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    Date April 20, 2017 has a chance to go down in history as a black day for the fundamental freedoms in Russia. Today, the Supreme Court decided to liquidate the centralized religious organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, as well as all 395 local religious organizations of the religion. From a historical perspective, this decision may lead to very dire consequences for the faithful of different religions, as well as for Russia’s image in the world arena. Save the situation can be the cancellation of the decision on appeal – board consisting of three Supreme Court judges.

    Believers have already begun to prepare an appeal, which must be considered within a month.

    Meanwhile, concerns about the actions of the Ministry of Justice, as well as the decision of the Court of First Instance expressed a number of organizations, both within Russia and abroad. “This lawsuit is a threat not only for Jehovah’s Witnesses, but for the freedom of the individual as a whole in the Russian Federation, – stated are special e Rapporteur operating under mandate from the UN Human Rights Council cheloveka.- We call on the authorities, in accordance with their obligations under international law of human rights, stop the trial and review the legislation on the fight against extremism and practice of its application. “

    Translated from Russian into English with Google Translate, Source here:

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    Ministry of Justice in Russia appears to be an oxymoron.
    But really, was anything else expected.
    All smoke and mirrors. A pretense of a legal hearing.
    No doubt it was all a done deal before anyway, or even if there was a semblance of
    justice it was probably snuffed out by various means to make sure the judge did what was
    required by those in the driving seat.
    However, Jehovah works in ways that we cannot comprehend and if we believe that
    the organization of the WT still has some relevance to his purposes then we can be confident
    that things will work out for the best.
    As we cannot see the whole picture, we see just a small part of the jigsaw puzzle. who can say what
    events will unfold due to this ruling.

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    New video on JW TV on the Governing Body’s response to the Russian Court’s decision to liquidate the Organization within their country.

    Russian Supreme Court Renders Unjust Decision!

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