers avoid you or do not act the way you would expect close friends to act, it can hurt. When you are going through trials, you need people around you.” David of old knew the feeling of being avoided. We will likely be more empathetic if we remember that some of our dear brothers and sisters have been weakened by adverse circumstances—suffering from poor health, living in a divided household, or coping with depression. We might find ourselves in a similar situation one day.


None are as lowly as children. They literally and figuratively look up to adults. They depend on grownups to take care of them and protect them. When parents fail their children in that respect it is usually considered a crime.

While Jehovah places the primary responsibility for the welfare of children upon parents, he also requires elders to watch over lowly ones too. It is not optional. It is the very foundation of what the Watchtower calls “pure worship.” Here is what is stated in the opening chapter of the letter of James: “The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation, and to keep oneself without spot from the world.”

Children are innocent and trusting. They know nothing about sex. For obvious reasons, children —whether orphaned, or with a single parent, or otherwise —are extremely vulnerable to child sexual predators. Especially is that so among Jehovah’s Witnesses, where adults and children freely mingle both in a congregational setting and field service, but also in relaxed social settings there are many opportunities for cunning pedophiles to groom their intended victims. And that is exactly what has taken place over many years.

The Watchtower, while repeating ad nauseam: “we abhor child abuse,” has been virtually silent when it comes to educating parents and others on how to better protect the children from the crimes of pedophilic Jehovah’s Witnesses. True, the Watchtower boasts that it has written articles on the subject, but they have never really talked straightforwardly about child sexual abuse within the congregation.

For example, an AWAKE! article from 2007 gives parents advice on how to protect their children. It even points out that most child molesters are known by the families of the victims. Here is what the AWAKE! states:

Naturally, you do not want to believe that an affable neighbor, teacher, health-care worker, coach, or relative could lust after your child. In truth, most people are not like that. There is no need to become suspicious of everybody around you. Still, you can protect your child by learning how the typical abuser operates.

The fact of the matter is, though, the many thousands of children of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have been abused were not assaulted by neighbors, teachers, health-care workers or coaches. They were victimized by men within the congregation. That’s the point. Some of the predators were even elders. Some were appointed ministerial servants. All were trusted brothers. 

Are parents really being better equipped by the Watchtower to protect their children when an article that is ostensibly written to educate them neglects to even mention the real source of danger their children are exposed to? 

Bethel is well aware of the jeopardy children are in due to the many known pedophiles among Jehovah’s Witnesses. That being undeniably true, why doesn’t the Governing Body alert parents to the real danger posed by men within the congregation? Is not their silence and obfuscation the real source of the problem? Surely it is.

And when cases of child abuse are reported to the Watchtower’s Legal Department, why doesn’t it demand that elders report such crimes to the police immediately and offer their unreserved cooperation to the relevant authorities who investigate crimes against children and prosecute the perpetrators? In this they have been obscenely negligent and must share the blame before God for the sexual abuse of thousands of lowly ones.

In another AWAKE! article Bethel deplores the laxity of the legal authorities in Australia: 

Sadly, though, most of such crimes go unpunished by authorities today. In Australia, for example, it has been estimated that only 10 percent of offenders are prosecuted, and few are convicted. Other lands have had a similar record. While governments may be able to do little to protect the Christian family, the application of Bible principles can do far more.

As was exposed in last year’s Australian Royal Commission inquiry into the Watchtower’s mishandling of child abuse it was legally established that of the 1,006 instances of child abuse that were reported to the Society in that country, not a single case was reported to the police. Not one! Zero percent! This means that the Watchtower had a policy of non-cooperation with the authorities in Australia, even while decrying the failure of the courts to prosecute and convict abusers. The Watchtower’s hypocrisy is positively nauseating .

But here is the question: If Jehovah declares “happy” the one who shows consideration to the lowly one, what about those whom he has placed in charge, who have a fiduciary duty to look after the lowly, but who not only fail to protect them but actively persecute them in a worldly legal arena? There is no need to speculate. Jehovah’s decree is: Woe to the one enacting harmful regulations.

