Coping with being in eager expectation.

//Coping with being in eager expectation.
Coping with being in eager expectation. 2018-05-07T13:52:24+00:00

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    May I ask how other readers of this Forum are fairing? I struggle to be honest. I seem to live for each and every post and update.
    We eagerly watch every single development being played on the world stage and then speculate as to what significance it may have in the countdown to the end of this system. It feels like an emotional roller-coaster. I’m high when something seems to indicate a step closer, then really low when it invariably passes without further effect.
    I know all these steps are key when viewed from afar and especially from Jehovah’s perspective. The march of human history has needed the past decades to get just to this recent important cross-road. Even I can see how vital this is.

    Does anyone else long for the new system so much that it makes it hard to find much joy in the present?
    I know that when things do initially take a decided turn for the worse, it won’t be pleasant, but at least it will signify our wait is finally over and our faith and hope will be vindicated.

    How do you all manage to cope with the day to day blur of still being in this system?

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    I’m just living my life keeping in expectation but I don’t worry too much… anyway I understand you because for example when Trump and Putin were arguing like 3 weeks ago I felt it was coming but now it seems the things have calmed down. Anyway we haven’t seen the last sign before the end… that is peace and security that will be the real sign that end will start inmediately after that… maybe there will be declarations and agreements to prevent any war in a large scale just like it happened in 1938 before WWII but Hitler broke the agreement and WWII started. But the declaration of peace and security will be something we have never seen before because many times throughout history men have declared peace and security and nothing has happened so this is going to be a huge event around the world and that will mean its own end. Just don’t fall asleep obey Jehovah and enjoy life before it comes thats all you have to do. Dont stop living because of that.

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