Huge disfellowshipping Hypocrisy From Secret Elder's Book

//Huge disfellowshipping Hypocrisy From Secret Elder's Book
Huge disfellowshipping Hypocrisy From Secret Elder's Book 2017-08-28T12:37:54+00:00

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  • HuldahtoHilkiah
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    Excerpt from “Shepherd the Flock of God” Brought to my attn by a YouTube video.

    “Wrongdoing That Occurred Years in the Past
    43. Depending upon the circumstances, the situa-
    But if the immorality or other serious wrongdoing
    occurred more than a few years ago and the individ-
    ual is genuinely repentant and recognizes that he
    should have come forward immediately when he
    sinned, good counsel byelders may be sufficient.
    44. The body of elders may appoint two elders to
    gather the facts. Thereafter, the body would deter-
    mine whether a judicial committee is needed or not,
    taking into consideration answers to the following
    ˙ Was the wrongdoing in the distant past?
    ˙ How widely known is the matter?
    ˙ Does the erring one show evidence of spiritual
    progress as opposed to evidence that progress is
    being hindered?
    ˙ Will counsel be sufficient to restore him, or will
    more be required for him to have a clean con-
    ˙ Are there works befitting repentance?
    ˙ Did he voluntarily confess, or did the matter
    come to light byother means?
    ˙ How will respect for the bodyof elders be affect-
    ed in the congregation?
    ˙ If por·neia was involved, has a confession been
    made tothe innocent mate?
    ˙ To what degree have lives been affected or dam-
    aged by the wrongdoing? For example, does the
    matter involve child abuse or adultery?
    45. If the individual is serving as a ministerial ser-
    vant, elder, or pioneer, his qualifications should be
    examined. If the body of elders determines that he
    no longer qualifies, a report should be submitted to
    the branch office.—See 3:19-21.
    74 “Shepherd the Flockof God”—1 Peter 5:2

    So… basically if you commit a gross sin, you should NEVER confess it immediately. You should hide it for as long as possible. Then, when the elders find out they are allowed to just sweep it under the rug. Even if you committed a sin then continued serving as a pioneer or elder. No big deal, you can just stop serving or maybe we won’t even make you do that and that’s it!!!
    Too bad for all those poor suckers who took Proverbs 28:13 seriously and got themselves disfellowshipped for confessing too soon!
    Vs. 13
    “The one covering over his transgressions will not succeed . …whoever confesses them will be shown mercy . ” (but only if they confess them a really long time after they commit them)

    You can sin all you want just don’t get caught and whatever you do WAIT YEARS UNTIL YOU CONFESSSSSSS ! !

    Is your blood boiling like mine? This is sick!PHARISEES!!!

    Frank Conger
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    This is clearly to cover the tracks of those men who are still around from the gross sinning with the U.N. before 1992 (when they had applied to be engaged to the U.N.) or after January 28, 1992 when the were actually married as adulteresses (bigamist’s) to the U.N. as an approved NGO. All of the 1NC’s are now dead, but the “helpers” to the GB are still around in some capacity. Some of them masquerading as New Covenant Bride Members, but they still have “never” repented publicly. Perhaps they went through the motions of repentance like your comment suggests, but they have not been forgiven by Jehovah. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are not still connected in some sly way. When you commit sin and do not repent your heart hardens to sin and you stop looking at the activity as sin anymore. Or, you reason that all that field service and all that Bethel service somehow wipes away the sin. IT DOESN’T. They will be disciplined by Jehovah and his Son Christ Jesus very soon and hopefully they will be moved to repentance for this awful sin they have committed.


    trudy eastland
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    I have just found this book .I have seen 8 points that are not biblical; I feel more calm now I am finding the real truth and I can see it pretty rotten what I am finding out .That book puts the elders in a bad start to almost put a seed in there head to sin and to hide it for as long as possible also not to trust there wife’s there children or anyone in order to protect this stupid ( idol ) book and for people to look up at the elders as if they are perfect and untouchable as they could of done really bad things and not get DF for it . I look at all elders in a different light now ..As they are coving this book from the control of watchtower and more and more are waking up to this strange unbelievable teaching of deceit .I have to say that now the elders have this book to be honest they are not honest to have it as its a lie and unclean teaching and to carry on with this where is there heart ? as if I was a elder and read this book .I would have burned it in front of them and walked away .. The sheep have had such a bad time and its so sad .I saw that now they teach the blood fractions and not get DF it was the final staw as God says stay away form it and it is from animals and also worldly people ..

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