Soon the modern form of child sacrifice that has been practiced upon the  Watchtower altar of “pure worship” will be crushed. Already Jehovah is mustering his powerful army to serve as his punishing agents. The Hebrew prophecy of Zephaniah gives us a preview of the judgment to come

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  • Please8834

    With all the glib that the Cartoon creator’s at JW Broadcasting make out of how helpful the Caleb series is for children. Why not make one or two about the slimmy predictors lurking about in the congregation.Surely if they’re so concerned this would be a way for children to understand.

    • ewatchman

      I know. I was going to mention that in the article, but got distracted with the morning goings on. Anyway, I am glad you mentioned it. If the Caleb and Sophia celebraties would warn children not to be alone with brothers in the congregation that would carry a lot of weight. But the WT has no interest in calling attention to the fact that there are literally thousands of pedophiles lurking in their imaginiary spiritual paradise

      • Please8834

        I’m just glad this article and other’s you’ve put out there, are available for those who suspect there’s a problem within the congregations, this God willing may also draw attention to the fact parents and children should never ever assume that all is well in paradise.

        • Burt Reynolds

          May I also draw to your attention the neglect and or abuse of the elderly that goes on in the congregations? and in the community of course. This was nicely but appallingly illustrated by the ousting of elderly brothers and sisters from bethel. The issues of abuse through dementia and infirmity are too horrid to contemplate here, but brothers and sisters should be aware of it. There are ‘evidence indicators of abuse’ that are available from various agencies that serve to protect all vulnerable people. As is said clearly in the bible that the love of the greater number will cool off. However that is taken, and to whom it applies primarily, it is a sound warning that is clear in this day as to how dependants are viewed. Best wishes.

          • ewatchman

            I think there is some mis-information out there about elderly Bethelites being kicked to the curb. There is a brother whom I email with on a regular basis who is an ex-Bethelite, so I asked him about it and he emailed a contact of his at Bethel who told him that the WT has purchased a facility in New York that it is going to staff and use as a nursing home for elderly JW’s who are no longer able to work at Bethel.

            So, I don’t think we can fault them on that score.

            • Burt Reynolds

              That’s good to hear. Thanks.

          • Ed

            If WT or JW .org would put same amount of effort,energy and resources to promote and maintain Christian love withing the congregations instead of preaching the brotherhood would be in different shape and condition.So what Im saying is : first Love than preach.By Jesus own words the identifying mark of true Christians is not preaching work but LOVE ! John 13 :34-35.Love witch is not only of academical term.1.John 3:18,James 2 :14-17.But of tangible deeds.
            WT and JW for decades pushing global preaching work and say that its biggest expression of their love for others.I call it nonsense.If you do not love your own brother sitting at the same row in KH at first how you can love the stranger at any door ? 1.John 4 :20-21.
            They deliberately change the order of important things in life of a Christian.They promote 1.preach 2.and maybe “to love” if you have any energy left to do so if not not don’t worry just keep preaching and do not forget to report it ! because it’s a matter of “Godly devotion”. What a pitiful mistake or deliberate lie ?!

            1.Corint. 13 :1-2,13.
            WT and is maybe No.1 preaching machine or “world champion” in the world and they maybe fulfilling Matt 24:14,Mat 28:19 but they paid high tax for it ,the TRUE LOVE is almost gone so JOHN 13:34-35 is unfortunately not fulfilled.There are to many casualties on the journey.Too many “lowly ones”!
            And therefore there is possible big WOW to them.They trade the love for Performance ? We are like the world economy every year there must be a growth and we applauding to that.?! Is this growth real ,genuine and sustainable ? Or is like the world economy ? Fake and just before co-laps ?

            The new” MENE ,MENE TEKEL IN PARSIN” from the hand of our Lord & Savior.

