"Peace and Security" two possible fulfillment's

//"Peace and Security" two possible fulfillment's
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    The destruction that will come if “Peace and Security” is proclaimed by “they” which is an ambiguous term, ,could have two fulfillment’s. One in the present which brings about the sudden destruction of the Watchtower and its “Faithful and discrete Slave” (by Peace being achieved temporarily in Korea) of whom one or more is acting as “the man of lawlessness” and “the disgusting thing that causes desolation” of the Watchtower itself.

    The second proclamation of “Peace and Security” will come at the tail end of the Beast of Revelation’s Tyrannical rule as described in Daniel 7. This will come after the 10 month rule of this beast with “those kings” of Daniel 2, the same 10 Kings that are said to rule with the Beast for the final hour in Revelation 17:12.

    “The ten horns that you saw mean ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they do receive authority as kings for one hour with the wild beast. 13 These have one thought, so they give their power and authority to the wild beast.

    The second fulfillment of the shouting of “Peace and Security” will be when the tyrannical fourth beast of Daniel 7 crushes everything down with its feet, fully defeating all opposition and bringing nuclear weapons to nothing for everyone except the Beast and its 10 Kings. Destruction will come for this group at the hands of the Kingdom of God which will destroy the Beast as described in Daniel 7:24-26.

    “As for the ten horns, ten kings (of Daniel 2:44) will rise up out of that kingdom; and still another one will rise up after them, and he will be different from the first ones, and he will humiliate three kings.r 25 He will speak words against the Most High,s and he will continually harass the holy ones of the Supreme One. He will intend to change times and law, and they will be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time.*t 26 But the Court sat, and they took away his ruler-ship, in order to annihilate him and to destroy him completely.

    There is a physical fulfillment on the Watchtower which is brought about by Christ’s Bride and His Angels denunciation of the Watchtower who will also direct the faithful to the requisite Mountain of which mountains in the Bible are Administrations over people. There are more than one proper mountain though which you will be told by your harvesting angel at the proper time.

    This will not happen in Chaos as those already sealed will be gathered up by the angels and directed toward the proper mountain. Those whose faith and salvation covenants that have not been sealed will have to prove themselves under test until their faith is sealed and they too can enter into the Kingdom of God.

    Just as there are weeds who preside over the Watchtower, there are also weeds all throughout the organization. These will cause testing to the faithul as well. Those left in the world will also be tested as to the quality of their faith, a faith like that of Abraham’s who was a freind of God even though he did not have complete accurate knowledge about God. These too will be tested as to their faith just like Abraham and some will pass the test and some will not. The ones who come out of the tribulation are the tested who are not already currently sealed into a salvation covenant.

    The sealed ones will be gathered into God’s rest in a very short time by the angels as they bring the Watchtower to complete destruction. Jehovah and Jesus have this all firmly in hand and it will come off just as they have it planned.

    Frank Conger
    Post count: 133

    Jehovah is using Trump to drag the Dragon (the demonic leaders of the opposition to Satan’s Nation State arrangement of ruling the world). They are not ready, but Jehovah hooks their jaw and drags them forward into the actual “last days” of this system. Trump is alone now. The U.K. has abandoned him and the Nation State arrangement by aligning with the Globalist’s in fulfillment of the statement that the iron and the clay “would not stick together” in the two feet. The next blow to the Nation State system has been planned for some time but was not to be used yet. But Jehovah is making them make their play early. Jehovah has his script and it is much different than the script the Dragon will be working from.

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