Throwing Truth to the Earth

//Throwing Truth to the Earth

This is an updated revision of a previously published article.

The world is full of lies and liars. And it is no wonder, the presently presiding overlord and god of this world is none other than Satan the Devil – the Deceiver and “the father of the lie,” according to Jesus. The extent of Satan’s influence can be gauged by considering that the 12th chapter of Revelation states that the Devil “is misleading the entire inhabited earth.” In other words, Satan is misleading the whole world.

Unfortunately, the chief demon’s work is made much easier due to the fact that people – most people anyway – actually prefer to believe lies. That is evident in so many ways. One simple example: Parents routinely lie to their children by tricking them into believing that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are real. A small thing perhaps, obviously innocent to an extent, but do not such lies subconsciously condition a child to accept lying and deception as normal?

And that is just the beginning. The Big Lies are institutionalized. Consider: As soon as children enter school they are subjected to the insidious lies of evolution and atheism. And if they receive any religious “education,” regardless of the religion involved, they are certain to be indoctrinated into a whole range of falsehoods. One virtually universal lie is the fraud of the immortal soul. But because the lies come from respected sources of authority, most people do not have the resources within themselves to resist believing what they are told.

Back in the 1950’s when television was introduced to the Western world the social engineers realized they had a very powerful tool to persuade and misinform. Back in 1981 one such programmer boasted:  “I know the secret of making the average American believe anything I want him to. Just let me control television…. You put something on the television and it becomes reality. If the world outside the TV set contradicts the images, people start trying to change the world to make it like the TV set images.” (How the British Use the Media for Mass Psychological Warfare.)

That statement was made almost 40 years ago and look at the insipid and degrading programs that are now being broadcasted into millions of homes? Ironically, program producers call the most degrading and popular programs “reality TV,” apparently because the mind-numbed viewer conforms to the unreality in which they are immersed. (Maybe some of the Pentecostal sects are on to something in their refusal to bring television into their homes?)

Consider the lies associated with 911. As was common knowledge at the time of the attack nearly all the hijackers were Saudi nationals. None of them were Afghanis or Iraqis. Yet, after the attack the Anglo-American combine immediately invaded Afghanistan and started beating the war drums against Iraq and invaded that nation shortly thereafter. Incredibly, even a year after the lies of Saddam’s WMD program were exposed a poll revealed that more than 40% of Americans still believed that the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction and were responsible for the September 11 attack! Reality TV indeed!

9-11 Twin Towers in flamesMore amazingly, even though the take down of the Twin Towers with a kamikaze-like attacks using hijacked passenger planes was repeatedly shown around the world on television, apparently a growing number of people now believe the fantastic tale that the US government rigged the buildings with tons of explosives to detonate after the planes smashed into the towers —as if the impact of speeding aircraft carrying tons of jet fuel were not enough to do the job!  No doubt the disinformation serves the purpose of the real criminals – distracting and disorienting the public.

But the truth dribbles out in drips and drabs.

The Guardian reported that British armaments company, BAE, was accused of a billion-dollar bribe to a Saudi prince in exchange for a weapons-for-oil barter. The deal would provide Saudi Arabia with sophisticated warplanes and London with one tanker of oil, per-day, for perpetuity, which would give the London traders sufficient leverage to control the global oil trading markets.

Documents have since come to light that have revealed Prince Bandar, the recipient of the billion-dollar bribe, funneled money to family members of the 9-11 hijackers in the US at the time when the Saudi terrorists were in flight school. (EIR)

Another lie that emanates from London has to do with the phony war on drugs. Supposedly, the reason the Anglo-American coalition invaded Afghanistan was to root out the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Despite the fact that the so-called insurgents profit from poppy production, the invaders have refused to shut down the opium business. But why wouldn’t you cut off the source of funding your supposed enemy uses to purchase weapons? As it turns out, immediately prior to the invasion of Afghanistan the ruling Taliban actually sought to suppress heroin production. According to a UN report in 2007, after the invasion opium production skyrocketed, particularly in the British held territory of Helmand. Of course, London has a century and a-half long history of promoting opium production in Asia. 

The massive increase in opium production since the invasion has a geo-political motive. The vulnerable populations of Russia, Europe and America appear to have been intentionally slated for destruction. Now, after record poppy harvests coupled with the illegal flood of prescription opioids, the opioid epidemic in America is killing over 100 users everyday. (The Opioid Epidemic-A Deliberate Policy – video) That is what the empire calls “mission accomplished!”

