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    Can anyone please post specific URLs to any official document(s) showing exactly where the undeniable links/alliance/covenant/support… is shown by the JW / WTB&TS or subsidiaries… to the OSCE / ICCPR / OHCHR (/ UN)…?
    (As in any documents the Society has signed to pledge governmental cooperation & partnerships or even just agreements in principle…)

    And also where can we find bibliography references quotes & data/info mentioned in Robert King’s book, pertaining to specific source material (& page#) so that no one can deny the allegations made therein, particularly for current political involvement/alliances the Org still has now?

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    Have you tried JWfacts?

    Robert KingRobert King
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    Proof won’t matter. I have presented a load of documentation proving the WT prostituted itself with the UN. JW’s consider it apostate lies. That’s just the way it is. The wickedness of the WT will not be uncovered until Jesus makes it happen. Then it will be like rolling over a rotted log and watching the vermin scatter.

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