            • Ed(the other Ed)

              “Ed the first”. Great questions Is this why they call it the borg?? They rob the social and mental skills of humans slowly but surely over time until the condition is just right. Then your baptized. People don’t even know how to react with one another, odd isn’t it? If your fortunate enough unless insanity strikes first, by the grace of Jehovah you are led here(this website) to fight the faith just like the days of “John the Baptist”. The “love” is phony indeed, but that’s about to change I believe. Once the name of Jehovah is put on high apart from the WT Society, things will get interesting and a lot less boring.

            • Ed

              I see the thing in same way Ed thanks for your replay.These aspect ,tendencies including policies of are definitely based not on love at first but they are out of corporate world they are tools to maintain the profit “number & time = money” its first about efficiency to maintain and grow the system which they build and they will became a victims of the creature they build.This house/org wast build on love but on same pillars as this system and therefore it can’t be sustain.I do not believe Jehovah & Jesus are still backing this org.They lost that privileged back at time.days of any for of corpocracy are numbered need to be replace but real not fake theocracy.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              We can rest assured that when Jesus comes in his second coming he will again throw down the money changers.
              Then the days of the watchtower being a business / house of commerce will come to an abrupt end .John 2:1 13-17.

              Luke 19:
              46 saying to them: “It is written, ‘My house will be a house of prayer,’ but you have made it a cave of robbers.

            • Ed

              As you said Kevin thanks !

            • Kevin b

              There is most certainly a lack of love in the congregation. Also, if you don’t follow the program to the letter or are out in the ministry, or comment at the meetings like every other brainwashed person there. You are gonna get the cold shoulder.

            • Ed

              Sure that is one of many consequences.if you mess up mind of the bros and spirituality or personal relationship with Jehovah or Jesus is interchanged with organizational devotion at first:
     numbers of hours you spent preaching,reported and kept on publisher as a written record for whom and for what ?
     numbers of your meeting attendance the numbers are taken of every meeting and I would dare to suggest there should be a track or personal attendance same as of hours from ministry,why so ? it would definitely improve our /your relationship with God also the number can be use for improving our KH and better to serve our brothers on top of that it would bring all things to better order 🙂
     numbers/amount of your contributions/donations cash is scarce and checks ,credit/debit card terminals ,online options etc.,will help us to track who gave ,when and how much thus we know everything about anybody
              Jehovah is God of order and he is the one who is asking us to do so .Really ?
              Where? In what scripture ?
              The damage of these corporate like policies make so mach damage to Christian love and freedom taking away the joy of serving to God foremost by our way of life ,conduct and tangible deeds of love.
              Acts speaks louder than words !

            • Kevin b

              Mt 11:29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am mild-tempered and lowly in heart, and you will find refreshment for yourselves. 30 For my yoke is kindly, and my load is light.
              There is nothing light about the load Watchtower heaps upon the Witnesses. Rule upon rule. One Shepard is what is needed. Christ!

  • Paulo Vicentini

    Based on Mark 3:4:
    Next he said to them: “Is it lawful with the SACRED to do a good deed or to do a bad deed , to save or to kill a soul?” But they kept silent. 5 And after looking around upon them with indignation, being thoroughly grieved at the insensibility of their hearts, he said to the man: “Stretch out your hand.”

    There is even a worse kind of sacrifice performed by WT to Baal

  • noname

    Wow! That is pure hypocrisy, you really hit the nail on the head with this one!

  • James

    What a tough position the GB are in.. I wouldn’t want to be there, that’s for sure.

    Ultimately they need to side on seek and destroy regarding child predators though.

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    This article is great and helpful to many. I still have doubt why not even one child abuse case has been reported in India. I don’t know how to see the deep things can anyone shed some light upon this. There are only few JW’s in India who actually know about the child abuse problems with the WTS, but many are ignorant whenever I open this subject they open their mouth and stare at me as is I am an outsider, I don’t know how to enlighten them.