As the scripture says, the love of money is the root of all evil. How true that is! Besides the drug lords, who are nothing more than middlemen in the enterprise, at the root of the drug crises destroying the fabric of civilization is the fact that laundered drug money is a primary source of profit for the big banks and offshore hedge funds. That truth briefly came to light a couple of years ago, during the height of the financial crisis. The Guardian reported that a UN advisor revealed that drug money saved the banks from total collapse because it was the only source of liquidity at the time. One of the original drug money banks, HSBC, was set up by the British in Hong Kong during the period of the Opium Wars. To this day HSBC continues in that role as primary money launderer, its officers being unofficially declared to be to big to jail. And if you think that the notion of big banks and the deep state running drugs is fake news, consider the fact that about 10 years ago a CIA jet crashed loaded with four tons of cocaine. Nor was that an isolated incident. 

Interestingly, as of the first week of February, 2018, President Trump has quietly allied with three Russian intelligence agencies, ostensibly to coordinate a genuine war on drugs. Although blacked out in American media the Russian news agency, TASS, has reported on the historic alliance. No doubt the inclination of the American president to establish constructive ties with Russia is the impetus for the unprecedented, around-the-clock, media-hyped Russia hysteria, assault on Trump. Imagine, a mere head of state having the audacity to actually wage a war on drugs and dare to disrupt the empire’s trillion dollar business!

National governments are an anathema to the financiers for this very reason, because they have the power to regulate and impede the latter’s criminal enterprises. Look at what has happened in Europe with the European Union. Nations were lured into the union with the promise of prosperity. Instead, those nations have forfeited their sovereignty are subjected to austerity —to a banker’s dictatorship.

As an example of the impact of a loss of national sovereignty Brussels has dictated that no nation can erect barriers to prevent the deliberate flood of Islamic refugees. Hungary and Poland have defied Brussels and other Euro nations are similarly reacting to preserve some semblance of national identity. After all,  is it really a nation if it cannot defend its borders from unwanted immigrants or the flood of illegal dope?

Ultimately, it is the intention of the neo-Venetian empire to dismantle the nation-state system altogether and impose a form of global communism.

Do you think that is unlikely? Keep in mind that God originally set up the conditions for individual nations. He did that some 4,000 years ago when he instantaneously reprogrammed the language facility in the minds of mankind in order to force them to leave off the tower-building project imposed upon the world of that day by the Devil’s man in opposition, a certain Nimrod. The various language groups had no choice but to spread out and fill the earth, as God had commanded.

But now the multiplicity of languages no longer hinders Satan from using a single tyrant to rule over peoples, tongues and tribes. And, come the time of the end it is God’s will that a supranational government arise in opposition to the Kingdom of Christ. You see how that works? Satan is no match for Jehovah. God can turn the tables as he pleases and use Satan’s schemes to accomplish his will. (See Habakkuk)

However, presently standing in the way are powerful independent nations such as Russia, China and Iran. That is why since the collapse of the USSR a quarter of a century ago the Anglo empire has ringed Russia, China and Iran with literally hundreds of military bases and anti-missile installations. (There are in total over 1,000 US military bases and installations outside the US.) There are also a dozen or so submarines that continually prowl the seas, submerged for long periods of time, that are capable of launching ICBM’s with multiple warheads at a moment’s notice.

Muller and trumpEven as Iraq, Syria Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia lay in ruins —having been destroyed by the Anglo-American-terrorists juggernaut, according to the propaganda spewing from Western CIA/MI6-linked media, Russia, China and Iran are the aggressors simply for preparing for the inevitable war London is certain to unleash against them. Truly, this is a vivid demonstration of throwing truth to the earth. Without exaggeration, the Russophobia that is being promoted by the media is leading to nuclear war. 

According to Bible prophecy the last kingdom, also known as a “fierce looking king,” will not only keep throwing truth to the earth, he will act with success. That seems to indicate that, although the fierce king does not ascend until the time of the end the process of throwing truth to the earth must precede his ultimate success. But to be sure, though, the biggest lies and blasphemies are yet to come –certain to coincide with the actual presence of Christ. 

