Well, after three weeks The Watchman’s Post has gotten settled into a new home.  Had I known how much tedious work was going to be involved with the move I may have just kept the site where it was . But that’s the way it is with everything, isn’t it? And the work is not done. You might notice many of the articles still do not have graphics – not that that is all important. But that was part of the tedium, locating all the images that were associated with several hundred posts. And I just realized that some articles in the Isaiah series went missing. It will probably take me a few more weeks to find all the missing bits and pieces. 

Mind you, I was not dissatisfied with the the previous site. I liked the layout better. But it had some issues that prevented the search engines from ranking it has they had in the past. I will not bore you with the details.

Also, you may have noticed that the book is on a separate site now.

As regards the Disqus commenting system, it is as new to me as it may be to you. So, bear with me. What I can tell you is that, although it may seem as if you are posting a comment to this site, the Disqus comments that appear on any given post are actually posted on the Disqus server and only are displayed here as a feed, much the same as the Twitter feed. For that reason sometimes it may take awhile for comments to appear after they are posted. 

Oh, and I intend to set up separate mobile sites for the book versions and this site. Responsive don’t really make it. That should speed things up for mobile viewers. 


That’s about it. 

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