They have brought Jehovah’s judgment against themselves

//They have brought Jehovah’s judgment against themselves

Saturday, September 2

For the sake of his great name, Jehovah will not abandon his people.—1 Sam. 12:22.

Although God had anointed Saul to be king, Saul later became disobedient and was rejected by Jehovah. Since God did not immediately remove Saul from the throne, his misconduct tested his subjects and all who were close to him. They faced the challenge of being loyal to God while the king, who sat on “Jehovah’s throne,” followed a wayward course. Yet, Saul’s son Jonathan proved to be loyal to Jehovah. We too can prove ourselves loyal to Jehovah by being in relative subjection to the superior authorities, as God requires, even if some seem unworthy of respect. For example, a government official may be corrupt, but we still respect his position because we are in relative subjection to governmental “superior authorities.” In fact, all of us can prove loyal to Jehovah by respecting those to whom he gives authority.—

The Watchtower has become extremely hypocritical. It pretends to follow a higher path, exhorting Jehovah’s Witnesses to follow its example. But the fact is, the Watchtower sets a horrible example, just as did wicked King Saul.

Ought we be in subjection to the superior authorities? Yes. Definitely. Paul explained that the superior authorities are God’s ministers and if we take a stand against them we are placing ourselves in opposition to God. But that is exactly what the Watchtower has done.

According to the San Diego Reader more than a year ago a San Diego superior court judge ordered the Watchtower to pay $4,000 a day for every day that it fails to produce documents requested in a civil lawsuit brought by former parishioner Osbaldo Padron, who claims a church elder sexually abused him when he was seven years old. So far they have resolutely refused.

This means that the lawyers for the Watchtower are in open defiance of God’s appointed ministers and for the past 14 months the Watchtower has been fined $4,000 a day, every day, amounting to more than a million and a half dollars so far. They must consider that a small price to pay to keep their database of pedophiles from becoming public.

But surely, Jehovah does not consider the Watchtower to be exempt from submitting to the superior authorities. After all, the court is not compelling anyone to break God’s commands. It is not as though the Governing Body would be compromising Bible principles if they turned over the records that detail the crimes sexual predators have committed against thousands of innocent children. On the contrary, seeing that they represent Jehovah before millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as the general public, the leadership of the organization should set the example in cooperating with legal authorities. But their outright defiance means that the Governing Body, their helpers and lawyers have brought judgment against themselves. That is what Paul explained in the 13th chapter of Romans, where he stated: “Therefore, whoever opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God; those who have taken a stand against it will bring judgment against themselves.”

This is no trivial matter. God is no one to be mocked. Nor does God change. We may expect Jehovah to rid himself of the wicked men who run the Watchtower, just as he eventually removed Saul and Eli. There is no question that Bethel’s days are numbered. The coming collapse of the Watchtower is what I have been pointing to for the past 15 years, since coming online with e-watchman in September, 2002.

The impending global war and downfall of America will bring in a dictatorial tyrant whom Jehovah will use to bring himself into judgment with all. Against that backdrop Christ will then dispatch his angels to uproot the weeds. As Jesus said of the hypocritical pharisees in his day: Look! the axe is laying at the root! Indeed, it is.

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  • Jamie Mac

    Hi Robert, thank you for the article. This article has made me think more clearer and helped with a family issue I have at the moment. In case you are all wondering, I am not in trouble with the superior authorities. I have been praying about my situation so this article is great for me.

  • noname

    Another Inescapable point. Talking to the friends you would get that San Diego’s accusations and court cases were just made up by a person in opposition. I’m not sure how you could prove other wise without pulling up some document from the courts with an official letter head of some sort.

    • black curtain

      I don’t think the WT can turn around and make amends. There is always an imaginary line that we all should not cross over. They have surely crossed their line.

      It reminds me of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the tragic flight of NZ Air Flight 901 that struck and crashed into the active Mt Erebus volcano with loss of all lives. The presiding Commissioner High
      Court Judge Peter Mahon controversially claimed that Air New Zealand executives engaged in a conspiracy to whitewash the inquiry, covering up evidence and lying to investigators, famously concluding that they had told “an orchestrated litany of lies”.

      A “litany of lies” and hypocrisy by the WT, which is like an insect that is caught in a spider web, the harder it struggles more it gets entangled in a “litany of lies.

      I don’t think they can climb out now.