So too, the sacred word reveals that the king of the north will be successful in his campaign of intrigue and subtle and will do as he pleases, and he will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god; and against the God of gods he will speak astonishing things. And he will prove successful until the denunciation comes to a finish; because what is determined must take place.” —Daniel 11:36

Given the obvious success of the empire to date in promoting all manner of deception, whether through outright lies and propaganda or lies of omission, it does not require a great leap of imagination to identify the prophetic last king. Specifically, Daniel 8:11-12 states: “And all the way to the Prince of the army it put on great airs, and from him the constant feature was taken away, and the established place of his sanctuary was thrown down. And an army itself was gradually given over, together with the constant feature, because of transgression; and it kept throwing truth to the earth, and it acted and had success.”

It is worth noting that on the day the so-called House Intelligence memo was made public (February 3, 2018), revealing that the Russia collusion was actually on the part of the opposition party and British intelligence, who are conspiring with the empire-aligned deep state to undermine and oust the duly elected president, the American stock market experienced the largest single day point drop in history. This past week the DOW experienced another 1000+ point drop, making it one of the biggest market plunges in history.

Was it a warning shot across the bow, so-to-speak, reminding the renegade president who is in control? Especially might that be the case in view of the fact that the hated POTUS has taken credit for the 30% rise in the markets since his election. Although market analysts might be inclined to explain the recent market turmoil as part of a normal cycle, which it may be, but the fact of the matter is, since the 2008 crash the central banks have pumped trillions into the stock and bond markets of the world. That is hardly part of the “natural” cycle of buying and selling. In fact, banks are now the biggest holders of stocks. For example the Swiss National Bank “owns” around $90,000,000,000 in U.S. stocks! That means the holders of such massive positions can also reverse the flow and become sellers. And if synchronized with other banks and hedgies, coupled with massive short selling and margin calls, the handful of central banks and associated commercial banks could easily crash the entire system, virtually overnight and actually profit from it! 

The question is, will they? The prophecy of Daniel answers in the affirmative, saying of the fierce looking king: “His power will become great, but not through his own power. He will bring ruin in an extraordinary way, and he will be successful and act effectively. He will bring mighty ones to ruin, also the people made up of the holy ones. And by his cunning he will use deception to succeed; and in his heart he will exalt himself; and during a time of security he will bring many to ruin.” —Daniel 8:24,25a

Just think if the financial system totally crashed. All the billionaires whose wealth is tied up in stocks and bonds would be wiped out. Nations that depend upon tax receipts and borrowing from central banks would be brought to their knees. Truly, the mighty ones would be ruined.

How might the holy ones be brought to ruin as well? That question has been considered in dozens of articles on The Watchman’s Post as well as in the book, Jehovah Has Become King

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  • Bklyn Kevin
  • Cathii D’Anthonii

    We are really glad we are broke!

    • Yeah, just think of yourself as being ahead of the curve. lol

    • Leonard k

      so am I! this article speaks volumes and better confirms what iv’e been thinking is more likely to take place. we know this wicked system of things is coming to its end but tying it all into prophecy can be a bit difficult with so much going on so fast but we must be watchful and keep in expectation fore we know what is coming. we should keep our senses about us and expect the unexpected. no matter what you see hear or read hold tightly to what the scriptures say and learn to read between the lines. many are becoming very frightened at some of the things now taking place because they have never seen such things taking place but no matter how bad things will become I for one will have a more joyful heart with each prophecy that takes place because with Each and every prophecy that comes to pass will bring us that much closer to the installment of Jehova’s Kingdom.

      • Cathii D’Anthonii

        Absolutely, but I’m not done studying with people. Can’t wait to finish this discussion on Elijah with one of our kids out here. That’s what gets me excited….

  • The Raven

    We know that even the most noble efforts to avoid war will fail but I commend those who try. Who but the most evil among us would want that? But once it begins each one will be in it to win at any cost.
    Were it not for those days being cut short there won’t be anyone here left to test. As if that’s not bad enough…it gets worse.

  • Please8834

    Is it possible the three kings that a plucked up/out, represent Russia China,America?

    • The unusually ferocious beast with 10 horns and a small one that comes up lastly is what has developed from the Roman Empire, namely Europe and America. China and Russia have not descended from the Roman system.

