(Question #2) If the Watchtower organization rejects others calling them “inspired” yet the Watchtower organization does call themselves “God’s Spirit-directed Prophet” what is the difference? Is there such a thing as an “uninspired prophet”?


The simple answer is, there is a difference. The original Bible prophets were inspired in various ways, some through visions and dreams, others spoke directly with God – or at least with angelic representatives of him. Their purpose was to announce some aspect of God’s purpose or a specific judgment. Foremost, they were appointed as spokesmen for God. Non of Jehovah’s Witnesses claim to have direct communication with heaven. 

However, being “directed” by God is not the same as being inspired. A person or organization may serve as a spokesman for God without being inspired in the same way that the biblical prophets of old were. And they may even serve in that capacity and not be unerring. To insist otherwise is to deny that God’s spirit can direct willing humans in a particular course. Furthermore, God can appoint persons to a particular office without their being inspired by the spirit. 

That is why the letter of James states that not many men should become teachers, knowing they will receive a heavier judgment. And those in charge will receive the heaviest judgment of all. Christ explained this principle in the 12th chapter of Luke when he was discussing the varying degrees of punishment that he will mete out to his erring slaves; one that was ignorant of his will and the other slave that was knowingly disobedient. 

It should be noted that both the evil and the faithful slave were appointed by the master and both will be on hand when the master unexpectedly arrives to commence the judgment. 

The Judgment

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