    • Burt Reynolds

      They can’t turn around or recant. Too many, I.e., more than one, people have been harmed by the issues of blood, shunning, lack of education, enforced poverty, medical intervention such as transplants, theft of donations, misappropriation of funds, wastefulness of funds, (personal accoutrements) defence of child abuse through questionable policy, lies about doctrine, e.g., joining the UN, and generations, undue pressure to contribute, unfair, unjust disfellowshipping, public ridicule. Then there are the moral issues, such as exerting control over the lives of families, usurping parental authority, (not sparing the rod, substituting congregational life over family lifestyle ), emotional stress….breakdown, suicide, self mutilation, hopelessness (yes…unable ever to reach acceptance), personality disorders, mental disorders, loss of life-purpose in conflict with natural human tendencies and needs such as self respect and achievement,… infinitum. And why, how? By replacing the Father with their own thinking and debauched needs. It is far too late to recant for them, mainly because of one over-riding factor spiritually, and that is that they have no love. The material reason, is that they would be wiped out by Court litigation, and the biblical reason, that they are to be exposed against their wishes, exposed for what they are, exposed for who they are against their will. After spending a whole career working with abused children and adults, the only way to describe accurately the result of their child abuse policy is that it murders the soul of the victim in their denial of justice, just as much as the act itself. The entire Id, or basic concept of self has to be rebuilt by the victim just to survive. That is why they will not recant, rather than could not recant, because it would probably make them publically share the guilt, in conscience, action, spiritually, justice and governmental law. And that is the Father’s retribution, not ours, no matter how much we agree with his purpose.

      • Daisy


      • Bklyn Kevin

        More food for thought.

        Jehovah Will By No Means Give Exemption from Punishment.
        It is not as though there were not consequences resulting from Aaron’s foolishness in making the golden calf. Moses had 3,000 idolators killed on that very day. But it didn’t end there.

        Jehovah was so disgusted with the people that he refused to be in their midst following the golden calf incident. The following day Jehovah told Moses to set up his tent outside the Israelite camp. God said to him: “Go up to a land flowing with milk and honey. But I will not go in the midst of you, for you are an obstinate people, and I might exterminate you on the way.” Read more

      • amen

      • Richard Long

        A very good discussion on this without me messing it up. 5 parts, this link is to part one, the rest are linked from there.

      • Craig Knight

        Burt – Much too late to change horses in mid stream! Way too much harm has been done.

      • noname

        I have to disagree with you that they cannot turn around due to the fact of the many bible examples of wicked nations and people that have done so. Everyone has a chance for God’s mercy since it is greater than we can imagine. However that doesn’t mean they would not be judged and punished for anything they are guilty of which is not in our hands. From a human standpoint we pray for positive changes in people, Christ told us to love our neighbor but even our enemy. We know that the slave will be punished some to a lesser degree and others to a greater degree but we do not know yet exactly who is who.

        • Burt Reynolds

          Yes, you are right. I agree with your critique. I was neither clear or explicit. I was referring to the fact that the watchtower is unable, in my opinion, to recant on their lies and to put things straight, or to claim back the lives that have been lost, or the people that have been stumbled by their deeds. The intransigence of the watchtower over 1914 is one such example. But as individuals, absolutely. I agree with you. Thank you for pointing it out.

        • Bklyn Kevin

          Food for thought…

          Any hope that the Watchtower will reform itself?
          No, there is no chance that the Watchtower will ever reform their teaching. Can a leopard change its spots? (Jeremiah 13:23) Their 1914 doctrine is the operation of error, which will remain in operation until the manifestation of Christ destroys the man of lawlessness. The 13th chapter of Ezekiel describes the work of the stupid prophets as being like a whitewashed wall that is continually plastered to keep up appearances. That perfectly describes the way Bethel continually reinterprets prophecy to support the 1914 delusion. But Jehovah’s word is that the wall is destined to fall and be shattered.Read more>

    • Easach L S of Coimbatore

      You said that You don’t find pleasure in seeing bad things happen to them, but one thing is sure they will get the judgment for what they have done for many people.

      They will get judgment for dis-fellowshiping (sorry if my English is bad) Robert King.

      If they would have allowed Robert to become a Governing Body member and just sit and listen and allowed Robert for writing and editorial works for Watch Tower magazine, Robert would have taken WTS to new heights and there would have been increase in number of people

      • noname

        Yes I agree the slave will receive a heavier judgement but we will all receive judgment. And it is righteous to pray for even our enemy, we want everyone to come to repentance.