      • Isaac of Coimbatore

        Russia did not descended from Rome yes correct. But British did come. But you see Tsar and British Royal families were relatives just see the pictures of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and George V of UK putting side by side. Only Tsar was replaced with banker’s ally the Bolsheviks. But Russia has once again gone back to Orthodoxy under Putin same as Tsar’s time. Even if Putin is assassinated, and replaced once again with banker’s ally Mikhail Khodrokovsky or Roman Abramovich still Russia is horn. Because puting such persons in place of leadership by the deep state guys is another way to break the Russian horn. Because Russia is in opposition to NWO.

        • The Windsors act actually of German descent. Their real name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. But during the First World War they changed their name to Windsor, for obvious PR purposes. But, yes, all the royal families of Europe are inter-married. But as the saying goes, ‘they eat their own.’ Apparently King George had no problem taking out his cousins, Tsar in Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm in Germany.

          • Bro & Sis B

            Have you already commented on who the three uprooted horns may represent?

            • Yes. Here is an article published a few weeks ago.

            • Bro & Sis B

              Thanks for the quick link. I thought you had just discussed this.

              “Interestingly, the verse above goes on to relate that Egypt does not escape, nor do the Libyans or Ethiopians. Those three symbolic entities must represent the same kings as the three horns that are uprooted, making the little horn the same entity as the king of the north in his final campaign.” – – –

              “What is symbolized in various prophecy is the utter crash of the system and afterwards —like the mythical phoenix arising from the ashes —the emergence of the last king, the eighth king —the little horn of Daniel’s prophecy. The plucking up of the three horns will undoubtedly be realized with the collapse of the United States and her supporters, probably Britain and France.”

              I don’t see any reason to disagree with the above. Does anyone else?

            • Isaac of Coimbatore

              You said: That like the mythical phoenix arising. Yes bible express the same thing at Rev:11:17 in different setting And the wild beast that was but is not, it is also an eighth king, but it springs from the seven,. Also I connect Dan:4:11-16 tree here. Interestingly the symbol of the world currency is the mythical bird Phoenix is it a coincidence? And see the world currency is related to global government who will arise as 8th king after the fall of the Anglo American 7th world power.

              You said: I don’t see any reason to disagree with the above. Does anyone else? Well I am sorry to disagree with you the France as one of the horns. Why can’t be like this? The 3 horns that is about to fall may be Anglo-America, European Union, BRICS nations with Iran, North Korea alliance. The small horn means at present the NWO or deep state is not ruling power but acts behind the screen so small horn. But when it takes the seat of world power it becomes big horn.

      • Please8834

        My thoughts of the three horns that are plucked up are tied to the fact that neither Russia ,China or America are vassal Kings or rather they are all three major players that are in opposition to the Imperical empire, because the Empire knows that if these major players combine, its game over for the Lords of London..

  • Isaac of Coimbatore

    The 3 horns that is about to fall may be Anglo-America, European Union, Brics nation with Iran, North Korea. The small horn means at present the NWO or deep state is not ruling power but acts behind the screen so small horn. But when it takes the seat of world power it becomes big horn.

  • Burt Reynolds

    Not wishing to discuss politics here, but do Americans believe on the whole that it really was terrorists that brought down the towers and that the fuel on board the planes was enough to destroy them? No one in England believes it! The USA government had not only the motive…..payment of debt due….but the means, and ability to do so, including the third building which indeed was raised to the ground, a process that would have taken weeks to implement, not a couple of hours. The impartial scientific methodology of the destruction of the towers is also (almost) beyond denial due to the circumstantial evidence alone, not to mention mr bush’s slip of the tongue, or the bbc reporting the destruction of the third building before it happened! (It was still standing in the back ground of the reporter). The bible of course refers to many strange sights during the end, and though I make no claim to know anything about it, the suggestion of new development in weaponry is not without foundation. Anyway, no matter what happens, let’s just hope that it’s soon.

    • The notion that demolition experts had gone to the trouble to pre-place explosive charges in the Towers, all undetected, as well as in the highly secure Pentagon, and then synchronized them to detonate after the airliners turned the towers into blazing infernos is absurd. For that reason I would imagine a good number of people would believe it.

      Obviously, though, the Bush family had prior knowledge of the conspiracy. They were intimately linked to Bandar and the Saudi royals. That is why the deep state spirited the bin Laden family out of the country in the days following the attack even while every commercial aircraft in the entire USA was grounded for a week.

