Question: I noticed you tweet a lot of political news. Can you possibly explain what the correlation is between prophecy and the current political scene? I find this president extremely repulsive, immature, and full of drama. I can’t tell what news is fake or real. I thought we should be expecting a financial collapse soon, so why would we be putting any confidence in this president to fix or lead the world in a positive direction?

Just to be clear, I do not advocate trusting anyone to make the world a better place. And although it is not apparent on the surface, the financial system is only being held together because of the coordinated efforts of the central banks flooding the system with money that is steadily decreasing in value. The big banks that get virtually free money have been buying stocks — pushing up asset values to absurd levels. Obviously, a system based on financial gimmickry is unsustainable. But the ultimate crash must synchronize with God’s timetable –and no one knows the day or hour when the time of the end will begin. 

As regards fake news, since the election of Donald Trump certain outlets in the so-called the mainstream media have gone on the offensive to take Trump down. This is unprecedented in many ways. Even entertainers have openly called for Trump’s assassination, which is illegal. The programming of some 24-hour news channels are almost entirely devoted to Trump bashing and Russophobic scandal-mongering. The media have published false stories based on dodgy dossiers and outright fabrications and have been called on it over and over. The question to ask is, why are they doing it?

The reason that has come to light is that the big TV news programmers and the top newspaper publishers are propaganda outlets for the so-called “deep state,” meaning the intelligence agencies like the CIA, FBI, NSA and such. Some TV news personalities and backroom editors are reputed to be hired agents of the CIA. Of course, the spy agencies’ infiltration of the media did not just happen. It has been a long process. And what is lesser known is that British intelligence has apparently hijacked the American machinery to the service of the Empire. This is how Satan’s influence is being exerted. 

Keep in mind that the Anglo-American duo has been at war continuously for the past 16 years. The many regime change campaigns launched in the aftermath of 9-11 were planned long in advance of the terrorist attack in 2001. The attack on New York and Washington merely served as a pretext to launch war on nations that had nothing to do with 9-11. Over that period two American presidents both served eight years. Presumably both carried out the strategic initiatives of the Empire and thus had the support of the deep state and their media.

Trump, though, has expressed some reservations about carrying on the endless war. He has called for the annihilation of ISIS, instead of deploying them as mercenaries, as has been the case. He has voiced his support for breaking up the too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks and shown some determination to destroy London’s lucrative drug trade, which has exploded with devastating impact since the Anglo takeover of vast poppy fields of Afghanistan. And most alarming to the Anglo war faction, president Trump has voiced his desire to normalize relations with Putin and Russia. In fact, Trump and Putin are intending a sideline meeting at the upcoming G-20 pow-wow in a few days —their first face-to-face meeting.

As everyone knows, the deep state has invested a lot into anti-Russia propaganda —A LOT! The Empire will not allow the US to align itself with Russia and China and join the One Belt-One Road project. There are a number of options available to them. Certainly assassination is one. Given Trump’s erratic behavior, impeachment is another avenue, although it could be a long process. They might try to have Trump declared mentally unfit, which would circumvent the whole impeachment process. More than likely,  though, if any of the above options are implemented it would trigger a civil war. Another option available to the deep state is to lure Trump into prosecuting war himself. There are numerous hotspots around the world that could conceivably serve as a trigger to plunge the world into war. Certainly, Donald Trump has exhibited the trait of impulsiveness, which could be easily exploited. 

What does any of this have to do with Bible prophecy? On the surface nothing —but, given the fact that the last king is destined to be successful in the use of deception, even to the extent of bringing ruin on the mighty ones of this world, it would appear that the get-Trump campaign will be successful.

Driving the whole process is the inescapable fact that the centuries-old British Empire is faced with extinction. Being aware of the inexorable ascendency of the Russia/China alliance and Asia in general, there is simply no way the lords of London will allow themselves to become irrelevant. They are certain to blow the world up in order to rule over the ruins. And that has everything to do with Bible prophecy and the second coming of Christ.

“His power will become great, but not through his own power. He will bring ruin in an extraordinary way, and he will be successful and act effectively. He will bring mighty ones to ruin, also the people made up of the holy ones. And by his cunning he will use deception to succeed; and in his heart he will exalt himself; and during a time of security he will bring many to ruin.” –Daniel 8:24-25

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