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    Sorry, I don’t see your post, only the title ,

    anyway,  I want to share some thoughts on Christ’s “coming” .

    My post is not of a “scholar” one , because I don’t know Hebrew, I don’t know Greek , I don’t know English , I don’t know well even my maternal language !

    BUT I read Bible ! and I believe this BOOK was written for such persons like me !
    And I like to pay attention to God’s words (found in His book) !

    I find in Matthew 17:5 that God gives a very clear command to (three of ) Jesus disciples :
    “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.
    Listen to him!
    By these words , Jehovah is setting His own order , because He is a GOD of order !

    These His words SET the importance of the Biblical Teaching called “the teaching of Christ” !

    By starting to search any biblical subject respecting God’s order we may find the needed answers , because exactly that is the Holy Spirit telling us : to respect/obey Father’s commandments and to submit to His order !

    Now , let us come back to Jesus (second) coming , or “parousia” – I dont know what in Greek it means

    but I read Jesus words in Matthew 5:17
    17. Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets: I came not to destroy, but to fulfil.

    simple question : what does Jesus means for “come” ? ….Come .. to fulfil !
    that is , “coming” is strictly related with His action to fulfil the law and prophecies !

    In the last hours with his disciples He said
    Matthew 28:20
    20. teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you:
    and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world

    Jesus was saying that He is (present) with His followers always , even unto the end of the world .
    So He has been present ” with you always” , but that doesn’t mean that he was “coming” !
    Because (the word) “coming” is pointing to the fact that He has to act (something) for completely fulfilling of the prophecies

    Now, the prophecies were  written regarding “God’s people” (living)  at the “latter days” ! (Daniel 10:14) .
    Now , the main characteristic of this period of time named biblically “the latter days” , is that , a certain people who prove itself to be “of God” is existing , or present,
    and within this people (gathered and come out of “Egypt”) all prophecies regarding and concerning it , must be fulfilling/fulfilled !

    So , we may say that during this period of “latter days” Jesus is “coming” , because it is He that is fulfilling the prophecies !


    While He “is coming” , that doesn’t mean that He is “come” already, because that action of coming, or of fulfilling the prophecies is during(or lasts) for many decades , even more that a hundred years , as long as the “latter days” last .

    Now we go to an another look of Jesus “coming”
    in Mathew 25:31-46, in the verses 40 and 45 Jesus is teaching that He could be identified in the persons of “these least brothers of Him” .

    Here we arriwed to an other meaning of His “coming”, His presence in / within His “least brothers”
    of course , Jesus is coming “in spirit” in or within His least brothers /while they are in flesh, on earth ,
    and because of that the apostle John has written in his epistle as it follows    2John 1:7
    7. Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist. NIV

    I used NIV translation because it seem to me that it points to the (second) coming of Jesus,
    as the romanian Bible does , and I am sure that is the understanding that John was speaking regarding/pointing to the (second) coming of Jesus .

    So we here can know how is Jesus coming in the flesh , not his literal flesh, not an “incarnation’ as the angels did (in old times) ,
    BUT in the “flesh” of His least brothers , His “Body” !

    Now , we have to go to Jesus teachings/words in Matthew 24 .
    Here Jesus tells to apostles that there will be many “signs” , but the “end” will not be then !
    and that they have to watch for His coming !

    ALL the signs foretold by Jesus are events that have to exist during the “latter days” and have a fulfilment in or within “God’s people” (of course , a spiritual fulfilment ) , and then the end comes , or Jesus comes ! Matthew 24:32,33.

    How so ?

    Our Master taught  us about the kingdom , through the parables
    let us see His words in Matthew 13:24-30 ; 36-43.
    from the verses 30 and 40 we clearly can see that Jesus puts an equal between “the end”, “the harvest” and His own actions in quality of “judge” leading the operations of judgement , or the separation between wheat and weeds !

    So , in “the end” time Jesus is “coming” in position of appointed Judge , leading the judgement operations from Heaven , from the Right side of the Father (a position he will never leave) , as written in Hebrews 10:12
    12. but he, when he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God;
    in romanian this verse sounds like (my translation) :”but He, when/after He had offered one (single) sacrifice for sins, sat down for ever on the right hand of God”. >> it results a position never to be changed .

    (here is the reason some time the Bible translations in other languages messes me )

    So, let see a little summary about Jesus presence (from a non scholar )
    1 —   according to His words in Matthew 28:20 , He has been “always” (present) with His followers – but not coming/ but not doing any actions on earth in order to fulfill prophecies

    2 — according to His words in Matthew 5:17 , His (second) coming means His activity in order to fulfill the prophecies on earth , which activity (according to the prophecies) has to end with the Kingdom of God being settled/installed on earth !
    ( the time when Jesus starts on fulfilling the prophecies is decided by God )

    >> from 1872 we may see this kind of activity , and in that year the “latter days” have begun, because in that year it happened something that proved the existency of “God’s people” as an entity ,gathered from all nations .

    >> from that time onward , the wheat grew up together with the weeds “in the kingdom” (during the latter days)

    3 — according to His words in Matthew 13, after the allowed time ( for growing the wheat and weeds together) , it comes “the end”, or the harvest , or the judgement period >> that means that “the end” time is at the end of the latter days .
    this period was prophesied also in Malachi 3.
    >> during this period Jesus is coming, or acting as Judge , starting the Judgement from God’s House, or the “Temple” and then continuing with all the inhabited earth

    >> according with the fulfilled prophecies , He is present as Judge from the autumn of 2005 … and the judgement day is  ongoing for a period decided by  God

    >> so, during this “end”, or “judgement day”  Jesus begins to be present or to “come” “in flesh” on earth,
    that is, to be represented by “the least” of his brothers – who return to Him and let themselves to be cleansed/sanctified / made holy by Jesus the Judge (found in the Temple/ Malachi 3 )!

    this operation is ongoing today and at a certain next/future time, when all who belong to HIM will be awakened, gathered and cleansed , they as the “body of Christ” will be given the Kingdom on earth according to Daniel 7:26,27.

    — when all members of His Body/flesh on earth will be already gathered “in spirit” , then we will can say that Christ is already “come” !

    — in fact this is the meaning of “rapture” , the awakening , recognizing the spirit of Christ who is now present in the Temple and judging the “sons of Levi” , purifying them , and become “one” in Christ , and being brought at the “new understanding” of God’s word as taught  by the Spirit of Christ who dwell in them”
    ( this implies they have to leave all humans teachings, all human theories/so called truths in which they have lived until now )

    — at the time when Christ is “come” in (all ) His Body/flesh, and the Kingdom will be given to “God’s people of saints”, then means Jesus Christ the King has started ruling on earth, in the midst of his enemies
    according to Psalm 110:2
    2. Jehovah will send forth the rod of thy strength out of Zion:
    Rule thou in the midst of thine enemies.

    also Psalm 2 enters in scene this present time.

    I hope my few words will help my brothers and sisters,

    with great respect for the King,

    seeker .

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