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    Hi All:

    I just got done reading the commentary by RK, and it was a very enjoyable read. I am not trying to say in any way that this is the reason why Jehovah chose to adopt, but it is the scripture that I thought of immediately after (possibly during my reading) reading this comment. It was:

    ” Then I was beside him as a master worker.+
    I was the one he was especially fond of+ day by day;
    I rejoiced before him all the time;+
    31 I rejoiced over his habitable earth,
    And I was especially fond of the sons of men.*
    Proverbs 8

    Making his Father especially fond of him was the best gift that Jesus could give to his Father. I know this is speaking of wisdom literally, but Jesus was also the first of the angels to attain to true wisdom as expressed in this proverb. After expressing that Jesus (as wisdom) had become the one of his creations that he had become specially fond of, the proverb expresses that Jesus had become especially fond of the “sons of men”. What better gift to give his Son than the same gift that Jesus as Michael had bestowed upon his Father. And not just one of the “sons of men” but 144,000 as his wife. They would become “one flesh”. Some gift!


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