This week and next Jehovah’s Witnesses will be considering articles on the kings of the north and south via Zoom.

Bible prophecy is something the Watchtower just can’t seem to get right. After 140 years of Bible research, they still do not understand the prophecy of Daniel as it relates to our time. The reason for their unenlightened condition is simple. The book of Daniel is sealed up until the time of the end. And contrary to what the Watchtower has proclaimed for the past century, the time of the end has not begun.

Paragraph two of the study article entitled “The King of the North” in the Time of the End states:

To understand the prophecy recorded in Daniel chapter 11, we need to keep in mind that it identifies only rulers and governments that have had a direct influence on God’s people. And even though God’s servants make up only a small portion of the world’s population, they are often at the center of major world events. Why? Because Satan and his entire system have one prime objective —conquering those who serve Jehovah and Jesus. In addition, the prophecy recorded by Daniel must harmonize with other prophecies in God’s Word. In fact, we can come to the right understanding of Daniel’s prophecy only if we compare it with other portions of the Scriptures.

The next two paragraphs claim that because there was no recognizable Christian organization for hundreds of years there was no king of the north and south. The Watchtower is being overly simplistic. The fact that Christianity was officially adopted as the state religion of the Roman Empire was a significant development. It amounted to the subjugation of the Israel of God by the king of the north. Foremost, it brought the Bible, the very foundation of the Christian faith, under the control of the empire. This is what the prophecy foretold in regard to the king of the north becoming mighty by means of a little nation and taking plunder and spoils.

Originally when Jerome was commissioned to translate the Scriptures into Latin the Vulgate Bible helped preserve the truth. Over time, though, Latin began to die out and the popes, as well as the Church of England, forbade any scholar from translating the Bible into any common language. It was not until the invention of the printing press around 1439 that the satanic scheme to bury the Bible was overturned. Hence, the prophecy states concerning the king of the north: “…and against fortified places he will plot his schemes, but only for a time.” (See article: The King of the North from the Time of Christ.)

Paragraph seven states:

By 1870, Britain had become the largest empire on earth, and it had the most powerful military force. That empire was pictured as a small horn that vanquished three other horns —France, Spain, and the Netherlands. (Dan. 7:7, 8) And it filled the role of the king of the south well into World War I. During this same time, the United States of America had become the dominant economic power and was forming a close partnership with Britain.

The Governing Body’s unenlightened state is on full display above. Jehovah’s Witnesses have been led to believe that the three horns of the unusually ferocious wild beast were gradually plucked out over the course of several centuries beginning with the defeat of the Spanish Armada. No amount of reasoning can shake them from it. No one questions why God would use his astounding powers of foresight to foretell historical trivia. Besides, the three kingdoms that were supposedly plucked up, namely, Holland, France, and Spain, have never ceased from being influential nations. France especially has been one of the leading nations of the world. It was allied with Great Britain in both world wars, is a nuclear power, sits as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and is a member of the G7. Assuming that the vision of the three horns being plucked out of the head of the beast signifies powerful ruling nations being dethroned, can someone —anyone —explain how France was overthrown by the British Empire? (See article: The Spanish Armada of World War III?)

The second paragraph stated that prophecy must harmonize when compared with other portions of the Scriptures. This is surely true. Why, then, does the Watchtower overlook the harmony that exists between the three kings that are plucked out by the ascending little horn and the three kingdoms that are subjugated by the king of the north during the time of the end? (“And he will keep thrusting out his hand against the lands; and as regards the land of Egypt, she will not escape. And he will rule over the hidden treasures of gold and silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt. And the Libyans and the Ethiopians will be at his steps.”)

In the fourth paragraph, the Watchtower claims that both the kings of the north and south have hated the true God, Jehovah. This is another overly simplistic and misleading statement. Of course, we recognize that the beast is a reflection of the satanic dragon. Even so, God can use rulers as he sees fit. Jesus is King of kings –including the kings of the north and south. That is why Daniel was informed by the very angel who related the prophecy of the kings of the north and south that he had stood as a strengthener to the king of Persia and fought against the demonic prince.

Does political neutrality require Jehovah’s Witnesses to deny history? Are we such dullards that we do not recognize the special role that America has played in the outworking of Jehovah’s purpose? It is no act of disloyalty to acknowledge that God blessed America.

Furthermore, the founders of America did not hate God. On the contrary, they were God-fearing. The pilgrims came to America to escape the tyranny of the Church of England —the official religion of the king of the north. Those original immigrants wanted to establish a nation where Christians were free to pursue their faith. Thank God, they were successful. That is why the Watchtower has flourished in America. And contrary to all the hogwash the Watchtower has published about being persecuted by the government, the federal government of the United States has protected the rights of Jehovah’s Witnesses with numerous landmark Supreme Court decisions. Ironically, Jehovah’s Witnesses are going to find out what persecution is when America is taken down in the time of the end.

The Watchtower states in paragraph 12:

From 1914 onward, the two kings have intensified their conflict with each other and with God’s people. For example, in the first world war, both the German government and the British government persecuted God’s servants who refused to take up arms. And the U.S. government threw into prison those who were taking the lead in the preaching work. This persecution fulfilled the prophecy recorded at Revelation 11:7-10.

Yes, the US Government put eight Bethelites in prison for less than a year. Ultimately the case was thrown out. So, yes, some elements within the government denied justice to Rutherford and company, but it was quickly righted by the same government. For the Watchtower to claim that the brief incarceration of eight Watchtower officials fulfilled the vision of Revelation regarding the two witnesses being killed and their corpses left on the street is ridiculous.

At some point, hopefully soon, someone at Bethel is going to have to answer to Christ for publishing this sort of tripe.

Footnote: Compulsory conscription of JW’s during WW2 was made worse by the fact that the Watchtower was inflexible on the issue of non-combatant alternative service. Now, though, alternative service is allowed if available.

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