QUESTION: If you could filter the Watchtower’s doctrine, what exactly would you remove to make it wholesome and acceptable to real Bible teachings and standards? 

ANSWER: I wouldn’t remove anything. I am not a reformer. Besides, the problem is not really doctrinal. The problem is that there are wicked men in the highest positions of authority and they are agents of the Devil who have disguised themselves as ministers of righteousness, as Paul said concerning the “superfine apostles” who had infiltrated the Corinthian congregation. For that reason it is impossible for any mere human to solve the problems afflicting the organization. The 1914 delusion, for example, is simply symptomatic of a satanic presence, which, of course, was foretold in Scripture. 

True reform can only come by means of Christ Jesus. And to be certain, Christ intends to go directly to the root of the problem – uprooting wicked men and removing their stumbling blocks from his Kingdom. That is what Jesus foretold in the 13th chapter of Matthew will occur during the harvest.

Virtually everything on e-Watchman, directly or indirectly, points forward to that ultimate solution.

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