Just as there are many “gods” . . . , there is actually to us one God. —1 Cor. 8:5, 6.

The first-century Christian congregation was made up of Jews, Greeks, Romans, and people of other nationalities. They had different religious backgrounds, customs, and sensibilities. Because of that, some had difficulty accepting the new way of worship or fully relinquishing their former ways. The apostle Paul found it fitting to remind them that Christians have one God, Jehovah. What about the situation in the Christian congregation today? The prophet Isaiah foretold that “in the final part of the days,” people of all nations would flock to Jehovah’s elevated place of true worship. They would say: “[Jehovah] will instruct us about his ways, and we will walk in his paths.” How happy we are to see this prophecy undergoing fulfillment before our eyes! The result is that many congregations have become multiracial, multicultural, and multilingual, giving praise to Jehovah. 

For those who may be new to this site, my unique perspective is that Jehovah’s Witnesses are laboring under a powerful, deluding influence that emanates from the Watchtower itself. However, I am not in the camp of those who suppose that the Watchtower is a satanic cult or that Jehovah has never had anything to do with the organization that bears his name. On the contrary, my point of reference is from that of the sacred pronouncements of God —specifically, the prophets.

Although not generally regarded as a prophet, certainly the apostle Paul provided valuable insights into Jehovah’s dealings with his people leading up to the globe-rocking day of Jesus Christ. As regards the deluding influence, formerly described as “an operation of error,” the inspired apostle revealed that God would permit a powerful operation of Satan to work through a man of lawlessness —an operation backed by “every powerful work and lying signs and wonders and every unrighteous deception.”

According to the context of Paul’s prophetic writing in his second letter to the Thessalonians, the man of lawlessness promotes a false parousia by means of “inspired statements” and verbal messages and letters appearing to be from the apostles themselves, declaring that the day of Jehovah is here —or, the day of the Lord is here. (The day of Jehovah and the day of the Lord are one and the same.)

As I have repeatedly pointed out, at no time has the Watchtower ever pointed forward in anticipation of the coming of Christ to commence his parousia. From the very beginning, the Watchtower declared that the parousia of Christ began in 1874. The originator of that seemingly “inspired statement” —C.T. Russell —was held by the Bible Students in such high honor that he was regarded as the “wise and faithful servant” and bestowed with the high-sounding title of being the angel sent to the end times congregation —or as his tombstone says, “the Laodicean Messenger.” Russell’s writings were and are regarded as if from the apostles themselves. Russell himself considered his interpretation of the seven times to be above questioning. And lo and behold —come 1914 and BOOM!

Of course, nothing that Bible Students expected to happen, actually happened. And after some 16 years, in 1930 the Watchtower unceremoniously flipped the beginning of the parousia from 1874 to 1914. At the very least, that means that the International Bible Students were deluded by their wise and faithful servant into believing a false parousia.

Perhaps more telling, it was believed back then that the day of Jehovah would commence in 1914. The Watchtower continued to teach that the day of Jehovah is here up until the early 1960’s. Then, without any special mention of the change, the Watchtower began to subtly shift the day of Jehovah from 1914 to a point in the immediate future. But, for those who have an ear, for many years the Watchtower proclaimed that “the day of Jehovah is here” —exactly as the inspired apostle foretold and warned against. And, of course, in spite of the fact that the “inspired” Laodicean messenger has been moldering in his grave for over a century, the magazine he founded still champions the parousia as having already begun.

What day is drawing near? Not the general “day of Jehovah,” for it is here, having begun in 1914. Rather, it is the special day of Jehovah for his vindication… Watchtower July 1, 1960 – Paragraph 2

The reason the Watchtower cannot and will not let go of 1914 is, because, it is part of the operation of Satan directed against Christ’s congregation. His powerful works and lying signs are accepted without question as the authentic fulfillment of Bible prophecy. To illustrate the point, although the Bible Students expected something entirely different, namely, their being raptured to heaven and the war of Armageddon, in August of 1914 virtually all the nations of Europe chose sides and went to war in what turned out to be a bloodbath of senseless slaughter on a scale never before seen in history. And no sooner had the Great War in Europe ended the Spanish Flu swiftly swept the earth and snuffed out more lives than the war itself. Surely, the horses of the apocalypse had been unleashed. Or maybe not.

