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    Prophets of Jehovah are given his exact words and write them down exactly as they hear them.  They don’t write them the way they want to write them (which could or would change the intended meaning) because they know that Jehovah means what he says and says what he means and doesn’t need them as his editor.  So, if a person claims to “speak in Jehovah’s name” they better say his exact words or they will be found to be a false prophet.

    Jehovah stopped speaking through Prophets long ago (thousands of years).  So the only “false prophets” are the ones who in the past spoke in Jehovah’s name and were found to be incorrect in their prophesying.  People today, including the Watchtower who attempt to unravel the knots of already written prophecies in the Bible (as Robert does) are not prophets but are prophecy interpreters.  They are trying to untie the prophecies for others in an attempt to understand the Bible better.  To be wrong in such an endeavor unfairly labels such persons as “false prophets”.  If you were never a “prophet”, how can you be a false one?  You can’t.  You simply misinterpreted things and need to go back to the drawing board and try again.  The Watchtower’s sin is that they almost never admit to being wrong and cling to ideas that are clearly wrong.  It is a pompous position to take and that is exactly why they do it.  They have become pompous like their Mother, the Catholic Church which the first century church apostatized into in the latter half of the first century.  The Catholic Church is the Mother of the Harlots and all the false Christian Churches are her children, her daughters.  The Watchtower used to be an imperfect but faithful wife to God and Christ through the new covenant but are now just “harlots”.

    As a salesman I was taught to always be “asking for the order” and to not be afraid of the answer no.  Each no is leading to a yes, but if you give up after just one no, you will never know if there was indeed a yes coming.  Moral–don’t give up when you make mistakes about understanding God’s prophecies in the Bible.  Each wrong understanding is a bread crumb leading you to the write interpretation.  You simply cannot give up.  That is the Watchtower’s real problem.  Not that they made mistakes about 1914, 1975 etc. but that they gave up (and they became a harlot church).  They chose to become a book and Bible and video making publishing company.  They chose instead to have an affair with the power politicians of this world, and abandoned trying to understand prophecy in order to explain them to their (feed) sheep.

    But, if my understanding of the scriptures is correct (I have been wrong countless times) we are going to see the return of Christ through the return of his Bride very soon.  The first thing that they will attend to is the destruction of the Watchtower, which was the temple of God (through the first new covenanter’s in their midst) and still is the storehouse of most of the remnant of Christ’s Bride (along with some who have chosen to leave the Watchtower) because of their disgust with the direction the Watchtower has chosen in recent decades.  You will know it when it happens.  Listen for their call, calling you out of Babylon when they yell “get out of her my people”.  They will show you where to go, I will not.


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