Back around 20 years ago when I discerned that “Egypt” in prophecy symbolizes America and portrays what is to befall the greatest nation in the world during the conclusion, I could not really appreciate the significance of Isaiah 19:2, which states: “I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians, and they will fight one another, each against his brother and his neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.”

Although those who claim to comprise a “prophet class” see no particular importance in it, the passage in Isaiah certainly seems that Jehovah is foretelling civil war among the Egyptians. While the United States certainly experienced a bloody civil war some 150 years ago, that war did not fulfill prophecy. That is evident because the judgment against “Egypt” relates to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, as is evident by reason of the fact that God promises to send a grand savior to his people who are oppressed by the hard master who is to rule over “Egypt.” (See Doom of the American Republic)

Since the American Civil War that brought an end to slavery, the U.S. has been relatively stable. The turbulent ’60’s were about as close as the nation came to civil unrest. But the election of Donald Trump has had an extremely polarizing effect on the population. Since Trump was nominated there has been a concerted effort on the part of the FBI and the media to take down the president. Some have appropriately called it a “soft coup.” 

Most unusual, Hollywood celebrities are using their fame to denounce the president. Washed-up actors are calling for the president’s son to be kidnapped and raped by pedophiles. One talking head said he hopes the economy crashes and immiserates millions as a way to make Trump unpopular.  Michael Moore, the outspoken advocate for getting rid of guns, is now calling for violent revolution. But so far the campaign to get Trump has ended up in naught. 

Now that the Russiagate ploy has failed it appears that the anarchists known as ANTIFA are being deployed to create confrontations. Just this past weekend an anti-Trump mob started a riot in the West Coast city of Portland. There is no question that the racial fault lines are being exploited to create conditions for civil war. And a growing number of Americans fear that very thing

Behind it all, behind the deep state and their media minions, behind the fomenters of discord, is the British Crown. It is no secret that the British were directly involved in inventing the dossier that was used to begin a criminal investigation into virtually everyone who is even remotely connected to Trump. The British faked the Skripal nerve gas attack that was used to bamboozle nations across Europe into kicking out Russian diplomats. And, of course, the British-sponsored “white helmets” were involved in the latest false flag poison gas attack in Syria.

The British and their toadies are panic-stricken now that the Trump-Putin summit has been scheduled. The lords of London are determined to prevent a U.S.A./Russia/China alliance and will use any and all means to prevent it. Given the extremes to which the London-allied deep state has gone already, we cannot rule out an assassination or something worse, like the detonation of a nuclear device in some American city.

Bill Maher may get his wish. The City of London could easily crash the financial system. I expect they will at some point. War, even civil war? No doubt. And it is a lot closer than most people imagine. Just remember, the First World War was sparked by a lone assassin. Like Mick Jagger once sang: “War, children, it’s just a shot away.”

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