  • Easach of Coimbatore

    Yes I do agree 100% that WTS is more Pharisaical than liberal. The congregation in Coimbatore is pharisaical, but in Bangalore it is liberal.
    As far as WTS are numbered. It is exactly correct! Robert ypu are 200% correct because you see in India there are no magazines, books, brochures ad they are out of print. why even NWT Bible is not printed hence there is nothing to place in field service in hard copy except few selected tracts. If any one needs hard copy they have to order 3 months in advance and it is printed in Japan’s Bethel. Hence in India you can show video and put in the field report. What’s the reason? Stephen Lett said in September 2016 when he came to India Bethel Bangalore that society is under financial crisis hence no printing work will be continued. So I think that crisis is nothing but paying 4000 dollars/ day. So because of WTS cover up of child abuse cases they are using money for fine so famine to print magazines so truth is not reaching to people properly, well I think so there wll be decrease in India in 2018. Thus they bring judgement on the themselves.x

    • Burt Reynolds

      I don’t think they would get away with that in western countries. Poverty in a place like India is so widespread that not having literature to give would not seem out place. You may recall the fanfare blown when the watchtower announced that it would not charge for magazines and literature to the public ( omitting to say that the already poor publishers would pay instead….more reliable income for the watchtower), and that the Father would provide, saying that when He no longer did, it would be taken as a sign to stop publishing. You will find, as in all governments and businesses, that the management do not act until it affects them personally. The cash still flows into the coffers of the watchtower and thus it is that as it is less plentiful for personal use…..I.e., what they would rather spend it on, the vulnerable…..the interested public and poorer publishers, will suffer the consequences of the governing body’s actions. That may sound harsh criticism, but there are more than enough examples to prove the point. (Actually, the most famous public example in England was in 1865 when due to there being no sewage infrastructure in London, sewage was thrown into the Thames. Nothing was done about the cholera and typhus, chronic breathing difficulties, dysentery and multiple deaths from such, et al, until the stench made sitting in the house of commons in parliament untenable. It was known as ‘The Great Stink.’, much like the figurative stink (manifestation of wrongdoing), emanating from the governing body today).

      • Easach L S of Coimbatore

        If that is so why there is a rumor going on that preaching work will be stopped?

        • Burt Reynolds

          There have been rumours about the preaching work being stopped, even as far back as 1975 and if my history serves me right, prior to 1945. Given the attention seeking needs of the watchtower to maintain their grip on the congregants, it would not be unreasonable to assume on a psychological level of behaviour, that they will use such an announcement in the future when they themselves are attacked. What better way to rally the brothers than to announce that the end of the preaching work has been forced upon them and now is the time to preach the judgement? The problem then will be, just as the problem with such a move is now, that once that announcement is made, there has to be ever increasing evidence to support it. However, to keep control of the brothers, there has to then be the results of judgement and which unfortunately for them, seems to be their total distruction. Either way it is looked at, the end of the preaching work is the end of the watchtower’s need for existence, and in my opinion, they will not give that up willingly but in Jehovah’s time. The hold that they have over the congregants will deminish pro-rata with length of time from announcing the end of preaching. As I say, it’s only my opinion and I have no evidence, but the preaching work is still thriving and there is nothing to suggest that the preaching work in Russia has not reverted to its clandestine means of twenty odd years ago, as it was in China, Malawi and other oppressed countries.

  • Craig Knight

    Even the GB Members themselves refuse to go to court when ordered to do so. That is not following Ceaser’s Law and it cost the JW publisher’s a ton of contribution money. But the GB didn’t earn it so much like the Gov’t they just piss away money that they didn’t work for. That’s just wickedness if you ask me!

    The court ordered the Witnesses to produce a key member of their worldwide Governing Body for testimony, Gerritt Losch. They refused to do so. The Court of Appeals affirmed the order. The California Supreme Court affirmed it and granted extenisons for Losch to appear. Still the Witness Governing Body refused to produce Gerritt Losch.

    “They refused to produce the longest standing member of their Governing Body (Gerrit Losch), who knew all about this stuff,” Zalkin said.

    Finally, given the Witnesses refusal, their defense was terminated by the court and the Lopez was awarded $13.5 million.

  • tortas

    This comment is not related to this topic but is a warning to those who live on the eastern coastal side. I live just south of Houston and a Hurricane Irma is forecasted to hit eastern US coast and predictions are it will be a stronger than Harvey. Prepare now!! Find a place to live for a few months in case you are affected.

    • Cathii D’Anthonii

      Hope you and family are ok..we are watching Irma carefully. Jehovah knows our suffering…
      I dont care what you loose materially, it always seems to come back….maybe not the same color…May Jehovah bless you. Tortas

    • The Raven

      We’ve seen a number of bad ones here in the Florida panhandle but this one worries even the old vets. The stores here ran out of water and other supplies yesterday. Thankfully, most folks who live here keep stocked especially through the late summer and early fall when these storms form more frequently. The very warm waters of the gulf are nothing but fuel for these things.

