It is becoming more and more apparent that a second holocaust has begun. The first Holocaust, which preceded the start of the Second World War by about a year, is said to have begun in 1938 when the Nazis instigated a public uprising against the Jews. Eventually, over six million Jews were exterminated. 

Back then a lot was involved. Masses of people had to be found, rounded up, transported in cattle cars, and warehoused in concentration camps. Then they were systematically marched into what they were told were showers, only to be gassed with poison and incinerated. The ovens blazed around the clock. Death had become a major industry in Nazi land. 

In more recent years the US military, which has come under the control of the British Empire, has been developing biological weapons. It is even acknowledged that the coronavirus was genetically enhanced in what is called a gain-of-function process to make an otherwise innocuous microbe more virulent. 

At the same time the Pentagon, not to be confused with the pentagram, although we may suspect there is some correlation, had been funding research and development of mRNA genetic therapy. Through a department called the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) starting back in 2013 millions of dollars were funneled into the start-up company called Moderna to develop a “vaccine” for the virus that was simultaneously being engineered. As it turns out, the vaccines are not vaccines at all, but are better described as nano code designed to hack the human operating system. 

Sometime late in 2019, the virus was released in Wuhan, China; at which point the second Holocaust began. In an obviously coordinated scheme with the medical establishment, as people began falling ill to Coronavirus the drugs that had been proven effective in combatting the disease were prohibited. Even the testing method used is known to be fraudulent. The Nazis ruling over the medical institutions only allowed professionals to use a few drugs and therapies that actually contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not millions—all blamed upon Covid in order to induce fear and panic in the population and ready them for the vaccination phase. More than likely many victims of hospital-induced death did not even have Covid. Hospitals have become the new death camps. 

Just as the Nazis employed a brilliant propagandist in the person of Joseph Goebbels, the mainstream media and internet gatekeepers received their orders to suppress information that is not in line with the genocidal scheme now in operation. Any truth-tellers were to be quickly de-platformed or fact-checked by those employed by the Empire. All during the Trump era, the media was tasked with fomenting Russia-collusion hysteria. As if a switch has been flipped, now it is Covid 24-7 in what has been dubbed as fear porn. And the new terrorists and enemies of the state are the unvaxxed. Reminds me of the ridiculous sci-fi film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, only this is real.  

In order to enhance the death rate, the Governor of New York ordered infected patients who were fortunate enough to have recovered from their hospitalization to be sent back to nursing homes, where they infected thousands of others. No wonder America’s most populated city was the epicenter of the pandemic. Although President Trump promptly sent a hospital ship to New York City that could have been used to quarantine recovered patients, it sat empty in the harbor. The killing off of elderly nursing home residents was intentional. Cameras were riveted on bagged bodies piling up in hospital hallways, alleyways and piled into refrigerated trucks to keep the corpses cool. The propagandists even hit on the idea of mass burial as part of the psychological warfare against the population to prepare them for mass vaccinations. It worked. 

After only 18 months the death toll in the new Holocaust is approaching that of the Nazi Holocaust. Deaths stemming from the next phase involving boosters and variants are sure to surpass Hitler’s Holocaust. Still, even millions of more murders are nowhere near the billions the demonic lords and their earthly minions intend to exterminate. That is going to require a complete collapse of the system, war, and famine. 

As regards the leadership of the Watchtower, they are now fully on board with the Empire’s extermination scheme. The Governing Body expresses their deep love for God’s dear sheep, yet they make no mention of the risks involved with taking an experimental gene-altering potion. They don’t bother to inform the dear brothers and sisters about effective drugs that can be used if one has fallen ill. Just like the tyrannical fascists steering the genocide, the Watchtower proclaims that we must be on guard against websites that promote conspiracy theories—as if they are the only determiners of truth. The Governing Body has become partners with thieves and murderers. Their truth is like watered-down beer. Though they constantly express their sterling love for the sheep, it is like scummy dross. 

No doubt that is why Jehovah inspired Isaiah to record the following: “How the faithful city has become a prostitute! She was full of justice; righteousness used to lodge in her, but now murderers. Your silver has become dross, and your beer is diluted with water. Your princes are stubborn and partners with thieves. Every one of them loves a bribe and chases after gifts. They do not grant justice to the fatherless, and the legal case of the widow never reaches them.” — Isaiah 1:21-23

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