    • Bklyn Kevin

      Just show them the evidence………

      Watch Tower’s Stunning Loss

      $13.5M award vacated in Jehovah’s Witnesses abuse case……..

      • Ed(the other Ed)

        True, but if you go that far than you have to cover your ass with some scriptures, or the shunning proses can proceed. Just remember they will accuse you of murmuring if you don’t.

        • Bklyn Kevin

          It’s not necessary to confront a person face to face, one could simply just print out the article and mail it to whomever and in most cases it’s not necessary to put a return address, this way you can remain anonymous . Cautious as a snake.

          • Ed(the other Ed)

            True again bro, just don’t put it on your time slip or your a bad boy.
            All work and no play makes Kevin a dull boy.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Exactly, play the part of a society man.
              Gentle as a lamb.

              1 Corinthians 9:
              22 I have become all things to people of all sorts, so that I might by all possible means save some.
              23 But I do all things for the sake of the good news, in order to share it with others.

    • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

      I would just emphasize that we live in a sick sick world and that it’s “shrewd” to keep a very close eye on your kids even with our dear friends in the congregation. For example, my husband won’t watch little kids by himself in the congregation because he doesn’t want to place HIMSELF in that position …. obviously he’s not a child molester, but with so many cases around the globe, it’s wise for brothers (and yes, I know there’s sisters who seduce young boys too) to simply not be alone with our young ones period. It’s just a protection for everyone….our kids and good brothers reputations.

  • Frank Haensel

    Sorry to bud in but I´d like to share something with you
    because I have no one to listen to me in my congregation.

    My two twin girls, baptized a year ago and in good standing –
    both very pretty, intelligent and very friendly, have been excluded by a clique of about 12.
    They are greeted sparingly in the congregation
    and thats about all:no fieldservice and no part in get-togethers. It hurt them
    at first but now they try to ignore it or play it down. They are depressed

    It seems this clique of super fine pioneers, MS etc. were
    influenced by one daughter of an Elder – Lawyer; she actually refused to greet
    or even look at my girls for over 2 yearsalthough all 3 girls were were even in
    the same class in school ;my daughters tried to talk and make peace on many
    ocassions – to no avail.

    Why this utter dislike that is getting close to mobbing? No
    one could say.

    I confided in 2 Elders in March 2016,but they just shrugged and said
    they have no influence on private matters.

    Until last weekend when the hall was used for a huge drama
    and get together. Picture this; all young people were on stage – all except my
    two girls. They were not even asked. It
    was apparent that they were hurt.

    I talked to our coordinator after the next meeting. He again
    said it wasn´t in his hands.

    I accused him of being a hypocrite and coward. He didn´t
    even flinch and offered me the option of going before a committee if I wanted
    to accuse someone.

    I think I´ll pass on that one because the committee could be
    used against me.

    The utter heartlessness has really baffled me and has now
    even turned my family against me. They want to just forget it and get back to
    business as usual.

    I can´t and I haven´t been to a meeting now in weeks
    especially since my eyes have been opened tot he machinations oft he WT.

    I have no one to even confide in so I thought I´d just post
    it and see what you all think.

    • Beverly kenyon

      Hiya Frank, horrified and heartbroken at the treatment being meted out to your girls. That’s bullying and intimidation tactics.You always get one. Her! You and your family need to show a united front and show those bullies in their infantile gang you’re not letting them get to you. Thank goodness your girls have each other and you. Always smile to show you’re not bothered even though inside it’s tearing you apart. Bullies like weakness, show them none. You and your girls have every right to be in Gods house, just like everybody else. Speak to Jehovah and ask for his help and support.

