Woe to the shepherds who are feeders of themselves

//Woe to the shepherds who are feeders of themselves
Woe to the shepherds who are feeders of themselves 2017-10-11T14:36:27+00:00

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    Very timely admonition to the Watchtower, although I am fairly sure they will brush it off as so much trivia.  The modus operandi of the Watchtower (a phrase I learned as a Witness many moons ago) is to never apologize.  This will be the great downfall of the Watchtower even with their new headquarters and multi-billions.  They never apologized for their mistakes at prophesying the end, even though it caused a mass exodus of those that were stumbled by this.  As a matter of fact, they never even admitted for the record that they actually pointed to this date.  I know they did not because I came into the truth in 1976 and was convinced by everyone in the congregation that I just gotten in under the wire.  Now, I don’t think there is any shame in not getting a date correct, the Bible is difficult to unravel, but what I do have issue with is they never repented for this action.

    They also have never accepted responsibility for or repented of the harsh treatment they have meted out to the victims of child abuse that is rampant in the congregations of the Watchtower (I personally have sat on such committees).  They have abused the victims of child abuse along with their families while coddling the perpetrators and giving them cover from the authorities that they should be reporting them to.  There is absolutely no excuse for this ongoing sinful behavior.  It is one of the reasons I could no longer consider myself one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Something that I can assure caused me much personal anguish as I was dyed in the wool JW.

    Although they signed a clearly idolatrous agreement with the U.N. and in secret had their publishers placing propaganda for the U.N. (in the WT and Awakes, cleverly written with a double tongue of the serpent) without the publishers and pioneers knowledge for over ten years as a part of their written agreement with the U.N., they as well have never even acknowledged this sinful course of action against Jehovah and against their congregations.  I was a pioneer during that time and I feel violated by the societies actions and have prayed many times for forgiveness from Jehovah and Jesus for my part in it, even if it was in ignorance.  No, they have acted like the many unrepentant sinners that I have seen during committees with publishers who have committed grievous sins but would not acknowledge them or repent.  They put the blame on someone else.  Anything but own up to the sin and seek Jehovah’s forgiveness that he would gladly impart to a repentant soul.  What’s more they by this agreement welcomed Satan’s thrown into the Temple of the New Covenant as Satan is the head of the U.N. just as his firstborn Son will be the head of the fourth beast of Daniel 7 that will wield a tyrannical rule over the earth for a short while before they are destroyed by the Kingdom of God as also laid out in Daniel 7.

    But, before this fourth beast of Daniel (a new improved “image” of the U.N. that currently exists) this beast will have full military control of every part of the planet.  It is my guess that Jehovah will use this beast to destroy the Watchtower and all its edifices on earth.  When he does it would probably be a good idea to listen to RK’s admonitions to have some non perishable food on hand as you probably wont have refrigeration along with something to barter with when cash loses its value.  Bottles of alcohol or toilet paper might be a good idea.

    The last thing that you will need to do is listen for the call of Jesus which will come through his Bride who are mighty angels at this point.  Since they are “Jesus flesh” (one in marriage), they are in essence Jesus.  Listen for their voice and direction of you to the “mountains of the House of Jehovah”.  It won’t be the Kingdom Hall or the Watchtower and it won’t be any of the other churches of Babylon the Great.  But make no mistake Jehovah’s Mountains will rise up and it will be obvious to those with true faith no matter what organization they are from.  The call is to everyone in Babylon, not just Jehovah’s Witnesses.  The mountains will be unmistakable and the call from the angels will be clear and strong and unambiguous.

    Here is what to look for.  First, the stone cut from the mountain of this system of things (not by hands, but not said to be by Jehovah or Jesus, so could just as well be the demons who are a prominent part of the mountain of this system) will destroy the Anglo American world power run by Satan.  This is a rebellion among the demons against Satan’s dominance.  He is getting a taste of his own disloyalty to Jehovah.  Satan’s modus operandi has always been to run the earth’s affairs by the most powerful nation state since the flood.  His demons want more than this.  They want world domination by a tyrannical form of government that is highly repressive along the lines of Stalinist Russia or Mao’s China, or Pol Pots Cambodia and Laos.

    Then, as we can see in the modern fulfillment of Daniel 7 four beasts will rise from the sea after the winds are let lose (telling us that the sealing of the New Covenant Saints is complete).  Anglo/America as represented by the beast that is “like a lion (emblem of Britains Empire) with the wings of an eagle (the U.S.’ emblem) will attempt to show some response to the destruction of London and New York by the demons (the stone cut out of the mountain).  This attempt will fail miserably and they will be brought down to earth and given the heart of a man (they are no longer beastly).  Then, or concurrent with the Anglo/Americans response the second beast who is like a bear (that is Russia’s symbol) will flex it’s military muscles and will strike out ( to one side) which I think will be toward the West since they are in a cooperative agreement with China, India,Brazil and South Africa and probably won’t strike out in that direction.   But then the third beast who is like a leopard (which exist in Russia, China, India and South Africa and Brazil has a jaguar that is often mistake for a leopard) will strike out for power, which they will be granted according to Daniel 7 (they will be given “dominion”).  This will only be a transition period of perhaps about four months highlighted by their description of having four heads and four wings.  The whole point is that not long after the destruction of London and New York by the shadow government the governments of the earth will have one thought and that will be to give their power and authority to the fourth beast (which will be the “image of the current U.N.) only this time will be fierce like Rome, but only much worse.  All this will happen very quickly I think, so be ready for action.  Listen for the call of Jesus through the voice of his wife and look for the rising of the mountains of Jehovah.

    Also, all this will happen while the world is in tribulation, so the world will not even see that this is happening they will be so preoccupied with their World Wars.  Yes, some who do not escape to the mountain of Jehovah will be harassed by these beasts but be strong and have strong faith if you are among them and Jehovah will not forget you.  Let your love shine no matter what pain or suffering you are put under and you will be saved.  According to Daniel 12 the wicked will not understand this message of salvation, so make sure you keep your faith in Jehovah and Jesus strong and you will prevail.


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