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//Thoughts on Exorcism?
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    I was reading interviews from three priests who practice exorcisms.
    They all have multiple sessions with the possessed, up to 8 I read. One priest said that the demon was able to manipulate the girl’s phone and text him, saying he couldn’t save himself, what makes him think he could save her? It called him an idiot preacher and said that anyone who prays for the girl will die.
    The second one, also shared a similar story, the possessed person told him he was a godless man, that he was powerless. The priest was practicing paganism.
    The third also mentioned having to perform multiple sessions with little to no success.
    They all said they have “tools”; a bunch unbiblical things like holy water, the cross, a deliverance book, etc.
    What I find hilarious, is that all three were mocked by the demons when they placed a cross on the possessed. They would start yelling as if they were being burned, yet they did not come out of the body.
    This is part of the delusion, to fool people into thinking the cross image has any power over them.
    If you also read the accounts in the Bible related to exorcism, those demons came out immediately when commanded, they didn’t need multiple sessions, which again, is proof to me that Christendom isn’t God’s people, because they don’t even succeed in the venture. For even Jesus said there are those who will say to him “didn’t we perform powerful works, and expel demons in your name?” and he replies with, truly I didn’t know you, get away from me you workers of lawlessness.

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