The 12 month Timeline from WW3 to the Kingdom of God

//The 12 month Timeline from WW3 to the Kingdom of God
The 12 month Timeline from WW3 to the Kingdom of God 2018-07-23T12:38:36+00:00

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    Dear Mr President, State Governors, Mayor, Senators, Congresspersons, Law enforcers, Journalists. Priests, Theologians and Bible Students,

    We have recalculated using the international provocation of the Russian Bear on 2018March26 (2018Nisan8/9) – the expulsion of 116 diplomats from 23 countries. The beast rises up towards one side – towards the West – it continues to be provoked without response for 135 days of the sentence count of Daniel 7:5 (21 opposing teeth pairs 3 ribs etc). The bear is told to eat much flesh. But is not said to actually do that during these 135 days, which end on 2018August8/9 (2018Ab24) the start of WW3, when the Russian bear does get up and eat much flesh. Bears have 42 teeth. So WW3 (the period during which the Russian bear eats flesh – takes peoples into its body under the control of its head) lasts for 42 days, a day for a tooth, until 2018Tishri6 (2018September19/20).

    Here is the revised timetable of the transition from the present administration of mankind to next administration of mankind. It is not exactly seamless. But it is fairly fast!

    2018July23-24: (2018Ab8 in the Biblical Lunar Calendar): A nuclear attack East of London, around Dartford, in the UK, producing a mushroom cloud over the Thames – during the night time.

    2018July23-24: (2018Ab8 in the Biblical Lunar Calendar): A nuclear attack on Manhattan, producing a mushroom cloud over the Hudson – during the night time.

    Jesus, in the form of his wife, the descended first new covenant saints, the 3rd Holy Spirit, comes to his true church before during and after these days. These attacks are very serious Satanic distractions to mask and upstage his arrival, to rain on his parade.

    There are to be 12 nuclear bomb detonations, all of which are fire signs of 1Kings18 which must occur at the possible Pentecost dates below before 2018Elul16 (2018August30/31). There was a tongue of fire upon each of the 12 apostles at the 1NC Pentecost on 33Sivan5 AD.

    Moses led his people out of Egypt by following a pillar of cloud in the day and a pillar of fire in the night. Jesus will lead his people out of the world by the same method. Each nuclear attack will be darkness and another nail in the coffin of this world, a condemnation of its fatally flawed morality. But also a light, a sign that Jesus has come and is leading us into the Kingdom of God, which is the next secular government of this planet. An administration which will criminalize the manufacture or possession of WMDs both for people and for nations and states.

    The 2nd to the 13th fire signs must occur on the following Pentecostal dates (which are simply all of the possible Pentecostal dates prior to 2018August30/31, when the Mark of the Beast of Revelation13 – a UN ID number – becomes mandatory).

    Nobody knows the date of their marriage (which is the start of the Kingdom of God in heaven in the case of Jesus) until they get engaged. Jesus got engaged on 33Nisan14 at the last supper. He got engaged to his church. Hebrews drink wine to celebrate an engagement

    Jesus said at Matthew 24:36: Concerning that day of hour nobody has seen. He did not say nobody will see.

    Jesus did not know the day or the hour of his marriage when he spoke the words of Matthew 24:36 which was before the last supper. He did know it after then or he would miss his own marriage!

    Perhaps you will agree that it is quite difficult for a bride and a groom to attend their marriage if neither of them knows the date of it?

    The Greek word “oiden” in Matthew 24:36 comes from the verb Eido (related to the latin Video) and means ‘has seen’, literally. It is in the perfect tense. That is the tense used for completed actions in the past.

    No statement made 2,000 years ago in the past tense, especially in the perfect tense, can be a prohibition on future knowledge.

    So the bible can tell us and we can now know the chronology of the end.

