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    The powers that be, their days are numbered, but in their last gasp they will try to shift the international banking system to the East. They are going to destroy the western banking system by targeting New York and possibly Wall St. and the City of London. I think that the governments will outlaw ownership of precious metals and may even make possession of them a capital crime.

    But China has been buying all the gold it can get it’s hands on in addition to what they mine. The largest ownership of Gold in the world is in the BRICS nations. They could fund a gold backed currency and gold backed purchasing certificates which will send the dollar to Gehenna and the U.S. to third world nations status, if we are lucky. Also, if they can force the value of gold high enough.

    They will not waste this opportunity. It has already been decided that the U.S. and U.K. must be punished for their opposition to globalism, why not kick them while they are down.


Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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