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    What line of reasoning gave birth to the Watchtower organization?

    I don’t  have access at all WT literature , but I understand the things as it follows:

    after 1870 Jehovah God through His Spirit has moved the spirit of many sincere Christians as they have come out from “Egypt” and have become a people for God’s Name

    among them there were many anointed ones which were ready to spread the good news about Jesus and the ransom He provided for “all men” , as also the fact that His arrival must be close …

    Russell and also others could gave good speeches/testimonies , public talks , but the “spoken word” is forgotten rather quickly , so the need for “printed word” arose …
    the Christians are under the commandment to “pay Caesar what belong to Caesar” , so , in order to have and to use a “Publishing House” they needed  to do it according to the  “law of  Caesar” .

    Now, from this point (in time) onward, it happened that for many who were associated with this “publishing house” ,  it became an idol for them
    as it is written in Deuteronomy 32:
    16. They moved him to jealousy with strange gods; With abominations provoked they him to anger.

    17. They sacrificed unto demons, which were no God, To gods that they knew not,
    To new gods that came up of late, Which your fathers dreaded not.

    So, the WTS should be a merely “publishing house” used by God’s people

    it happened also that the “weeds” have seen the opportunity of using this “society” as a “tool” for imposing their own “agenda” (their interpretations as “truth” ,  and also in using it for imposing their rule over the flock )

    these “weeds” rose as “MOL” have also invented that God has an “earthly organization” and this “organization” is associated with WT corporation — this is an absolute extra-Biblical teaching … meantime the confusion became totally : for many people the WTS is , or means “God’s earthly organization” , or “God’s House” on earth …

    Now, Jehovah -who knew the end from the beginning-  has foretold in His prophecies what is to happen to this “society”
    the “society” (I mean its members “who took the lead” )  was prefigured by the great image of Daniel 2

    –at the beginning it was of “gold” – something good and “pure” before God (pureness of heart before Jehovah)

    –then of “silver” something of value, but less value than at the beginning

    — the third “material” was “brass” – that is IMITATION of gold , so it is made by the great imitator of God, Satan – it describes “the organization” under the leadership of MOL (this MOL has the authority directly from Dragon / Rev 13:2 )

    — it follows the “iron and clay” : we are today at this point:
    – – the “iron” are the ones having the “mark of the beast” on their forehead and hand (totally idolizing the WT org. and its GB) — see Jeremiah 6:28

    – – the “clay” (see Isaiah64:8)  are God’s sheep ( prisoners of this organization) …  which must be pulled out from under the Pharaoh’s (the MoL) domination and brought into God’s Kingdom ( Micah 7:15 )

    … this is an action started /ongoing

    the prophecy of the great image of Daniel 2 is in fact the history of the “society” (WT) from the time of Russell until the time the Kingdom is established on earth  (during the latter days)


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