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    Though Anderiega: I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking -could you please be more specific.
    However if you look in the new world translation in the
    (Table of the books of the bible) I think you will find we’re looking for.
    Online Bible
    Table of the Books of the Bible
    Books of the Hebrew Scriptures Before the Common (Christian) Era
    Click to enlarge or scroll
    Genesis Moses Wilderness 1513 “In the beginning” to 1657
    Exodus Moses Wilderness 1512 1657-1512
    Leviticus Moses Wilderness 1512 1 month (1512)
    Numbers Moses Wilderness and Plains of Moab 1473 1512-1473
    Deuteronomy Moses Plains of Moab 1473 2 months (1473)
    Joshua Joshua Canaan c. 1450 1473–c. 1450
    Judges Samuel Israel c. 1100 c. 1450–c. 1120
    Ruth Samuel Israel c. 1090 11 years of Judges’ rule
    1 Samuel Samuel; Gad; Nathan Israel c. 1078 c. 1180-1078
    2 Samuel Gad; Nathan Israel c. 1040 1077–c. 1040
    1 Kings Jeremiah Judah 580 c. 1040-911
    2 Kings Jeremiah Judah and Egypt 580 c. 920-580
    1 Chronicles Ezra Jerusalem (?) c. 460 After 1 Chronicles 9:44: c. 1077-1037
    2 Chronicles Ezra Jerusalem (?) c. 460 c. 1037-537
    Ezra Ezra Jerusalem c. 460 537–c. 467
    Nehemiah Nehemiah Jerusalem a. 443 456–a. 443
    Esther Mordecai Shushan, Elam c. 475 493–c. 475
    Job Moses Wilderness c. 1473 Over 140 years between 1657 and 1473
    Psalms David and others c. 460
    Proverbs Solomon; Agur; Lemuel Jerusalem c. 717
    Ecclesiastes Solomon Jerusalem b. 1000
    Song of Solomon Solomon Jerusalem c. 1020
    Isaiah Isaiah Jerusalem a. 732 c. 778–a. 732
    Jeremiah Jeremiah Judah; Egypt 580 647-580
    Lamentations Jeremiah Near Jerusalem 607
    Ezekiel Ezekiel Babylon c. 591 613–c. 591
    Daniel Daniel Babylon c. 536 618–c. 536
    Hosea Hosea Samaria (District) a. 745 b. 804–a. 745
    Joel Joel Judah c. 820 (?)
    Amos Amos Judah c. 804
    Obadiah Obadiah c. 607
    Jonah Jonah c. 844
    Micah Micah Judah b. 717 c. 777-717
    Nahum Nahum Judah b. 632
    Habakkuk Habakkuk Judah c. 628 (?)
    Zephaniah Zephaniah Judah b. 648
    Haggai Haggai Jerusalem rebuilt 520 112 days (520)
    Zechariah Zechariah Jerusalem rebuilt 518 520-518
    Malachi Malachi Jerusalem rebuilt a. 443
    Books of the Greek Scriptures Written During the Common (Christian) Era
    Click to enlarge or scroll
    Matthew Matthew Palestine c. 41 2 B.C.E.–33 C.E.
    Mark Mark Rome c. 60-65 29-33 C.E.
    Luke Luke Caesarea c. 56-58 3 B.C.E.–33 C.E.
    John Apostle John Ephesus, or near c. 98 After prologue, 29-33 C.E.
    Acts Luke Rome c. 61 33–c. 61 C.E.
    Romans Paul Corinth c. 56
    1 Corinthians Paul Ephesus c. 55
    2 Corinthians Paul Macedonia c. 55
    Galatians Paul Corinth or Syrian Antioch c. 50-52
    Ephesians Paul Rome c. 60-61
    Philippians Paul Rome c. 60-61
    Colossians Paul Rome c. 60-61
    1 Thessalonians Paul Corinth c. 50
    2 Thessalonians Paul Corinth c. 51
    1 Timothy Paul Macedonia c. 61-64
    2 Timothy Paul Rome c. 65
    Titus Paul Macedonia (?) c. 61-64
    Philemon Paul Rome c. 60-61
    Hebrews Paul Rome c. 61
    James James (Jesus’ brother) Jerusalem b. 62
    1 Peter Peter Babylon c. 62-64
    2 Peter Peter Babylon (?) c. 64
    1 John Apostle John Ephesus, or near c. 98
    2 John Apostle John Ephesus, or near c. 98
    3 John Apostle John Ephesus, or near c. 98
    Jude Jude (Jesus’ brother) Palestine (?) c. 65
    Revelation Apostle John Patmos c. 96
    [Names of writers of some books and of places where written are uncertain. Many dates are only approximate, the symbol a. meaning “after,” b. meaning “before,” and c. meaning “circa,” or “about.”]

    also—-Search results for: 607. Read more>:

    Please let me know if I can help you further as I would be happy to do so.