  • Burt Reynolds

    I was doing some research into the blood issue the other day. Does anyone have any thoughts on the contextual meaning of the command to abstain from blood? It is suggested that when read in context with the topic of the inquiry from the brothers of the congregation in a spat over whether circumcision was still valid, that the advice given by Paul referred to going to the various temples and that there is illustrated by various texts, that the blood had significance when taken from a living, as opposed to from a dead animal being eaten sometimes with the blood in it by non Israelites. The reference cited was of an Israelite under the law being able sell an animal that had ‘died of itself’ to someone not under the law and why that would be contradictory to the ethics of the law, if blood was as sacred as described. The other factor was that no one would bring a dead animal to the temple as an offering, it had to be killed as living blood, and for that to be poured out as was Christ’s. Dead blood, contained in the carcass of an animal found dead, could be sold for food with the blood intact. This was illustrated with the blood remaining in internal organs when eaten by both Jewish and no Jewish people, and also in terms of blood being just another organ bar the significance of a ritual not observed by others not if he faith. Another factor was that, I think prior to noah, that there was no biblical restraint upon people not to eat blood as there was at that time, no arrangement for the sacrifice of Christ, but I’m not sure about that in total, as it was more or less the first thing that Jehovah said that there would be a bruising in the heel and head etc.

    • “Does anyone have any thoughts on the contextual meaning of the command to abstain from blood?”

      ” you must not eat meat that has its lifeblood still in it.” –

      my answer: dont consume blood, dry or not, neither by mouth or injection. even more then eating, abstain from using it for makup, paint, perfume or as an ingredient for anything. blood transfusions are disgusting. researching blood carefully = ok. if any is found, burn it.

      “Genesis 9:4. God allowed Noah and his family to add animal flesh to their diet after the Flood but commanded them not to eat the blood. God told Noah: “Only flesh with its soul—its blood—you must not eat.” This command applies to all mankind from that time on because all are descendants of Noah.” – The Bible’s answer –

      cook your meat – Ex 12:9 – “Do not eat any of it raw”

    • The Raven

      I’ve been looking at a number of commentaries from different sources on this. Kind of keeping my eye on that hurricane also., but I am intrigued by your comments on this. You have me thinking about the situation at the time amongst the Jews and the inclusion of Gentiles.

    • Huldah

      I think the Noachian rule was because this was the first time animal flesh was permitted to be eaten by God fearing individuals. The Mosaic laws were generally protective of health primarily.
      The law on blood was related to the ransom as you say, but the law on dead blood also appears to be protective.
      It’s interesting to think why an Israelite would be allowed to sell an animal with dead blood. Could a sister who is a nurse work in distributing packs of blood for transfusion?
      You can’t eat it yourself but you can give it to someone else to eat it.
      I’m questioning some of the blood related strictness of the WT myself.

    • Bklyn Kevin

      More scriptures for thought
      Insight, Volume 1 p. 345

      • Burt Reynolds

        Thanks Kevin, this was really useful. I still cannot find the connection though between the selling of the dead animals that died of themselves, as this would mean that the blood was still in them. Yet the same watchtower article points out correctly that the laws on blood given to all men when Jehovah first gave animal flesh as a food’ said , it’s blood you must not eat. Therefore giving or selling animals things that have died of themselves for food, suggests that the blood is still in them. That this is confirmed is shown later in the article in that at the time of Tacitus, Christians were careful even of blood ‘still within the flesh.’ So how is this seeming contradiction dealt with about selling an animal for food that has died of itself to someone not a Jew and thus not under the strict law, when the law in general was made to all men at the time of garden of Eden. The watchtower article makes and unsubstantiated comment on the issue and does not really answer the question. Many thanks.

        • Bklyn Kevin

          I see your point Burt and I’m definitely going to look into this matter and get back to you and tell you what I find .
          Now I know were the scriptures are located but could you please give me the date of the watchtower article?/ or the link.

          • Burt Reynolds

            I will try to find it. The article I read only quoted scripture and contemporary writings of Tacitus…..i will be back….

          • Burt Reynolds

            Hello Kevin, I have sent this to you via fb messenger in case it violates Roberts ban on blogs. I’m not sure who the author was, it seems to be drawn from multiple sources though. Thanks.

    • Michael J Hewitt

      Excellent line
      of reasoning! I could never wish to be better informed. I am edified. This site
      excites the intellect.

    • no longer being under the old law, holy spirit did revive necessary things to keep abstaining from when Paul said in the same breath

      1 “things polluted by idols”
      2 “fornication”
      3 “what is strangled”
      4 “blood”

      ask yourself, is it ok to have a fraction of fornication?

      furthermore, the old law stated to pour the blood out on the ground and not to eat the meat raw. if the old law is going to be fallowed concerning blood transfusion then the “whole law” must be fallowed by pooring the blood onto the ground and cooking the meat its been poured from. the context was to remove the blood entirely so none would be consumed, not a drop, not a little, not a fraction

      • Burt Reynolds

        Thanks Dr.

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