      • Beverly kenyon

        Just a follow up thought Frank. Brother King wrote an article where he talked about the hateful attitude of Diotrephes, found in the book of 3John.9,10. I can’t quite remember the title of the article (hopefully someone here on EWatchman will remember and point you to it), so this sort of bad attitude is nothing new in the congregations. They had to deal with things like that back then. I always ask the question when I’m facing bad attitude, I think, would that person save me if I was hanging off a cliff? Ask yourself that question regarding that individual and the hateful behaviour that’s being meted to you and your girls.

        • Bklyn Kevin

          Keep Testing Whether You Are in the Faith.
          Read more>

          Consider the account of an elder in a Christian congregation in the first century; a fellow named Diotrephes, who liked to have the first place in the congregation; who slandered the apostles and refused to receive anyone sent from them with respect. Not only that, John went on to say of him: “Not being content with this, he refuses to welcome the brothers with respect; and those who want to welcome them, he tries to hinder and to throw out of the congregation.”

          • Beverly kenyon

            Awww, Bklyn Kevin it really does warm the cockles of my heart when you come straight out the blue with help for the appropriate scripture and article. It just re-enforces my love for this site and everyone striving to do the right thing as a witness for Jehovah God and looking for bible truths as revealed by Brother King a servant of God. I’ve never felt more confident about my religion. I actually feel the happiest I’ve ever felt since I was baptised. I lived my life to the hilt in the world. Hardcore clubbing, experimenting with recreational drugs, the walk of shame quite a few times (Euwww). You name it me and my friends did it Blyn Kevin. We thought we were IT! And everyone else were Geeks and unfashionable bores. Looking back I now realise what idiots we were. Still love those girls though. I truly believe to this day that Jehovah guided me to Brother King ‘s site because I’m a lover of truth. The truth might hurt but a lie is much worse! I can’t deal with fakers and liars. We’re big people. We can take the truth. Don’t insult us with lies.

          • Beverly kenyon

            Hiya Bklyn, please could you send the post you sent me about where to find the Diotrephes article that Brother King wrote about to Frank Haensel. Many thanks.

    • Frank,
      So sorry to hear that your daughters are being treated terrible in the not so spiritual paradise. When I was a young brother in the congregation I faced the same type of treatment, especially with the wealthy offspring. Your daughters are lucky to have you for comfort, to get them though this difficult time.
      Look on the bright side, in the 11th hour you stumbled upon life saving information. You and your family will benefit in the very near future from the knowledge that you learn here.

      During the day of Jehovah their whitewashed wall will topple and the sheep will be scattered. The stupid prophets will then resemble foxes among the ruins —the ruins that were once the venerated Watchtower. And they will have no part in the shepherding that “David” will perform in the future.

    • Sam

      This is absolutely horrible. I am so sorry! And meanwhile the Circuit Overseers are going around the congregations boasting in their public talk “what other organization shows unmatching love to their members” among a host of other rhetorical questions that i’d love to answer for them!

      I’m glad you called the elder for what he clearly is. I wish your daughters were in my cong, we have too few humble friendly ones. Beverly gave you some wonderful advice there. Show yourselves to be the spiritual ones and know that there mock humility and righteous displays are not pleasing to Jehovah, especially with their attitude they display. But your heartfelt worship is

    • ewatchman

      Hi Frank

      Never under-estimate the influence of jealousy. If your daughters are pretty and charming that might cause other girls to be jealous. And people do a lot of vindictive things out of jealousy and envy.

      Still, that doesn’t explain the elders lack of concern, but you likely nailed it when you said he was cowardly. No doubt the elder didn’t have the guts to take on the status quo. But it does take courage to speak out and address evil, especially when it involves reproving friends and fellow elders.

      Don’t let it stumble you though. Then you will be part of the problem and a big discouragement for your family. If I were you I’d just let it go too, as your family has.

