JW dot org, the home page of the Watchtower on the world wide web, presents fresh micro articles every week based upon current events and attention-grabbing topical issues. This week is the hot topic of manmade global warming. The title states Climate Change and Our Future—What the Bible Says. 

Of course, the Bible does not say anything about climate change. Not one word. Furthermore, the writers surely know that the issue of climate change being the result of excess CO2 in the atmosphere is highly controversial and like evolution, it is also unproven scientifically. 

CO2 is not toxic. Carbon dioxide is the essential gas that all plants need to perform the vital process of photosynthesis. Jehovah ingeniously designed chlorophyll to break the bond of the CO2 compound—taking the C and exhaling the O. If there is too much CO2 the most effective solution would be to plant more trees and plants to utilize it. And use nuclear power to replace carbon-burning to generate electricity. Instead, the green fanatics are even opposed to atomic energy even though it produces zero carbon emissions. The reactors could also be used to desalinate seawater to irrigate the vast and spreading deserts of the world to grow more trees and food. It is well known that bare earth absorbs more solar radiation and consequently releases stored heat into the atmosphere. Greening the deserts would affect climate change more profoundly and positively than anything and should be the main project of the century—that is if you are really concerned about climate change. Vladimir Putin has vowed to plant millions of trees to do that very thing in Russia’s vast wilderness known as Siberia, which has been subjected to deforestation in recent decades. 

But, alas, the globalist promoters of climate alarmism are not at all interested in a solution that does not involve massive depopulation—after all, you and I are contributing to excess CO2 with our every exhalation. 

As is evident in many other areas, the trend of the Watchtower is to go with the mainstream. That was certainly the case with the issues related to the phony pandemic—just go with the approved, well-funded “experts” who are given a voice and ignore the experts who have been censored and de-platformed and demonized by the mainstream. Always best to play it safe, go along to get along, right? 

Mankind faces a crisis of its own making. Most scientists agree that human activity is responsible for global warming. This rise in temperature has already changed the climate and brought disastrous consequences. 

“Most scientists agree…” Just remember this: Most people, whether they be scientists, doctors, or experts in whatever field are often wrong—sometimes deliberately so. To illustrate the point, “most doctors” have agreed with the top public health experts that mRNA vaccines are safe and effective. The facts indicate they are neither. 

Regarding climate change, one nuclear physicist truthfully stated: “The topic of global warming and climate change is far more scientifically complex than the public is led to believe. Myriads of newspaper, magazine and TV items over decades have tended to simplify the science to the point at which the general public believes that it is all so simple that any fool can see what is happening. Public groups often accuse world leaders and scientists of being fools, if they do not instantly act on simple messages projected by individuals or public groups.” 

It is a complex process. The Watchtower’s little snippet takes oversimplification to the kindergarten level of comprehension. The physicist goes on to explain that the primary driver of the climate on this planet is not atmospheric gases like methane or carbon dioxide. It is the sun and even the solar system and the entire universe that create cycles of fluctuations between warming and cooling. Not too long ago the earth was in a cooling cycle. Between roughly 1450 and 1850, the northern hemisphere was in a cooling phase that produced what is known as the Little Ice Age. It had nothing to do with human activity. 

Climate change is a fact. The climate is always changing. Ever since the great catastrophe called Noah’s Flood inundated the entire planet and brought on an instantaneous ice age in the northern hemisphere, even with minor fluctuations, the climate has been trending towards gradual warming. 

In another snippet the scribblers at Bethel dutifully cite both the CIA’s favorite paper of record, the New York Times, as well as their ex-political partner, the UN’s World Health Organization: 

The climate crisis has affected every corner of the earth. After documenting conditions in 193 countries, a New York Times report stated: “The planet is sending an SOS.” Because of the death and suffering climate change has caused, the World Health Organization has called it the “single biggest health threat facing humanity.”

Please note, that the WHO does not consider the growing threat of widespread famine or global war, or even nuclear war, as the biggest threat facing humanity. Given their histrionics over the past two years I would have thought Covid was the biggest threat facing the world rather than the temperature of the atmosphere raising a degree. At least we know now where the Watchtower gets their (dis) information—as if we didn’t already know. 

Without a doubt concern about global warming will suddenly vanish from people’s minds when the first nuclear missiles explode and darken the sky with their signature mushroom clouds. Do you want to talk about ruining the earth or not? 

Prophecy: “There will be fearful sights.”—Luke 21:11. The Bible foretold that “fearful sights,” or terrifying events, would occur in our day. Climate change has generated terrifying weather events around the globe. Today, some people suffer from eco-anxiety—a chronic fear of environmental doom.

There have been hurricanes, tornados, and blizzards ever since the collapse of the water canopy brought about the great Flood. These fear-inspiring phenomena are now part of the natural cycle. Again, human civilization has very little to do with it. 

However, “eco-anxiety” is the result of the direct influence of humans. It is called fear-mongering and has the full might of the political system and media behind the scheme to terrorize and distract. The Watchtower is very much a part of the demonic propaganda campaign. Would anyone fear “environmental doom” if they were unplugged from the Empire’s vast brainwashing platform? Of course not. 

The truth is, environmentalism was hatched by the British oligarchy more than 50 years ago. It has nothing to do with saving the environment. (See article: The New Green Deal and London’s Global Genocide) The British and their bankers intend to bring about the collapse of industrialism in order to kill off billions of people, which they view as a pestiferous presence upon their planet. And now that their global financial system has entered its terminal phase a green economy is their last desperate scheme to perpetuate a dead system. 

Given the mounting evidence that the Watchtower is in lockstep with the Empire of lies, as Vladimir Putin succinctly described it, we may expect the worst is yet to come from what is touted as Jehovah’s earthly mouthpiece. 

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