Four words you never want to hear the leader of any country say, especially the president of the United States, are: “We are at war.”

True, Trump did not utter those four words in a national address, nor in a formal declaration of war in a speech before congress; There are no bullets or bombs exploding. And although Donald Trump makes a lot of remarks in jest, nevertheless —he said it in all seriousness. The logical question is: Who is at war with whom?

A few weeks ago it appeared as if the answer to that question would have been Iran. Supposedly Iran fired multiple missiles into Saudi Arabia, damaging critical oil refining infrastructure. However, the President didn’t take the war-hawks’ bait and refused to commit the US to a war that could easily turn into WW3. And guess what, the price of crude is back where it was before the attacks. Is it a coincidence that within a few days of the failed scheme to lure Trump into war the opposition party declares they are opening a formal inquiry into impeaching the president?

Imagine that, Donald Trump is the First American president going back nearly 40 years who has not started a war somewhere —at least not yet. Apparently, though, that is why he is considered to be unfit for office.

Most citizens may imagine the two political parties are at war. Or, more broadly, it is a cultural war between liberals and conservatives. But the political parties are more alike than opposed. In fact, that is an oft-voiced criticism, that the political parties are merely two sides of the same coin. Indeed, they are.

It became clear from the years-long Russia-gate probe that the so-called deep state conspired to undo the results of the last presidential election. It has been rightly called an attempted “coup”. Had they been successful it would have likely led to a civil war.

What is also becoming clear, is that the unsuccessful Russia-gate hoax was merely a pretext to remove the president from office. It was a fraud. Retired intelligence professionals have proved conclusively that there was no hack. It was not technically possible. No matter. Now it is onto Ukraine-gate. Someone seems determined –if not desperate.

Anyone who even casually followed the long-winding Russia-gate story ought to have noticed that the real instigators were not embedded in the U.S. intelligence community as deep state operatives. They were shadowy overseas characters who were in one way or another connected to British intelligence, which means they are acting on behalf of the Empire —that is to say, the City of London.

The British revealed their hidden hand last December when the House of Lords published a policy initiative with implied marching orders for their American drones, that under no circumstances can Donald Trump be allowed a second term for the reason that Trump’s policies are not in line with the strategic interests of the UK! 

There is a war. President Trump was not using hyperbole. Call it an information war. A propaganda war. It is being waged on behalf of the dying British empire. All nations are the target. And as the greatest nation —America is the bullseye. Make no mistake, they are playing for keeps. It is a winner-takes-all endgame. 

I am just wondering whatever happened to the Middle East peace plan Jared Kushner has been working on. Because it seems to me, the world is primed and ready to blow. Just need some folks to start saying “peace and security.”

Come, Lord Jesus!

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