      • Please8834

        Ole booze it up George, looks like he’s picked up one lame looking cross dresser whos in need of a shave before they start making out. Dick Cheney is definitely behind this one! 🙂

      • Eyes on the Prize

        Sorry Robert, this is the first time I’ve disagreed with anything you have written of said on video. you remind me of my Dad who believed the Warren Commissions magic bullet theory and Oswald acted alone. My Dad was a self made & extremely intelligent, gentle Man! But come on Dad, Really…Oswald alone pulled this off??? News stories lion the other side of the world had the story moments after it happened & Oswald pulled that off….alone? Common Dad, I taught you better than that, lol… As for 911, I’m amazed that anyone can believe aluminum planes and tons of fuel brought down the towers alone. CIA had advanced warning of the attack and allowed it to happen in order to create mass fear and to easily push the Patriot Act on the the people among many other objectives. What about the missing 240 million in gold that disappeared from the Trade Center’s underground vaults just before the collapse, I personally saw live NEWS reports where the Firemen told of the series of explosions and while being interviewed, we could all hear explosions going off in the upper levels as sound waves traveled down elevator shafts… I saw & heard this myself! I only wish I had recorded but was taken aback suddenly & slipped my mind. Severalal people reported heavy flows of molten, red hot liquid steel pouring down from above. The day after when I tried to find a re-broadcast, it had already been pulled from the Air Waves. Why were the remaining twisted steel beams secretly hurried onto ships and sent all the way to china for recycling and were unavailable for the experts to test them? Why were they not held, & later recycled locally. It was a planned out event just like the JFK thing. They had clean up crews onsite almost immediately, even before exhaustive testing & research could be done. No, it was loaded up and sent to expensive was it to send these loads of steel beams all the way to cChina,,,,,don;t you see how coordinated this whole thing was and the level of planning they went into it long, long before the impact & collapse? Have you really studied the zone where the Planes entered the buildings shown on the news and the slo mo videos of the planes entering the buildings? These slo mo’s show the planes sort of melting into the wall with no blemishes to the facade of he building, no debris from the plane or the building being thrown in any direction, no plane parts of fragments were expelled. It just disappeared into the wall leaving a clean pattern in it;s place. Iveseen still photos that even looked out of character. Why was there no piles of shredded air craft grade aluminum on the ground below but a pristine landing gear laying on the sidewalk blocks away from the crash sites…The landing gear’s tire was still inflated & showing little to no signs of impact as a plane traveling in excess of 500 mph ejecting landing gear onto public sidewalk… The landing gear would surly have been compressed and held tight as the plane entered? Im not sure of hat part but it is illogical for their landing gear to have been found where it was and etc have been in such fine condition and no eye witnesses lion such busty streets at this time of day? Have you ever been to New York? I’ve been there and to that area during the work ours…it’s not an easy place to drive to r walk,,, every square inch has something or somebody ion that space?. Eye witnesses reported seeing a plane but was a different dark color and had something attached to the bottom looking just like incendiary devices used to blow planes so as to keep them from enemy hands if it had to be sacrificed…. With tons of highly flammable aviation fuel released instantly, where were the gushing waterfalls of flaming fuel flowing out of the holes in the walls & down the stair wells, out of broken windows? An instant release of fuel under pressure would not have lasted long enough to melt over 2 dozen massive steel center beam clusters made of the hardest steel known to man at the time…all in the center sectors of the building. There were samples of the explosives found in samples at ground Zero but kept of the air like so many other things. Why did the plane hit the exact floor ant the exact time a meeting of key individuals dealing with the short fall of massive amounts of missing millions soon to be made public, why was that floor targeted and at the precise time the meeting was underway? Why have over 1200 experts in the Demolition Field and others submitted reports siting mass amounts of tests, evidence showing there were other forces at play besides a jet & it’s fuel. Look at the photos where the wings were…all the steel reenforced concrete ribs are still in tack but no massive piles of broken wings on the ground below, they did not enter the building! Where did they go? Poof? Too much there to turn a blind eye to and cover over it like the JFK Assassination. The Pentagon, look at the photos again, only one round hole! Where are the wings entry points? Where are the wings, tail pieces? Why did the lawn look so clean with only small amounts of concert laying near the entry point? It was a missile, fired into a part of the building already empty where construction was already underway so as not to kill off their highly trained employees… There is so much evidence to support US gov envelopment. All sites have their hand prints all over it as well as it being their style. This was all about the Patriot Act and War against Iran. There were no Iranians onboard…the Hijackers were almost 100% Saudi National Extremists…Bush was friends with the Saudi Royals & Bin Laden’s. When BinLaden was killed, why was he dumped at sea with no autopsy, no photos, no NEW Team Eye Witness Reports…why was it such a hush, hush big deal if we had been in pursuit for 10 or what ever years it was? After years and millions of $ invested in bringing him to Justice, why was his death a Black Out event…We all know why, it was;t him, he was was already a CIA Operative and had not been involved at the level he was said to have been…. The secrecy around his supposed death being Blacked Out speaks as to what really happened here….Just another typical US Bait & Switch ploy designed to take our eyes off what was really going on and an attempt to bolster Obama & gloss over his treasonist actions, him installing his Muslim Brotherhood Pals into 5 of the 7 Decision making offices in the US Government & firing any Generals that opposed his plan to destroy the country! We have a muslim Government & is why we see Muslims getting such preferential treatment across the board, why their crimes of murder & repe of US/Christian Citizens are kept quiet while the slightest misspoken word against them or their so called God is instantly National News worthy? Why else is this happening? All these events are simply a source of Bait & Switch designed to stop the people from seeing whats really going on & how they are under attack by their own government. Designer Fear to control people and impose a World Wide Commonest form of governance is the end game for the Globalists pushing all the buttons and pulling at the strings of the other side… I’ve covered lots of ground here and some is out of order & repeated in spots…your gonna have that…..I’m sure that the Twin Towers project was a joint effort to go into Iran and take over the Oil & Poppy fields, Patriot Act and to hide the fact that Bush & Friends stole another 240 million, in gold this time…This is why we see the softening of Islam’s image being taught to the kids in our Schools & classes on Islam in our Campuses across the country…. If I didn’t already know it is all part of the destruction of this completely Wicked System of Things and slated for Jehovah’s mighty hand to reach out and squeeze the life from it, I would be scared out of my mind already to see what is getting ready to befall all in the the Country, the world. Our food & water is being tainted more & more as each day passes, the GMO’s, Monsanto Defiling the Seed Stock of the country/World so as to own the rights to all sources of sustenance, the water supply already being bought up so as to control every drop of water… Our medications are being poisoned with mercury and other horrible chemicals, most men of any age at all are already sterile ^& now they are stepping up efforts to attach our children wit their deadly vaccines. They want to take out the next batch of breeders, /things only going to get worse & worse from here. All we can do is draw as close to Jehovah as we know how to and pray we don;t make any wrong moves in the future…. Prayer will be the only thing we have left before long. By the time Jehovah’s day arrives, many of us may already have died as Casualties Of War?

