The destruction of Babylon the great.

//The destruction of Babylon the great.
The destruction of Babylon the great. 2017-06-09T17:17:54+00:00

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    Re 17:16
    “And the ten horns that you saw, and the wild beast, these will hate the harlot and will make her devastated and naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire.”

    To me it seems likely that the wild-beast not merely destroys BTG but EATS/CONSUMES/INGESTS/IMBIBES/ASSIMILATES DIGESTS & NOURISHES itself with BTG’s “fleshly parts”, meaning ABSORBING it completely to transform the concept of ‘religion’ into being integral to its one 1-World-State-WORSHIP ideology. No longer as “…a kingdom over the kings of the earth.” (Rev.17:18) …no longer an independent seperate harlot/concubine/cohort/co-ruler but then as full-blow satanism, no longer disguised by any remnants of Christendom nor “mystery”…but then becoming an innate & full part of ‘the belly of the Beast’!!!

    As in, ‘one is what one eats’!

    So “religion” would no longer be seperate “independent” institutions, but as the integral ideology of State Law & Aleigence to their last ‘World Empire’ (as if their so-called Inter-National/World Socialist ‘wozi’? a.k.a. their “Fourth Reich”?!?!)
    …the UN/beast/Gog/king-of-the-north may not even call it “religion” but just “new truth/reality” for their “new age” (‘newspeak’ like George Orwell’s 1984) based on pagan ‘earth/Gaia/Mother-nature worship’, which is probably how “those who willingly receive the mark of the wild beast… render worship to its image.” Rev 19:20 – by either pledging allegiance to it &/or otherwise participating in such creation-worship.

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