The real meaning of Daniel 2:44

//The real meaning of Daniel 2:44
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    Hi All:

    Daniel 2:44 is one of the most misunderstood scriptures in God’s Word and I think Jehovah had it written this way on purpose. It is assumed that the “stone not cut with hands” is the Kingdom but Daniel 7 makes it very clear that this system of things is brought to its complete destruction long after the image of Daniel 2 is destroyed. The “stone not cut with hands” is a small portion of the mountain (or government) that is in power at the time. It is the “deep state” portion of the U.S./U.K. dual world power represented by the feet of the image of Daniel 2. This image represents the Nation State system that Satan has used to rule the planet for thousands of years. But just as a deep state exists in our world, one also exists in the angelic world. The fight that we are witnessing on earth is a mirror of the fight that is happening between Satan (and those that are loyal to him and his Nation State system of running things) and the “Dragon” which is a group of rogue demons who are rebelling against Satan’s way of rule and wish to set up their own worldwide rulership. The scriptures tell us that their rebellion will succeed. The stone hitting the feet of the image of Daniel 2 is the final blow of this rebellion. The result of this blow will be that this new government will expand its rule over the entire globe (not the Kingdom yet).

    The key phrase to understand in Daniel 2 that proves that my assessment is correct is “in the days of those kings” in Daniel 2:44. It’s not speaking about the Kings that made up the symbolic image of Daniel 2, no it is the 10 Kings of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 that are said to rule with the wild beast during the last hour. Once they strike the image by destroying the Western system of things with separate strikes on New York and London (the two feet of the Nation State system) they will march through the kings of Daniel 7 until the eighth King of Revelation is in power over the entire earth. The same beast as mentioned in Revelation. it is during the time of this rule of the beast and the “10 Kings”, the same “those kings” of Daniel 2 that the Kingdom appears when the thrones appear and judgement is rendered against the Beast an it is totally destroyed by the fires of the Kingdom destruction of this entire system. Jehovah will protect those that are his although he will allow their faith to be tested under the tyranny of this final beast.

    God’s Kingdom does not destroy the image of Daniel 2:44 as this destruction comes way too early for Daniel 7. It is the demons who are hungry for ultimate power that will do this. Even though they know their time in power will be short (10 months) they will play their gambit anyway. Please read these chapters of Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 very carefully and you will discern that God’s Kingdom destroys the Beast and its 10 Kings (“those Kings”) not the image of Daniel 2:44 which is destroyed by the deep state which is a manifestation of the rebellious demons who were cast down to the earth after their lost battle with the lamb and his angels in the Summer/Fall of 2015. There is not 42+ months left in this system. If you think that you are in for a rude awakening. There is about just over 13 months until the destruction of the beast and the beginning of the time of the omega covenants fulfillment.


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