Should we suppose that the master of deceit is incapable of orchestrating events to coincide with the phony chronology that has been passed off as the secret key to unlocking the meaning of the gentile times that had been put into place by the Watchtower?

But Satan’s intent is not merely to fabricate a faux parousia. His scheme is to elevate his man of lawlessness into the place of Christ so that when the actual day of the Lord begins Christians will be thrown into a state of perplexity and will be called upon to make an unthinkable decision —to leave the Watchtower. The reason being, it is out of the question that the leadership of the Watchtower will accept Jesus upon his coming. On the contrary, the same inspired apostle who warned Christians not to be quickly shaken from their reason regarding weighty pronouncements by self-proclaimed apostles forewarned that an apostasy must immediately precede the ultimate manifestation of Jesus Christ.

Surely, the coming apostasy will take place during the tumult of nation rising against nation and will involve a compromise with the ruling powers. It is not like the Watchtower hasn’t made such compromises already. It is important to point out the Watchtower’s sleight-of-hand regarding, not only that the man of lawlessness is supposedly the clergy, but that the man of lawlessness merely claims to be in the temple of God; whereas, the inspired Christian prophet clearly indicated that the Judas-like man of lawlessness will sit down in God’s spiritual temple and present himself as a god to be worshipped. No doubt the manifestation of the man of lawlessness will coincide with the disgusting thing standing in a holy place. 

Given their near-maniacal attachment to a past coming of Christ —it being deemed impossible that Christ’s parousia could take place in the future — the Watchtower will ultimately, inevitably become the anti-Christ —even as Paul said of the man of lawlessness, that he stands in opposition, the Watchtower will oppose Jesus when he comes.

That will impose a test upon the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses like nothing else. After all, the faithful and discreet slave is Jehovah’s appointed body. His counsel is virtually infallible —for all intent and purpose, he is inspired.

Yet, what does the scripture say? “Therefore, I am the One who will again do wonderful things with this people, with wonder upon wonder; and the wisdom of their wise men will perish, and the understanding of their discreet men will be hidden.”

We naturally assume that if Jehovah acts wonderfully and provides “wonder upon wonder,” that is a good thing. In other words, God’s purpose is to silence his wise and discreet men so that the evident demonstration of the reality of Christ may be accepted on its own merit by the faith of each individual —not because of the proclamations by spiritual authorities.

While there is only one God, it is not as though there are no wanna-be gods. Satan’s man of lawlessness, who touts himself as the virtually inspired mouthpiece of Jehovah God, the faithful slave whose every utterance comes from on high, the one who has been exalted far, far above the disgusting clergy, will —as sure as the sun rises every morning —ultimately declare himself to be the Christ.

Did not the Lord Jesus specifically warn his disciples that there will be many false Christs and false prophets and that they would proclaim that the Christ is here, in the inner chambers (Bethel) or out in the wilderness? Indeed, Jesus was emphatic, forewarning that the deception would be so powerful that if it were possible even the chosen ones would be deceived. (The reason it will not be possible for the chosen ones to be deceived is because, Christ will reveal himself to them. The notion of an invisible parousia is part of the delusion.)

Ironically, while the Watchtower continues to bellow about Christ having become king in 1914 and how the First World War and the outbreak of the Spanish Flu fulfilled prophecy in a way that no future events possibly could, meanwhile the nations are being irresistibly frog-marched into a conflict that will most assuredly result in the use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction —including biological warfare (pestilence).

So, when does the prophecy of Isaiah and Micah undergo fulfillment? After God redeems his people from Babylon —that’s when.

Trust the faithful and discreet slave? 

The video is from the December JW Broadcast and demonstrates the inordinate emphasis placed upon trusting the so-called “faithful and discreet slave.” Besides the fact that Jesus posed the phrase in a question, implying that the praise of being faithful and discreet is only applied to those ultimately found to actually be faithful when the master arrives as unexpectedly as a thief in the night, but the Watchtower blithely dismisses the fact that some of those who are thought to be faithful and discreet will ultimately be found to be evil.

Please note the speaker’s subtle deception. He claims that Jehovah appointed a “faithful and discreet slave.” That is not true. Christ appoints his slaves to feed his other slaves in his absence. The appointed slaves are not distinguished as faithful or evil until the master comes to judge his house. And, it should be self-evident, that when the master arrives even the one who will be rewarded as having been faithful will no longer be doing kitchen duties once the master has returned.