        • Burt Reynolds

          You have a point EOTP, but it is unlikely that we will ever know the truth, though the evidence for energy directed weaponry is growing and some quite reputable and qualified scientists and metallurgists have argued the points too. The pilots and flight specialists, air plane designers et al all agree on the problems of flight re the pentagon ‘plane’ in that such an approach at that speed is possible at low altitude, also the issue of flying a plane at the quoted speed into the towers as it’s just not possible with the atmospheric pressure being what it is. The wings of a plane are so fragile as in supporting weight is shown by the multitude of ‘no step’ notices on them and pictures of how easy they are to tear, even with a bird strike. So disappearing through metal supports in the WTC was not possible; and even if the wings were made of the same steel, they would not have gone through for the simple reason of Newton’s third law of equal and opposite reaction. The force of the first object is equal to the force of the second object, therefor it would not have been possible for a plane to go through the tower, and out the other side, as in the case of the nose cone. Let alone leave a wing tip to wing tip shape hole in the building. In the case of the pentagon, the original photos show a round hole, prior to the collapse of the building. The area it hit by the way was the very offices where the missing two trillion of ‘lost’ money was being dealt with, as was building 7. Bizarre as it may seem, the lack of material left; that it is on film that the building material was turned to dust; that cars several blocks away were burnt in specific parts only; the total lack of the third plane wreckage that was brought down etc etc, points to an energy weapon that consumed material as can also be seen on film and in the vast amount of pyroplastic dust. These weapons are already being used on your own naval ships and the airforce. There was a 40 plus floor block of flats that was burnt to a cinder in England last year. The heat was registered as more that fuel could generate and it was indeed shown to be plastic insulation. But the building is not only still standing, but may be repaired. It does not really matter though in the long run who believes what. It just takes our attention off the real energy weapons coming our way from the heavens. By the way, the general population didn’t believe the issues of nuclear bombs until the 60s, and if I recall correctly, women were still creaming their faces with radio active material in face creams, in the 50s! So don’t worry that people still have to come to terms with weaponry we are not aware of yet. Have a nice day!

