Throwing Truth to the Earth

//Throwing Truth to the Earth

The world is full of lies and liars. And it is no wonder: The presently presiding god of this world – Satan the Devil – is a master liar and “the father of the lie,” according to Jesus. The extent of Satan’s influence can be gauged by considering that the 12th chapter of Revelation states that the Devil “is misleading the entire inhabited earth.”

In other words, Satan is misleading the whole world.

Unfortunately, the Chief demon’s work is made much easier due to the fact that people – most people anyway – actually prefer to believe lies. That is evident in so many ways. One simple example: Parents routinely lie to their children by tricking them into believing that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are real.

A small thing perhaps, obviously innocent; but a lie is a lie, and that is just the beginning. The Big Lies are institutionalized. Consider: As soon as children enter school they are subjected to the insidious lies of evolution and atheism. And if they receive any religious “education,” regardless of the religion involved, they are certain to be indoctrinated into a whole range of falsehoods. One virtually universal lie is the fraud of the immortal soul.

But because the lies come from respected sources of authority, most people do not have the resources within themselves to resist believing what they are told.

 Then there is the steady stream of dis-information that oozes through the media – emanating from business and political sources. Not alone, but certainly the most  blatant and banal, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Fox News is widely recognized as a shameless right-wing propaganda outlet. As a matter of fact, prior to Murdoch, Fox of yesteryear promoted the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Speaking of Hitler…The Nazi dictator is quoted as once advising his fellow propagandists: “Make the lie big. Make it simple. Keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.”

Hitler’s sage advice has obHitlerviously been practiced by many politicians and leaders ever since. And while on the subject of Hitler, it was commonly known that the grandfather of the last president of the United States, Prescott Bush, was a key figure in bringing Hitler to power. That information mattered little though to the outcome of US elections and the resultant wars and ongoing financial collapse – a testament to the power of the propaganda machine in suppressing the truth and manipulating public opinion.

Consider the lies associated with 911. As is also common knowledge, nearly all the hijackers were Saudi nationals. None of them were Iraqis. Yet, after the attack the US started beating the war drums against Iraq and invaded the nation shortly thereafter. Incredibly, even long after the lies of Saddam’s WMD program were exposed, a poll revealed that more than 40% of Americans still believed that the Iraqis were responsible for the September 11 attack!

twin towers attack 9-11-2001More amazingly, even though the take down of the Twin Towers and the kamikaze-like attack on the Pentagon were repeatedly shown around the world on television, a growing number of people now believe the fantastic tale that the US government rigged the buildings with tons of explosives to detonate after the planes smashed into the towers – as if the impact of huge jets carrying tons of fuel were not enough to do the job!  The latest fiction being spun is that mini nuclear weapons were detonated inside the Trade Center buildings! (Similar lies were pushed after Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City federal building. See a pattern?)

No doubt the disinformation serves the purpose of the real criminals – distracting and disorienting the public, and having the added bonus of discrediting the real ‘911 truthers’ as a bunch of conspiracy whackos.

But the truth dribbles out in drips and drabs.

The Guardian reported that British armaments company, BAE, was accused of a billion-dollar bribe to a Saudi prince in exchange for a weapons-for-oil barter. The deal would provide Saudi Arabia with sophisticated warplanes and London with one tanker of oil, per-day, for perpetuity, which would give London traders sufficient leverage to control the global oil trading markets.

Documents have since come to light that have revealed Prince Bandar, the recipient of the billion-dollar bribe, funneled money to family members of the 9-11 hijackers in the US at the time when the Saudi terrorists were in flight school. (EIR)

Another lie that emanates from London has to do with the phony “war on drugs.” Supposedly, the reason the Anglo-American coalition invaded Afghanistan was to root out the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Despite the fact that the so-called insurgents profit from poppy production, the invaders have refused to shut down the opium business. But why wouldn’t you cut of the source of money your enemy uses to purchase weapons?

As it turns out, prior to the invasion of Afghanistan the ruling Taliban actually sought to suppress heroin production. According to a UN report in 2007, after the invasion opium production skyrocketed, particularly in the British held territory of Helmand. The massive increase in opium production since the invasion has a geo-political motive. The vulnerable populations of Russia and surrounding nations appear to have been targetted for destruction. (YouTube video)

Interestingly, the US has recently taken over the Helmand Province from the British and opium production is reported to have fallen this year.

Of course, London has a century and a-half long history of promoting opium production in that region. 

The fact is: Laundered drug money is a primary source of profit for certain banks and hedge funds. That truth briefly came to light a couple of years ago, during the height of the financial crisis. The Guardian reported that a UN advisor revealed that drug money saved the banks from total collapse because it was the only source of liquidity at the time. One would certainly be justified in assuming that the aristocrats who promote and profit from human misery are essentially a respected crime family that is above the law. 

Bob geldofConsider Bob Geldof as another example of the insidious nature of the banking system. Geldof was a rock musician of limited talent – even by rock music standards – who organized the famous Band Aid, Live Aid extravaganzas, ostensibly for the noble cause of famine relief for impoverished Africans. Geldof was even knighted for his great humanitarian work. Apparently, though, Geldof is a shill serving as a front man for a banker’s scheme to funnel money through Third World debtors into the IMF banking system. Sounds about right.

One of the most insidious lies is the clamor against Big Government on the part of patriots. It is not that national governments are not at times wasteful and inefficient. And no one will deny that taxes are oppressive. But the source of the railing against Big Government is not the grass roots patriots. It is the Empire. National governments are an anathema to the financiers because they have the power to regulate and impede the latter’s criminal enterprises.

Ultimately, it is the intention of the Empire to dismantle the nation-state system and impose a form of global communism – with the help of misguided nationalists and media shills and myriad of dupes.

According to Bible prophecy the last kingdom, also known as a “king fierce in countenance,” will ‘keep throwing truth to the earth and act with success.’

Given the obvious success of the Empire to date in promoting all manner of lies, it does not require a great leap of imagination to identify the prophetic last king. Specifically, Daniel 8:11-12 states: And all the way to the Prince of the army it put on great airs, and from him the constant feature was taken away, and the established place of his sanctuary was thrown down. And an army itself was gradually given over, together with the constant feature, because of transgression; and it kept throwing truth to the earth, and it acted and had success.”

This brings us to the institutional lies established and maintained by the Watchtower Society

Although Jehovah’s Witnesses boast of being in the truth and knowing the truth, the Watchtower promotes one of the biggest lies of all – the artfully contrived false story of Jesus’ 1914 invisible presence. In order to prop up that false story the Watchtower has been compelled to craftily spin the interpretations of dozens of prophecies.

The prophecy of Daniel is merely typical.

Supposedly, the king fierce in countenance is the Anglo-American dual world power and the entire prophecy was fulfilled back during the Second World War. The king is supposed to have thrown truth to the earth by briefly banning the distribution of Watchtower publications and persecuting Jehovah’s Witnesses.

More laughably, the Watchtower teaches that the “transgression” was on the part of the king, not the ministers of the sanctuary that is “thrown down.” How the king fierce in countenance may have brought the mighty ones of the world to ruin during WWII is anyone’s guess. The Watchtower adroitly avoids even commenting on that aspect of the prophecy. (Click here for a more complete consideration of the prophecy of Daniel)

It suits Jehovah’s purpose to allow the Watchtower’s invisible parousia and related lies to have its fullest expression. It ultimately serves as the prophetic “operation of error.” When the time arrives the foretold “operation of error” will test Jehovah’s Witnesses’ love of the truth.

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