Question: I read your prediction for the Warwick project. So if it succeeds I guess you will be eating your hat? What if it becomes a world-wide model of environmental efficiency?


What you call a prediction seems to me to be simply common sense, based upon my unique understanding of prophecy, coupled with current events.

For the unfamiliar, the prophecy of Isaiah refers to a particular city on the border of “Egypt” called the “City of Tearing Down,” which I have identified as the modern New York City, USA. (See article: The City of Tearing Down)

The prophecy refers to those who will be swearing by the name of Jehovah as well as an altar and pillar dedicated to Jehovah, which I have identified as the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. The prophecy refers to the coming of a grand savior – an obvious reference to the coming of Jesus Christ.

At the present moment in time the financial system that is run out of London and it’s New York subsidiary on Wall Street is in a terminal phase of collapse. Since the crash of 08 the stock market has been increasingly buoyed by near-zero interest money that the big banks use to speculate. The biggest buyers of stock shares are now a handful of Wall Street banks, along with corporate buybacks. And the evidence indicates that the New York Federal Reserve Bank is directly intervening in the markets by buying S&P futures to pump the markets higher. The same financial institutions are shorting gold and silver and flooding the exchange with paper gold to buoy the Dollar and keep it from collapse. In other words the whole system is rigged – one massive fraud. It cannot end well.

In recent weeks a scheme to crash the price of oil has gone into effect, ostensibly to bankrupt Russia, who derives a substantial income from oil exports. This policy will eventually lead to a crash of the system as oil-exporting nations default and collapse into chaos. Not only that, oil producers have locked-in prices much higher than the current price. The Wall Street counterparties to those derivatives contracts are facing loses in the trillions – that’s right, trillions – with a “T.” 

In short there is an all-out financial war being waged to prevent the BRICS nations from implementing a new economic order. But mere financial warfare may not be enough. That is why simultaneously the Anglo-American beast is preparing for war against Russia and China. And Russia and China are preparing for war against the West.

The collapse of the system is going to result in the loss of life on a staggering scale never-before-experienced in modern history.

So, I am not really worried about being wrong. What keeps me up at night is the dread of being right.

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