      • Burt Reynolds

        Thanks for the picture! It’s seared in my brain now next to Stephen lett!

    • The Raven

      Not all believe that. Being an electrician with a mechanical background which includes welding, I and a large number of crews I worked with did not buy the official theory. I still don’t.
      Numerous architects and engineers disagree with the reports and they have good reason for it set down with their own peer reviewed papers.
      In essence, this was carried out by “elements” within the shadow governments and intelligence operatives of the US, the British, Saudis and Israeli Mossad.
      Follow the money.

    • Bonnie Russell

      I’m not one for just believing anything without good reason. But with that being said, I see no reason to believe 9/11 was some giant government conspiracy. Islam is responsible for 99.7% of the deaths caused by terrorism around the world, so it’s not exactly a stretch to imagine them killing more people in the name of Islam. It literally happens every single day. It’s much easier and more comforting to believe in conspiracies because it means there is somebody in control. We don’t want to believe a couple religious nuts can affect society so drastically, but that is the world we live in. Love this video! Hits the nail on the head.

      • The fact of the matter is, Islam has been intentionally radicalized. It has been a long process, one that goes back as far as the Crusades. But in more recent times the British nurtured Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia going back to the 1850’s. Then when the Soviets invaded and occupied Afghanistan Anglo intelligence recruited and trained the likes of Osama Bin Laden and the Mujahideen, the forerunner of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Nusra and all the rest. After the USSR disbanned then the holy Islamic warriors were redeployed, still under control of the British. And since the destruction of Iraq, Libya, etc, millions of Muslims have lost family members and their homes and communities, making them easy recruits for London’s terror army. It is simply a different king of mercenary army that the empire is using.

        Here is a video of Zbigniew Brzezinski back in the 70’s cheering on Bin Laden and the boys, telling them that God is on their side. Indeed!

        • Bonnie Russell

          you have a strong point too. We keep getting entangled with foreign
          affairs. Those policies certainly don’t help. But I challenge you to
          find anything ISIS is doing that Muhammad himself did not do. There is
          nothing new under the sun. They have been doing the same kind of stuff
          for over 1400 years. What most people believe about the crusades is wrong.

          • As Raven pointed out already, ISIS has slaughtered, raped, beheaded and robbed hundreds of thousands of other Muslims. So Islam is not the problem. ISIS is a terror army that has been organized, trained and equipped to function as a tool of the British Empire, to foment what has been long-in-planning; namely, a clash of civilizations. It has long been a strategy of the imperial beast to pit nations and peoples against each other. Divide and conquer is an age-old tactic. Hey, why change what works?

            As it turns out Syria is located in a strategic position pivoting between Asia, Africa and Europe. The territory has been coveted by Western powers to run oil and gas pipelines through to Europe and prevent Iran from doing the same. Of course, the Western powers have to claim they are protecting democratic values and human rights and all that nonsense. But at the end of the day it is all about oil and gas and whatever else can be grabbed.

            • Bonnie Russell

              Muslims are killed by other Muslims for not being true Muslims. Happens all the time. They’ve been doing that every since Muhammad died. I know this isn’t politically correct, but it is true.


            • In recent times muslims and Christians have coexisted in the Middle East in peace. All that changed when the US destroyed Iraq.

              As I have pointed out, the British cultivated Wahhabism in order to develop a breed of zealots who could be weaponized to destroy their fellow Muslims and provide a pretext for prosecuting war agains the entire Muslim world. Not only that, but there is no question that the Anglo-American war machine trains and equips the jihadists. Where do you think they get all those brand new Toyota 4-wheel drive pickups?

              Besides, whatever wars have taken place between Muslims is nothing compared to the massive blood-letting that has taken place in Christendom. The anti-Islamists need to study the bloody history of their own religions.

            • Bonnie Russell

              Of course, there is blood on everybody’s hands. That’s not the point I’m making. Obviously it is not all Muslims that are a problem, but that doesn’t
              mean there isn’t a problem with the Islamic ideology. It’s like saying
              not all Germans were Nazis, and they weren’t. Nazism was a huge problem.

