Wednesday, November 25

Let me tell the next generation about your power and about your mightiness.Ps. 71:18.

As an experienced Christian, you have opportunities that are not open to others. You can pass on to younger ones what you have learned from Jehovah. You can strengthen others by relating experiences you have enjoyed while serving God. King David prayed for opportunities to do so, as shown in today’s text. How could you make known the wisdom you have acquired over the years? Could you invite younger servants of God to your home for some upbuilding association? Could you ask them to accompany you in the Christian ministry and show them the joy you experience in serving Jehovah? Elihu of ancient times said: “Let age speak, and let a multitude of years declare wisdom.” The apostle Paul urged experienced Christian women to encourage others by word and example. He wrote: “Let the older women be . . . teachers of what is good.”


In a recent JW Broadcast a member of the Governing Body went to great pains with pointer and chart, to explain to Jehovah’s Witnesses what a generation is; how it is really two overlapping generations.

Whether or not the Watchtower’s latest definition of a generation is valid is besides the point, the point is, the daily verse is asking Jehovah’s Witnesses to pass on their wisdom and experience to the “next generation.”  But according to David Splane there will be no next generation, at least as regards the anointed.

Any of Jehovah’s Witnesses who might actually be paying attention are likely to be confused and discouraged over the mixed messages. But the good news is, depending upon how you look at it, the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses are absolutely blind and deaf. Here we are on the edge of World War Three and the Watchtower has nothing to say and here implies that we should be concerned about the “next generation”, as if there will be one in this system. 

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