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    I come from 3 generations of mixed marriages, my family being a big beautiful mix of black, brown, red & white, in both skin & culture. In all these years of living in the US, we’ve experienced surprisingly little racism. Yet when we do, it is an extremely painful experience.

    But the odd thing I took notice of, is the grandparents and in-laws from our outlying generations who do not live in mixed marriages, seem to experience racism everywhere. So I started to wonder about this. Could it be, that they are projecting their own racism onto other people?

    For instance, while shopping the other day, I accidentally gave a lady a flat tire (I stepped on the back of her heal and flipped off her shoe.) Before she could turn around I had already apologized. But she glared at me with contempt and shook her head. “You should be sorry!”. Wow, okay….

    Then at the cash register, I couldn’t find my ATM card, and the man behind me became very annoyed. Looking at the others behind him, he chuckled and mocked me. They all laughed. And I felt terribly humiliated.

    While exiting the store in the parking lot, I accidentally cut off a man in a pickup. He flipped me off and yelled “B***ch”!

    And I started to think about this. I was having a very bad day, of coincidentally running into 3 very rude people in the span of just one hour. Yet each person who was rude to me was of the same race. But what if they weren’t?

    I thought, had this same series of events happened to my in-laws, would they attribute them to racism? And I realized, why yes, they likely would have.

    And let’s say I was them, visiting this town for the very first time, and this happened. Why I might surely be convinced that the whole town is racist!

    But it would simply be my own erroneous conclusion, created within my own mind, that is dividing people by color.

    Now please understand- I am not saying racism doesn’t exist. It does, and I’ve seen my own family suffer because of it! But I’ve come to believe, that many things attributed to racism, is simply a projection of one’s own mind dividing people into color, that they can’t – or won’t – acknowledge in themselves. What do you guys think?

    Robert King
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    Sounds like your mind wasn’t in the moment while you were shopping. Consequently, you became an annoyance to others. I bet you were thinking about some biblical topic, weren’t you? Admit it! lol

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    Haha. Probably. Or maybe it was how I’m gonna pay for everything I stuck in my cart! ?

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