              Not all Nazis were the same either. It doesn’t have to be all to be a
              problem. I don’t hate Muslims. I just hate Islamism. If you don’t know the
              difference, it is a distinction coined by Maajid Nawaz, one of the good
              Muslims who acknowledges the problems within his own religion.

              If we can criticize Christianity we should be able to criticize Islam
              too. If nothing else, we should at least know the differences in these belief systems and not make excuses for them, not saying you are doing that, but the media sure as heck does. The mainstream media practically worships Islam.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Ultimately Satan the Devil is the problem….

              But the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one 1 John 5:19-B.

              Matthew 13:19 Where anyone hears the word of the Kingdom but does not get the sense of it, the wicked one comes and snatches away what has been sown in his heart; this is the one sown alongside the road.

              Luke 4:6 Then the Devil said to him: “I will give you all this authority and their glory, because it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.

              John 12:31 Now there is a judging of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out.

              Where does Islam fit into Bible prophecy?.
              Question: Where do you feel the growing nation of Islam fits in to Bible prophecy?
              Read more>
              Read a lot more> Search results for: Islam.

            • Bonnie Russell

              Exactly. It is an evil fallen world. Did you hear about the recent school shooting in Coral Springs? That was my son’s school! He went there back in 1999. God please help us.

        • The Raven

          That’s a fairly good review. Add in the US funded “rebels” against Assad in Syria who later turned out to be ISIS and it rounds it out. The Kurds, who Turkey hates are also fighting against the jihadists with US help since Trump won.
          The vast majority of casualties have been Muslims who refused to give in to ISIS. Second are Christians such as the yazidiz who have been enslaved and slaughtered.
          Israel has also aided the “rebel” fighters and treated their soldiers in field hospitals.
          The Russians upped the ante by engaging ISIS and driving them out of cities.
          It plays into the globalists narrative to obscure the origins and the enablers identities and harp on the killing of christians.
          It’s much more insidious.
          Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Isaac of Coimbatore

    Well by the by did you all see this Sunday’s article and what you found in 19th Paragraph:

    Thereafter, a different type of resurrection will take place, a resurrection to life in an earthly paradise.
    Those raised will have the prospect of growing to human perfection and never having to die again.
    That certainly will be “a better resurrection” than that of those in the past when “women received their
    dead by resurrection” only for them to die again sometime later.​—

    And would you agree with the question for that 19. What “better resurrection” is yet ahead?

    I don’t think resurrection to life in an earthly paradise is no better because if they fail the test
    during the end of 1000 years rule after the Satan is released then they go to second death never
    again to be resurrected. So it will be same as those in the past when “women received their
    dead by resurrection” only for them to die again sometime later.

    On the other hand the Bible says that first heavenly Resurrection will be better.
    Rev:20:6 says so: Happy and holy is anyone having part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no authority.

    They have again missed a vital point regarding Corner stone.

    Cornerstone: A stone placed at the corner of a building, where two walls meet, to hold the walls firmly together. When Jesus was resurrected, he became “the chief cornerstone” of the Christian congregation of anointed ones, which is compared to a spiritual temple.

    Now you see the watchtower has mentioned few vital scriptures but they have failed to mention an important scripture in relation to corner stone that is Eph: 2:20-22: Why it is so important? The physical corner stone that laid to the physical Jerusalem temple was merely a large block of rock having no significance to salvation. It is only a stone laid to build a holy place symbolizing the greater temple to come.

    Now you see why Eph:2:20-22 is important. Jesus prophesied that holy place will be destroyed that is physical Jerusalem temple. But it has to be replaced with the real one that is a holy place for Jehovah. Now read the scripture:…… and you have been built up on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, while Christ Jesus himself is the foundation cornerstone. In union with him the whole building, being harmoniously joined together, is growing into a holy temple for Jehovah.

    Here Christ is connecting the two walls to hold the walls firmly together that is where two walls meet, that is one wall as apostles and prophets, and another wall is we ourselves (congregation members). Together we become a building of holy temple for Jehovah.

    They should have mentioned this scriptures because here the Christ the very corner stone is used to build the Christian congregation which is grater temple than physical Jerusalem temple and this Christian congregation produces sons of the kingdom and foundation for the Kingdom of Christ. The WTS has missed this very vital point.


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