Originally written way back, sometime around 2003

The vast majority of persons who believe in the existence of the Devil have been sorely misled into supposing that Satan was long-ago consigned to stoke the fires of some subterranean inferno – far from the comings and goings of this world. 

Nothing could be further from the truth, however.

Satan is, in reality, the reigning god of this earthly system of things; and the world reflects his evil character in various ways.

pegida-rallyRather than some mythical Hades, Satan and his angels presently reside in their original place of residence, in the spirit realm – in heaven – that is, until the future coming of Christ’s kingdom. At that time, Satan, described in the 12th chapter of Revelation as the one “who is misleading the entire inhabited earth,” will finally be ousted from heaven and confined to the region of our earth for a short period of time before his incarceration. (Revelation 12:9-12).

One of the principal means by which Satan the Devil has misled mankind is through religion. The 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation depict a prostitute-like organization called Babylon the great that has immoral relations with “the kings of the earth,” and who misleads all the nations by her demonistic practices. The last verse of the 18th chapter of Revelation gives us another identifying characteristic of Babylon the Great: She is responsible for the blood of all those who have been slaughtered on the earth. Truly, what war has ever been fought that did not pit two religious opponents against each other? Or what war has ever been fought that influential clerics have not supported?

Unfortunately, the greatest slaughter this world will have ever suffered is yet to come, in the near future, with the outbreak of global war – leading to what Christ referred to as the great tribulation.

In the run-up to every war there is always a massive propaganda campaign conducted by the war profiteers and those on their payroll. So, while the West is being brainwashed with Islamophobia by the media and politicians, it should come as no surprise to Jehovah’s Witnesses that some of the most ardent and influential warmongers are the leading men of the so-called Evangelical movement.

While the clergy of Christendom have supported every war that has ever been fought over the centuries with empty slogans of God and country, the present neo-crusade in the Middle East has been given a new twist – prophecy – or at least the Devil’s version of Bible prophecy.

So, not only are the hundreds of millions of blind church-goers ignorant of the elemental teachings of Christ as regards loving one’s enemies and being no part of the Devil’s world, they now have been bamboozled into imagining that loyal Christians must support radical Zionism and fight Israel’s wars. Some rabid evangelicals are even deluded into supposing that it is their Christian duty to hasten the war of Armageddon by actively fomenting war with Israel’s neighbors.

A soon-to-be released book entitled Prince of War: Billy Graham’s Crusade for a Wholly Christian Empire paints a none-to-flattering portrait of one of America’s favorite preachers as one of the foremost warmongers. It is said of Graham, (lower right) who has counseled and prayed with most presidents for the past 40 years, that there was never a war that he didn’t bless.

Apparently the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree either; evidenced by Graham’s son, Franklin, who in an interview with CNN in the aftermath of 9-11 said that the U.S. ought to use weapons of mass destruction upon America’s enemies.

Of course, Graham and his son are not the only evangelical preachers who advocate war. There are many. The late Jerry Falwell (lower left) had been one of the more outspoken hate mongers. In the wake of the United States’ disastrous invasion of Iraq, which by some estimates has since resulted in the deaths of over one-million Iraqis, Falwell opined that God is actually “pro-war” and that the entire debacle was necessary to protect innocent people.

Pat Robertson (upper left) is another notorious advocate of violence. In 2005, Robertson called for the assassination of the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. His rationale for advocating the murder of a popularly-elected president of a sovereign nation was that it would save the U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars if they didn’t have to invade Venezuela to take him out.

More recently, politically influential evangelicals have been calling for President Bush to bomb Iran. In the past year John Hagee, a fundamentalist warmonger (upper right) who heads up a mega-church in San Antonio, led a 3,500-strong throng of “Israel-first” fanatics to Washington D.C. for the purpose of blitzing the nation’s elected officials with Zionist war propaganda. (Alternet article on the influence of the evangelical “Armageddonists.”)

The amazing thing is that millions of people listen to these evangelical con men. And of course, these same preachers that call for the murder of non-Americans are big Trinitarians. But while soaping down their listeners’ ears with sermons declaring “Jesus is God” they deny the very teachings of Christ.

Can you imagine the apostle Paul using his audience with Caesar in Rome as an occasion to try to influence the emperor to annihilate entire nations or murder rival kings?

The beauty is that justice will prevail. Yes, the evangelicals are likely going to get their war with Iran, but it will be more war then they can handle. It will lead to the destruction of the American republic and eventual imposition of a totalitarian world government, which Jehovah will then use to annihilate the iniquitous whore of Babylon and her evangelical warmongers.