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    I just finished watching the latest video on JW broadcast….”the book of Jeremiah.” Of course 607 is the central date. So I can visualize what’s going on where, are the dates of the ruling Judean kings all off too? And the dates of when the prophets wrote their books? I don’t know where to start or what to believe when it comes to the WT dating methods.

    All the current secular dates prior to 358 BCE are off because of religious politics. The Persians revised their timeline to hide the fact that Xerxes had claimed to be his own son, Artaxerxes, taking advantage of his newly adopted name once he became king. Thus Xerxes and Artaxerexes I were the same king. But in history, he has a separate rule of 21 years. Those 21 years, though, are part of the 41-year rule of Artaxerxes. Later on, the Persians revised their timeline and ended up hiding the additions by adjusting the Persian and Neo-Babylonian timelines. They ended up adding 82 fake years to the Persian kings and removing 26 years from the Neo-Babylonian kings. Basically, therefore, the dates are distorted in varying amounts from 358 BCE back to the time of the Exodus. Most pertinently, the dating is off 82 years at the 1st of Cyrus and some 57 years during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II.

    It is no longer difficult to go in and correct the timeline using astronomical references, but the simplest way to arrive at the key dates is to follow Martin Anstey and Josephus. Anstey wrote the “Romance of Bible Chronology” in 1913 and concluded that the “70 weeks” prophecy pointed to Cyrus fulfilling that prophecy in 455 BCE rather than 537 BCE, pointing to 82 fake years being added to the Persian Period. Those extra 82 years have now been identified as 30 years each added to the reigns of Darius I and Artaxerxes II, 21 extra years added for the reign of Xerxes who was Artaxerxes I, and 1 year added to the reign of Cambyses who was co-ruler with his father, Cyrus, for one year. That totals 82 fake years in the Persian Period that were never removed for political reasons.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses, trusting this phony secular timeline have adopted the year 539 BCE for the fall of Babylon and 537 BCE for the return from exile. They then add 70 years to 537 BCE to get 607 BCE for the fall of Jerusalem in year 18 of Nebuchadnezzar II. They quote Josephus as also confirming the desolation of Judea for 70 years. However, Josephus links the 70 years of desolation of the land with the time when the people were all removed off the land which did not occur until year 23, the year of the last deportation.

    So to get the true Biblical dates for key events for this period it is a simple matter of dating the 1st of Cyrus to 455 BCE rather than 537 BCE. Then going back in time 70 years to 525 BCE, the date of the last deportation in year 23 of Nebuchadnezzar II. From that point we then date year 19 (not year 18) to 529 BCE, the true year of Jerusalem’s destruction.

    Basically, when it comes to chronology, we have two choices here: 1) We can do like Martin Anstey and use the Bible itself to contradict the pagan timeline and establish strictly Biblical dates for these ancient events based on the baptism of Christ in 29 CE; or 2) We can study the revisions of the secular timeline and correct the secular timeline based on astronomy, Greek history, Persian history and archaeology. Either way, we end up with the 1st of Cyrus being re-dated to 455 BCE.

    JW’s date for the fall of Jerusalem is incorrect for three reasons:

    1) Jerusalem falls in year 19, not year 18.

    2) The 70-year desolation begins the year of the last deportation, year 23 of Nebuchandezzar II (Jer. 52:30) and not the year Jerusalem falls.

    3) The 1st of Cyrus should be dated to 455 BCE and not 537 BCE per the Bible as well as per corrected secular history. Historians, Jews and Catholics have maintained the revised timeline for their own reasons.

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    Wow….My brain is spinning. Thanks. I’ll need to print this out and reset my clock. Thanks again….I’ll do more research eventually. Basically (for now) I just skip dates all together, since I obviously can’t comment on a date in a KH that isn’t WT approved/created. Thanks again.

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    You ask some very interesting questions and I have read Many letters from long-time superintendent brothers who have drawn conclusions that 607 is a false date. I would like to share a letter from a brother but it is in Word and I do not know how to do it.

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    Of course this will only be an academic debate because as we know this date of 607 is used by the WT to calculate the date of the presence of Christ in the power of the kingdom, and as we know now calculate that event is impossible. Now, I think that trying to put a secular date to a biblical event is a task that would take time to learn things of much more importance. From Colombia! I love you all

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