    • Song of Hannah

      My heart goes out to you and your girls, Frank. If it helps at all, please know that this sort of behavior is taking place in almost every congregation. Two narcissistic bullying elders in our congregation almost drove my husband to commit suicide. I do want to say, the scriptures and this site were number one helping us cope spiritually, but there were a few books that really, really helped us to understand narcissistic people, the jealously and envy that drives them, why the act the way they do, and how to keep from being their victims. It really helped us spot and identify their behavior, especially the games they play with your head, their scapegoating, their scheming, gas-lighting, their flying monkeys and all the other craziness.

      Honestly, these people are so adept at not taking the blame for anything, and so scheming and deceitful, that it takes an education to understand how to cope with them! But I have to say, after studying up on the subject, now we can see through their actions, and take appropriate cover!

      And Robert is right. In the end, it is best to leave them alone, indeed, avoid any dealings with them at all costs! We are absolutely no match for narcissists. Because they are wicked, they do not play by the same rules of human decency, they will stop at nothing to destroy you if you try to seek justice in any way, shape for form. And any attention, whether positive or negative, fuels their narcissism even more.

      Here are some of the books/sites that helped us greatly:

      You Might Be a Narcissist If… – How to Identify Narcissism in Ourselves and Others and What We Can Do About It (Paul Meier, Cynthia Munz, Lisa Charlebois)

      Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism (Sandy Hotchkiss)

      The Object of My Affection Is in My Reflection: Coping with Narcissists (Rokelle Lerner)

      Biblical Perspectives on Narcissism

    • Burt Reynolds

      Hello Frank, this is of no surprise to me. This is because in many, there is no love and the machinations of the organisation reward the mindless response and the eagerness of some people in the congregation to climb over others to show their false scriptural or ‘mature’ understanding…..but what translates as the utter cruelty you experience as a family. The truth is not in many of these people, but do not let that stumble you. Your relationship, and that of your dear family is a personal one between you and Jehovah. Just remain that place of sanctury for your girls and give them the balance of understanding found in the scriptures as you see applicable and fit. Your reward is not with the congregation, it is with Jehovah who sees all this. I have had brothers refuse to speak to me, slam doors in my face and turn away from me for something I did not even do. They like to judge because it makes them feel stronger and more righteous. They lie to themselves. Keep on comforting your children and yourself with Jehovah’s words of hope for the future. If your girls peers won’t go on The ministry with them, then it’s a fine opportunity to go with your girls and stand by them….I’m sure you do. May Jehovah bless you all and keep you. May he make his face to shine upon you and be merciful to you all. Keep on doing what you are doing more fully. Jehovah will not fail you. His love bears all things and endures all things. He will endure with you and your family. Trust in him alone.

    • Annie

      A similar thing happened to my daughter, Frank, & it is only since this last week that I have been quietly explaining things from Roberts teaching that she has started to ‘thaw’ a little. The tragic thing is that the whole of that little ‘mob’ of about 10 young teenagers have since left or been Dfed & it seems that the congregation lost all those youngsters from before Jehovah. I put it down to the fact that their parents were not strict enough with them about their attitudes & each of the teenagers were egged on by the others & dragged down into the worldly slime. Remind your lovely girls that they don’t go the the KH for the members, only to please Jehovah. They will appreciate your strength, don’t let it get you down, it did with me & I also left for a good few years.

    • Kevin b

      Well frank, it sounds like so far you’ve gotten some good advice. Problem is, I’m not sure if your family is aware of the things you know about the watchtower and ewatchman. Your frustration level is through the roof, and this issue is the icing on the cake. If you go over the elders heads and talk to the CO, the elders are not gonna be happy with you. You are in a though spot brother. You said you have no one to confide in, so I figured your wife is not on board with Roberts information. Not going to the meetings I don’t think is gonna be a good long term solution to this issue. The watchtower is a problem, the bullies are a problem, the elders are a problem, you know all these things, but at this time your family may not. Yet, you need to somehow find the solution. I think all you ca do is kill them with kindness and be the better person. Don’t let them get to you. Easier said than done, I know. Like i said your in though spot. Keep us posted brother, May Jehovah be with you and your family.

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