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    Does anyone think the same as me?

    I will share with you my thoughts… and if Robert can give an answer it would be excellent.

    I think that in the future there will be two attacks against Gods people and the  watchtower

    First… the watchtower will be in some way attacked by the beast. But… that will be the time to flee from it. In some way they will become fully apostate in that time… maybe signing a covenant with the beast or something will happen that “saves” them in that moment but  just for a while… the beast will stop his  attack and that will be celebrated as a victory by the leadership and the mislead in that time… the righteous will see the sign and will flee… the watchtower will continue to exist for a while… and will become as I  said fully apostate… the man of lawlessness will be on top and will mislead as many as possible, they will also persecute those who flee from the organization just like the jewish system did. After that… the chosen ones will be killed and go to heaven but the watchtower will be sieged for a while… they will assume this as the attack of Gog of Magog and maybe they will take refuge in the kingdom halls or other places… but that will be a very bad idea. In the end the organization will be completely destroyed with Babylon the great or before including the weeds meanwhile the great crowd is saved.

    Why do I think like this? Well… in the past… it was like that. In the first century the roman army attacked Jerusalem but suddenly they left the city… that was a sign for the true christians to leave the city. And they did that. After that the roman army came back and destroyed jerusalem with the jews inside of it.

    Also during the attack of Babylon… Jerusalem was not destroyed inmediately and some jews had the opportunity to go captives but survived and after a while… jerusalem was burnt by the babylonians killing many people.

    What Im trying to say is that the watchtower and the evil slave will not be inmediately destroyed when the tribulation begins they will continue to exist for a while after the first “attack” and they will be finally destroyed.

    Does anyone think the same way?

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    I thought that this was common knowledge. Maybe won’t happen in this particular way you described, but according to the pattern from the past for sure.

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