Satan is divided against himself, and he is getting a piece of his own medicine.

//Satan is divided against himself, and he is getting a piece of his own medicine.
Satan is divided against himself, and he is getting a piece of his own medicine. 2018-03-02T00:39:28+00:00

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  • Frank Conger
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    Hi Robert:

    Nice article.  I would like to add my two cents if you don’t mind a difference of opinion.  Satan is called “the god of this system of things” in 2 Cor. 4:4, therefore he is the top dog or big cheese (within the boundaries that Jehovah has no doubt set for him as “god”).  He is not a prince, but one appointed under his god-ship could be considered a prince.  He has demons who support his god-ship and I believe he also has spirit Sons that no doubt could indeed be the princes of Persia and Greece spoken about in Daniel.

    Ever since Satan has been ruling this system after the flood, when there first became a “Nation” (Daniel 12:1) until this time, he has been running the system through the Nation State system with his rulership coming from the most powerful nation state system of the time (now being the Anglo/American system [No. 7]), which is soon to be collapsed and destroyed.  Satan is NOT going to destroy the Nation State system that he has ruled by for thousands of years (this has been his modus operandi).  But, his subordinates who have established their own rebel system (and a thirst for ultimate power) known affectionately as the “Deep State” have positioned themselves to form a “One Worldwide Nation” to rule the earth with an assist from the globalists they have cultivated on the earth over the last decades.

    This is poetic justice for Satan as he is in the process of fighting a “civil war” for dominance and control with his own Son, the same as he did with his Father Jehovah.  He is about to understand for the first time in his existence what he actually did to Jehovah.  We see this with our own eyes as we watch the earthly struggles between Trump and the globalists that oppose his wanting to resurrect and/or keep the Nation State as a dominant form of rule, along with the struggles England is going through trying to “Brexit” and the forces that oppose that move.

    Another way to see that Satan is not the one who will win this civil war is the scripture in Ezekiel 38.  Gog of Magog, who many believe is Satan, cannot be that.  In Ezekiel 38 it calls Gog the Chieftain of Meshech and Tubal.  A Chieftain in the bible is the head of a “tribe”, Gog being the head of two tribes.  Satan is the god of this system of things, not a chieftain of a tribe or two.  Again, the princes of Persia and Greece were indeed Chieftains of a “tribe” of demons who influenced human activity.   These two tribes have joined together under Satan’s Son as a whole and could very well be represented as “Meshech and Tubal” the proper chieftains of the two tribes under Satan’s Son.  They have rebelled against Satan and they will win the war when they destroy the current Anglo/American power by destroying the nation state system with a blow to the feet of the image of Daniel 2, which represents Satan’s rulership of this system through the Nation State form of rule.  The one foot being the U.S. (Americans) and the other foot being the U.K. (Anglos).

    The “deep state” under the rebels will cut the stone out of Satan’s mountain of rulership and will destroy the Nation State system, which will allow the globalists and deep state to form their tyrannical world wide government throughout the entire globe as described in Daniel 2.  But it will only be for a short time as they will soon meet their match as described in Daniel 7.

    Think about it.  You are a smart man and you have a very good grasp of the scriptures, but you can’t always get everything right on your own as none of us can.  I think this is a very short explanation of what is happening and will continue to happen in the weeks and months to come.  I hope you will at least give it consideration.  If not, that’s OK too!

    Your brother in Christ, Frank.

    Frank Conger
    Post count: 133

    Everybody remember that in the conclusion there will be a harvest and the reapers are angels.   The angels of God will make it clear to everyone in the Watchtower and anywhere else that have a valid salvation covenant.  Don’t just leave the Watchtower or any other false church until it is very clear to do so.  The Exodus from the Watchtower will start any day or week now.  Be patient.


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