JW.org praising Russian Orthodox "Parental Glory" Award?!?

//JW.org praising Russian Orthodox "Parental Glory" Award?!?
JW.org praising Russian Orthodox "Parental Glory" Award?!? 2017-06-15T01:04:05+00:00

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    I hope that Robert King especially could soon comment on this blatently babylonish “prize” & it’s background & aleged ‘propriety’ for Christians, & the significance of the Org officially hypocriticaly endorsing it globaly (like “drunkards of Ephraim”) as if a ‘good thing’s for JW’s, as if God would bless that unfaithfulness.

    Lu 16:15
    “So he said to them: “You are those who declare yourselves righteous before men, but God knows your hearts. For what is considered exalted by men is a disgusting thing in God’s sight.”

    James 4:4-6
    2 Chron 19:2
    Pr 25:27
    Mt 23:12
    John 5:41,44
    Mat 6:2,5
    2Th 2:6
    Ga 5:26
    Ro 12:16
    2Cor 6:17; 11:1-3
    Ez 9:3-4



    Note the comments on this article:

    President Putin Gives Award to Jehovah’s Witnesses


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    Note the blatently Masonic nature of the medallion, & the image of the 2-headed eagle which is a literal pagan Hittite idol!



    Robert KingRobert King
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    I don’t think Russia awarded the family because they are Jehovah’s Witnesses. They just simply happen to be a Witness family – ironically, now deemed to be extremists. It seems to me Putin didn’t know they were JW’s. I would hope not anyways. It just makes them look foolish, awarding a family of a just outlawed group. How screwy is that?

    The reason the award is given is because Russia’s vast territory, which spans half the globe, encompassing 12 time zones, has always been chronically under-populated. So, large families are given recognition in order to encourage other families to get with it.

    As far as the WT publicizing the award, that is typical WT. They seem especially keen to tout the award given the fact the WT has been liquidated in Russia. It’s a crazy world out there. Gonna get a lot crazier too.

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    *Especially* when a potentially embarassing scandal erupts if it comes out how that Order of “Parental Glory” medal intentionaly ‘honors’ “Saint Olga” (of Catholicism & Orthodoxy) per 2008 decree of President Dmitry Medvedev; she is called “Isapostolos” or “equal to the apostles” (hmmm… an all too familiar concept…).
    She was a legendarily infamous, brutal & vengeful (genocidal?) mass murderer (albeit prior to “conversion”):

    Olga of Kiev: One saint you do not want to mess with

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    So much for the “wisdom” of prudent background proprirty checks that I would have hoped they’d be smart enough to think they should do as standard practice to ensure nothing so unseemly gets officially lauded as the infamously atrocious pedigree of that shamefully “prized” pagan Babylonian medal they Org is globaly endorsing which clearly is blatent idolotry, not even well veiled nor hidden (to anyone who bothered to Google it!), but now they’re openly glorifying a Catholic/Orthodox Masonic “Order” upon a pedestal over the entire globe, as if it were ‘heaven sent’?!?!

    It makes me sick.

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    It keeps on getting worse…
    Have you seen the JW convention/assembly hall land layout that was approved by the GB, built by the WTS in 1990 & dedicated in 1991, in Denmark?
    Look at it in Google Maps with satellite images on, rotate it 90° counterclockwise!


    Jehovas Vidners Stævneplads
    Helsinkivej 3A-E, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark
    +45 86 85 39 00

    Here’s an drone view:

    Lam 3:14
    I have become a laughingstock to all the peoples, the theme of their song all day long.

    2 Thess 2:9-10
    But the lawless one’s presence is by the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and wonders 10 and every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth in order that they might be saved.”

    Mt 24:15-16
    Therefore, when you catch sight of THE DISGUSTING THING that CAUSES DESOLATION, as spoken about by Daniel the prophet, STANDING IN A HOLY PLACE (let the reader use DISCERNMENT), 16 then let those in Ju·deʹa begin fleeing to the mountains.

    Here’s the quote from the 1993 yearbook:
    “Convention Grounds for the Whole Country

    With the branch office completed, and with two Assembly Halls to care for circuit assemblies, the question came up: Why not build a district convention complex for the whole country? Why not use property near the Assembly Hall at Silkeborg for such a facility, since it is close to the country’s geographic center?

    The project was put to the Governing Body, who approved it. The municipality of Silkeborg assigned a plot of land of almost 40 acres [16 ha], including a large, protected area of great natural beauty less than a mile [about a kilometer] from the Assembly Hall. Excavation started on July 1, 1990. And some job it was! For the first three months an average of 1,500 tons of soil was moved every day—a hundred fully loaded trucks! But a brother with experience in soil work reassured everyone: “I have been moving soil for 30 years, and the earth is still round.”

    The actual auditorium is a partly covered amphitheater in which no one will be sitting more than 230 feet [70 m] from the speaker. It has room for 3,500, and in the nearby Assembly Hall, an additional 900 can follow the program via closed-circuit television. The site has ideal sound conditions, good parking and first aid facilities, a literature counter, and rest rooms. The grounds include a camping area where about a thousand brothers and sisters can sleep in trailers or tents.

    On June 1, 1991, came the dedication. Lloyd Barry of the Governing Body delivered a most faith-strengthening and encouraging dedication discourse. About 4,000 brothers and sisters attended the program at the convention site, and 700 followed it via telephone in the Assembly Hall at Herlufmagle. The following week, all congregations showed a 75-minute video program summarizing the event. During that summer the new convention grounds were a wonderful setting for five “Lovers of Freedom” District Conventions”

    Trudytrudy eastland
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    You know making this in a shape , yes will drawer the devil or should I say he was involved .
    I have shown a few jws and they are blind to what all this is and just say its normal .
    It really is not and really with this kind of stuff you have to be very carful .
    I think its good to be aware and save your self now ,This site is good for sensible chat .If it was not for Robert King I would have really given up .I thank him for keeping me from losing my mind and leaving Jehovah he is working for Jehovah and is very smart intelligent person .I will keep still under the bush now and wait for Jehovah to bring the great day .I will help others who are seeking truth .But no point speaking to ones who follow watchtower to destruction rather then Jehovah .

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