    Here it is…

    2018Ab6/7: 2018July22/23: We saw/published the correct sub and main and fire sign predictions

    2018Ab8: 2018July23-24 (The late 2nd 1NC Pentecost, TEKEL of Daniel5) – 2nd fire sign East on London, during the day time
    2018Ab8: 2018July23-24 (The late 2nd 1NC Pentecost, TEKEL of Daniel5) – 3rd fire sign on Manhattan, during the night time

    2018Elul5: 2018August19/20 (late Zoar Pentecost) – the Great Tribulation begins
    2018Elul6: 2018August20/21 (late 3rd marriage Pentecost)
    2018Elul11: 2018August25/26 (4th marriage Pentecost)
    2018Elul11: 2018August25/26 (89th contest Pentecost)
    2018Elul14: 2018August28/29 (96th Baalian BLC Pentecost from 2005Iyyar14) – the Great Tribulation Ends.

    2018Elul16: 2018August30/31: Mark of the Beast day. Peace and Security of 1Thessalonians 5:3 declared. Nuclear war is ended a pregnancy period before the Kingdom of God is appointed on 2019Iyyar20. (268 solar days later)

    2019Iyyar20: 2019May25/26: Kingdom of God appointed
    2019Tammuz9: 2019July13/14: 2nd 1NC Pentecost. The Kingdom of God installed. The judicial End of the World on earth.
    2019Tammuz10: 2019July14/15: The end of Zoar entry.
    2019Tammuz24: 2019July28/29: End of kingdom salvation by OMC covenant sealing.
    2019Ab10: 2019August13/14: Last day of seizing of the 450 prophets of Baal (JWs) from 2018Iyyar10.
    2019Ab14: 2019August17/18: Late 3rd Abrahamic Passover. The end of the 1st death. The end of unsealed non 1AC Adam. The actual end of the world.

    The fire signs could occur on the 7th Sabbath rather than the Pentecost, i.e. on the day before and then the fire would continue through to the Pentecost.
    God must have given Satan authority to set off nuclear bombs only on Pentecostal dates. So that he can only set them off as a sign. This will limit his utilization of these devices? Perhaps he cuts the day short by this technique, limiting the days upon which Satan can commit genocide..

    3 Whenever it is that they are saying: Peace and security [2018Elul16, Mark of the Beast day, when the UN forces us all to use a UN ID number in order to buy or sell anything], then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the birth pang upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape [2019Iyyar20 is the appointment/birth of the Kingdom of God, precisely 268 solar days later]. (1 Thessalonians 5 NWT)

    Here is our latest Chronology of the secular world powers at the end …

    2018March26 (2018Nisan8/9): The Russian bear is provoked by the expulsion of 116 diplomats from 23 countries. The beast rises up towards one side – towards the West – it continues to be provoked without response for 105 days of the sentence count of Daniel 7:5 (21 teeth pairs, 3 ribs etc). The bear is told to eat much flesh. But is not said to actually do that during these 105 days to 2018Tammuz24.

    2018April3/4 (2018Nisan17): The Ark comes to rest upon the mountains of Ararat (Zoar, the final true Christian church). Non saints can now walk out of or into it.

    2018July23-24 (2018Ab8): Nuclear attack just East of London in the UK, producing a mushroom cloud over the Thames in the day time
    2018July23-24 (2018Ab8): Nuclear attack on Manhattan, producing a mushroom cloud over the Hudson in the night time

    2018August8/9 (2018Ab24): The Russian military bear of Daniel7 stops being told to get up and eat much flesh and actually gets up and eats much flesh (a 135 day sentence count of Daniel7:5 after the international diplomatic provocation of 2018Nisan9). It forms a coalition of the goats of Daniel8 (countries which are not Christian by constitution), which coalition is the 4 headed 4 winged 3rd beast of Daniel7. It begins its conquest of NATO. But after this conquest, almost immediately it is somehow destroyed (its horn is broken – Daniel8). Russia is the he goat. China, Iran, Germany and others make up the balance of the 4 other horns and 3 other heads and are she goats. This is essentially a BRICS scenario. In total there are 5 leopard like goat nations (none of which are Christian constitutionally) in this alliance with the Russians. The 4 smaller horns of Daniel8 (she goats) take over the military position of the Russians, after their horn is broken and take over the world financial system.

