The onslaught of Donald Trump

//The onslaught of Donald Trump
The onslaught of Donald Trump 2017-05-19T13:45:05+00:00

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  • Frank Conger
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    I think that it can be said with confidence that Donald Trump has received more opposition to his Presidency than any President in recent history. I am 61 and do not remember one worse, nor have I read about any worse. My guess is that he has hit a real nerve and caught the attention of quite a few major players that also control or highly influence the major media. I do know from alternative media sources that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has brought charges of child trafficking for reasons of the child sex trade along with pedophilia against many individuals thus far and the ones who are also involved in these beyond immoral and unethical acts are very afraid that they will be next. So, they find other reasons, some true, but mostly manufactured reasons to keep the focus on Trump and off of them.

    These folks will stop at nothing to stay out of the spotlight for these and other equally sickening crimes that have netted them billions. How much will Trump be permitted to reveal before these “players” put a stop to his revelations?

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    Hi Frank

    Good post. Clearly, Mr Trump is part of the same club who rule the world, otherwise he would not have been allowed to reach the summit of president of the most powerful country in the world. However, just because you are in the same club, doesn’t mean you have to agree with each other, or like each other.

    Mr Trump is rattling feathers because he doesn’t do or say things the old school way, and he aims to sort out problems that previous presidents tiptoed around. He could well be the incumbent that triggers WW3, which will result in the NWO being set-up.


    Frank Conger
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    Trump could very well be being used by Jehaovah to drag Satan into the final showdown. He does not really want to take this next step, but the resergence of Nationalism may hasten satan’s push to establish a world government and at the same time stop the Nationalism push in both the U.S. and in England.


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