The Watchtower still secretly believes they know when Armageddon will happen.

//The Watchtower still secretly believes they know when Armageddon will happen.
The Watchtower still secretly believes they know when Armageddon will happen. 2017-06-01T14:42:27+00:00

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    When I was an unbaptized publisher, my teacher who is now an elder, was explaining to me the mishaps of 1975 and why it wasn’t correct, along with the generational leap doctrine which had left me utterly confused at the time.

    Basically, he was a regular pioneer who attended the pioneer School, and the brothers there get special treatment and information. And part of this special information was another Armageddon timeline. All the information I am about to write was taught by the watchtower to regular pioneers in 2010.

    He told me that on the 6 thousandth anniversary of Jehovah’s last creation, which is Eve, Armageddon will comence. The problem with 1975 is that they thought Adam was Jehovah’s last creation, that’s why Armageddon didn’t happen, but no one knows when Eve was created, only knowledge of her first borns and Adam’s creation dates are known.

    He went on to say that Armageddon will happen before the year 2125 because that marks six thousand years from Cain and Able’s birth. Therefore, Armageddon will happen in-between 1975 and 2125 because at some point in between those years, it marks 6000 years from Eve’s creation.

    This is why the generational leap doctrine was introduced, because surely 1914 can’t be false, as it must coincide with Armageddon which will take place on the anniversary of Eve. Therefore Jesus evidently meant that an overlapping generation wouldn’t pass away.

    I want to take one scripture to destroy this argument.

    Matthew 24:36 “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.

    If the Watchtower believes they know when Armageddon is (Eve), then surely the Angels and Jesus know what day and year Eve was created, thus creating a huge contradiction with Matthew 24:36.

    These people do not learn from their mistakes. You should.

    And for those who are not aware, 6 thousand years is 6 creative days, and on the seventh Jehovah rested. The seventh being the mellinial reign of Christ with the 144k, one day of rulership while Jehovah rests. One day is like 1000 years to Jehovah.

    But Jehovah began his rest after Eve was created, not 6000 years later in a repeating cycle, the Bible make no mention of this.

    And if you do the math, if this prophecy is correct, then we are another 1000 years away from Armageddon. Because the 7th day ended in 3000 bce, which would put us 5000 years or five days away from the end of the day of rest. The Sabbath is based off this idea, so if Sunday is day seven and Monday is day one, what day are we in? Friday. Armageddon is supposed to start tomorrow, at the end of Saturday (day 6/6 thousand years), beginning of Sunday (Christ’s mellinial reign, 7th day of rest for Jehovah). This prophecy absolutely fails.

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    Hey there Ken, I will let others comment on the date stuff, but I did want to correct the record regarding this being taught at Pioneer school. This teaching is not part of the Pioneer school curriculum. I know because… well I don’t want to say why I know, but I do know this for a fact. What this was, was a brother’s private personal interpretation, that he decided to share with the class. But it is not part of the Pioneer school curriculum, neither is it in the Pioneer school workbook. Hope this information helps, for whatever it’s worth.

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    Hannah’s exactly right, not part of the curriculum in the early 90’s for sure. Sounds like a private interpretation and a presumptuous conductor.

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    I know it isn’t part of it. The CO taught this, unofficially. He told me they didn’t consider it official teaching, but only taught it to people they “trusted”. Hence the secret. When I say they were taught to all the pioneers, I mean all the pioneers that were in that specific class.

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    Im sure it will come long before 2125 hahahaha. This world cannot continue like this for a long time… if it continues like they way it goes… by 2125… it will be overcorrupt and destroyed. So, they are in certain way right.

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    Those who know  when  the Armageddon will happen (a data)  … they don’t know the Song of Moses, nor  “sing” it  as written in Apocalipse 14:3 and 15:3,4 .

    Frank Conger
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    jesus comes tomorrow

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