    These will presumably include China and Iran and India and Turkey, all of which which have wild Leopards. Whereas Germany has Leopard tanks and Turkey uses German Leopard tanks. The big mouthed little horn is the EU which comes out from Germany. India has wild leopards. It is famous for having them. They are in the BRICS nations. They will side with the Russians it appears. They are a goat nation in that they do not have a Christian constitution.

    2018August12-13 (2018Ab28): The Wings of the Eagle are plucked out (by the Russians somehow) and the UK is demilitarized de-beastified (20 BLC days of the sentence count of Daniel7:4 after the UK attack- which begins the stirring up of the vast sea). The UK beast gets a human heart transplant and stands upon 2 feet like a man. This is our repentance and surrender to the Russian coalition. THIS IS THE UK SURRENDERING AND MAKING PEACE AND BOWING OUT OF WW3.

    US air power is incapacitated by some electronic or electromagnetic or other means before the Great Tribulation starts (both horns on the ram of Daniel8 are broken. Then the horn on the Russian he goat is broken – but the balance of the goat coalition keep their horns intact).

    2018August19/20 (2018Elul5): The Nuclear war of the Great Tribulation of Matthew24 begins with the late Zoar Pentecost fire sign (3 months of Luke12:54-56 after we saw the correct 2nd and 3rd fire sign dates and the first fire sign after 5th marriage veil lifting day when the completed South wind is seen blowing).

    2018August28/29 (2018Elul14): The Great Tribulation ends with the fire sign on the 96th Baalian BLC Pentecost from 2005Iyyar14. This is the the last nuclear detonation (unless those days were cut short no flesh would be saved).
    2018August30/31 (2018Elul16): The Mark of the Beast of Revelation13 becomes law. Worldwide nuclear disarmament is enforced by requiring all of mankind to get registered with a UN ID number and tracking every single financial transaction they make. This is the greater registration not of the Jewish system of things in the day of Jesus being born in Bethlehem but of the world in the day of Jesus being born again.

    2018September19/20 (2018Tishri6): The son of the UN, a reformed image of the UN, the 10 horned 4th beast of Daniel7, run by 10 nation state kings, takes over the world for 9 months and 24 days to 2019Tammuz30 (2019August3/4)

    2018December26/27 (2018Tebbeth14): The little horn that looks larger than it is, the EU, replaces the UK,. France and Germany in the reformed image of the UN. The EU corrupts the UN by plucking out 3 nation state kings
    2019February25/26 (2018Adar15): Little horn gets control of God’s people for 4½ months to 2019August9/10 (2019Tammuz30)

    2019March. Brexit is supposed to occur. But it will be too late! UK voted to leave in June 2016. Had we served the 2 years notice immediately, we would be leaving in June 2018. That would have prevented the little horn from from taking over the 4th beast! The demons had to orchestrate the 9 month delay in triggering article 50!

    2019April12/13 (2019Nisan7): Ark entry ends.
    2019April19/20 (2019Nisan14): The greater flood of Noah, this time a volcanic flood of fire begins and runs for 40+40 days to 2019Tammuz4 (2019July8/9). It is a smart flood which kills the faithless and unloving but spares the faithful and the loving.
    2019May25/26 (2019Iyyar20): The Kingdom of God is appointed at 1st new covenant first fruits.
    2019July8/9 (2019Tammuz4): The lava flood ends. Only those in the 1st Abrahamic covenant are left alive (those with the faith of Abraham or with love for their fellow man).
    2019July13/14 (2019Tammuz9): The Kingdom of God is installed at the 1st new covenant Pentecost. This is the end of the world administratively (not physically)
    2019July28/29 (2019Tammuz24): Kingdom covenant sealing ends.
    2019August3/4 (2019Tammuz30): The reign of the wild beast ends.
    2019August17/18 (2019Ab14): The last faithless loveless failed Abrahamic son of Adam is Passover executed and sent to Hell for a maximum sentence of 1,000 years of rehab (to grow a heart). This is the end of the world physically.

    May the two true Gods Jehovah and Jesus Christ bless your love and faith and save you and the people whom you serve.

    Gordon Ritchie
    Lords Witnesses
    truebiblecode dot com

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