Who is the beast that rises up out of the earth?

//Who is the beast that rises up out of the earth?
Who is the beast that rises up out of the earth? 2018-05-22T19:28:51+00:00

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    Who is the beast that rises up out of the Earth
    When a magician performs a great magic trick there is always a diversion that draws your attention away, if even just for a second so that they can pull off their trick without you noticing how it is done.
    There is going to be a big switcheroo of one governmental arrangement with another. One that would not and could not support the fourth wild beast of Daniel 7 and the other that will not only support the wild beast but will convince the whole world to do so.
    Even though the U.S. and U.K. are two countries, in the symbolism of the Seven Headed beast they are represented by one head because they are a dual world power (two heads in one). This first head represents the Nation State System of Government put forth by the U.S./U.K..
    This Nation State portion will be eliminated by the deep state by giving them a death blow as chronicled in Daniel 2:44. New York and London will be destroyed so that they can replace them (the nation state U.S./U.K. system) with a Central Financial System and Government in the East. My impression is the system is already failed, plus Trump and Farage are giving the Deep State fits. Trump and Farage will lose the battle finally when the head of the Seven Headed Beast receives the death blow. That death blow comes from a conspiracy of “those kings” from Daniel 2:44 (10 Kings that will rule with the beast for the last hour).
    The two horned beast that replaces the first head of the seven that gets the death blow gets healed when the two horned beast rises “out of the earth”. Why out of the earth? The earth represents the governmental arrangement because it is the land that put boundaries on the sea, just as governments put laws on us to limit what we can do. Plus, coming out of the earth means that they are coming out of an already existing government (not out of the sea where the other beast rise from. It is the hope that no one notices the difference between the head that was eliminated and the one that replaces it. It will appear to be the same old U.S./U.K. head but everything will have been changed.
    Look for this to happen soon because the Nation State part of the current 7 headed beast is about to launch a major investigation into the corruption of the last U.S. Administration. So, in desperation (because they are probably not ready yet) they launch their attack on Trump/U.K. and administer the death stroke and simply step into their space as the 7th head of the new beast (the deep state head). Only this time the two headed beast will “look like” a lamb, but will talk like a dragon. DON’T BE FOOLED, Jesus will arrive on these clouds. It is Satan’s or the Dragon’s way of welcoming Jesus back to earth. This attack on the U.S./U.K. will also be the fuse that ignites the Third World War. All those with faith can be assured that Jehovah will protect them.

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