The truth is a precious thing. Jehovah is the God of truth. In fact, it is impossible for God to lie. On the other hand, the god of this world is a liar. Jesus said of him: When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie.”

Satan’s influence permeates the world. That is why there is no truth. The only book of truth describes the last king of Satan’s world as continuing to throw truth to the earth. That process is most evident at this time, especially in connection with Covid. 

The truth is the virus known as Covid-19 was created in a bio-weapons laboratory. The US maintains a couple of dozen facilities around the world. Research and development of mRNA, the underlying technology for the so-called vaccines, was also partially funded by the Pentagon. These are not conspiracy theories. Keep in mind, the god of this world is not only a liar, he is a murderer as well. 

The release of the virus coincided with the crash of the financial system in the latter half of 2019, which was only averted by the central banks flooding the system with money that turned into a Tsunami when the pandemic emergency began in the early part of 2020. The intent of the London-centered oligarchy is to destroy the economies of Europe and America and crash the system in order to impose what they themselves call a great reset. The pandemic lockdowns have already destroyed many small businesses and created supply chain breakdowns that may lead to fuel and food shortages in the near future. This is intended. 

There is no question that the truth is being suppressed in order to create fear and terror. The truth is, Covid is not nearly as deadly as the promoters of the pandemic would have the public believe. To illustrate, in most nations the average age of those who have died of Covid is greater than the average life expectancy. In other words, elderly people whose immune systems are compromised with age are the primary victims. Oddly, it seems no one is dying of any illness but Covid these days. 

Tragically, frontline doctors and nurses are reporting that many of the deaths attributed to Covid are actually being caused by the medicines being administered. And persons being admitted to the hospital with various illnesses and who are coincidently diagnosed with Covid, perhaps even falsely, are treated for Covid, sometimes with fatal results. 

Furthermore, nearly all who have died having been diagnosed with Covid have had one or more co-morbidities. The truth is, young and healthy people are very unlikely to succumb to the virus. Young people are more likely to suffer death or injury from the injections. 

According to the government-sponsored website Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System there have been over 15,000 vaccine-related deaths just in the United States and over 726,000 adverse reactions. Those numbers are no doubt undercounted for a number of reasons. One, persons who die within two weeks of having been injected are considered to be unvaccinated since it takes a few weeks to develop minimum immunity. Secondly, the mRNA injections are responsible for blot clotting issues. Those who die from clots in the heart and brain are counted as victims of heart attacks and strokes. To illustrate the point, it is reported that over 100 young people in Ontario have been hospitalized with heart problems after being injected. 

It hardly seems likely that the leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses are unaware of these basic facts. Why then is the Governing Body mandating injections for everyone, including the young and healthy?

In Update #4 from 2020, Anthony Morris chided those who did not take the pandemic seriously enough, implying they are reckless and stupid. But given the fact that tens of thousands are being killed and injured by the injections why has the Governing Body thrown caution to the wind and mandated that all of Jehovah’s Witnesses must subject themselves to the potentially lethal injections? And while the GB were keen to keep a running tally of Covid deaths may we expect future Updates to inform us of the mounting death toll and illnesses suffered by those who take the injections? If not, what difference is there between the Watchtower and the lying superior authorities? 

The truth is, there are very effective and inexpensive treatments for Covid. Ivermectin has been used with great success. In fact, the pandemic has nearly been eradicated in India by the use of ivermectin. Yet in the United States, the AMA has outlawed its use in hospitals. Doctors may lose their license for using it, even if the patient is made well. 

In the past, the Watchtower provided useful information to help JW’s to cope with various disease epidemics. For example, back in 1995 the AWAKE! Magazine carried an article about coping with River Blindness and even mentioned how ivermectin was very effective. Also, for the past 40 years, the Watchtower has supported Hospital Liaison Committees that have provided an invaluable service to JW’s and others wishing to avoid blood. Why, though, with this terrible pandemic raging has the Watchtower not published one word of helpful information? 

Given the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is making hundreds of billions of dollars from the vaccines and they are primary advertisers in the mainstream media, it is understandable why, for example, there has been a news blackout about how Covid has been defeated in India with ivermectin. But, again, why is the Watchtower silent? Since the Watchtower has implicitly endorsed one form of treatment—the mRNA injections—why not at least make its readers mindful of alternatives too? If some of the thousands of JW’s who have already died could have been helped with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine or monoclonal antibodies, given their influence does not Bethel’s silence make them complicit, even bloodguilty?  

Now that hundreds of millions of people have taken the vaccines it is now becoming apparent that at best the shots only provide a temporary boost to immunity. Now booster shots are being pushed. All the while vaccinated people are falling ill to Covid. In Israel, a nation with the highest rate of vaccinations, the vaccinated are falling ill with various illnesses, including Covid. Even more disconcerting, those who have been vaccinated are the source of variants and pose a danger to unvaccinated persons. In view of all of the foregoing, why would the self-proclaimed faithful and discreet slave endorse mRNA injections?

In the Watchtower’s September 27, letter threatening the elders with judicial action for questioning the Governing Body, it is claimed that JW’s must obey the superior authorities and allow themselves to be injected. This is one of the biggest lies the Governing Body has ever told. By using weasel words the GB is hustling the elders. Notice what is stated in the opening paragraph: 

Secular authorities in an increasing number of lands are mandating or strong encouraging that their citizens be vaccinated for COVID-19. 

“Mandating or strongly encouraging”? 

It is interesting that Biden spoke threateningly to tens of millions of his fellow countrymen who are still unvaccinated, saying menacingly: “our patience is wearing thin.” The GB seems to have suddenly adopted that same threatening tone. Still, the truth is, in the United States there is no law requiring everyone to be vaccinated. Although the president has issued his mandate for federal workers lawsuits are popping up everywhere challenging his dictatorial decree. A mandate is not the law of the land. Some states are requiring companies to only employ vaccinated workers, but so what? A person can find another job. New York has ordered all healthcare workers to take the jab and it has turned into a disaster, as thousands are quitting or are being fired—leaving hospitals short-staffed. 

Although they truthfully said that the superior authorities have issued mandates and strongly demanded that citizens fall in line, none of which constitutes a binding law, the second paragraph implies that we must obey the law. As has become their stock-in-trade, the GB is employing a clever bit of deception, sort of like a card trick. First, they show you the mandate and strongly encourage card. Then with a flick of the wrist, they turn the card over it says “submit.” It is as the apostle foretold: “they will greedily exploit you with counterfeit words.”

Sadly, though, I doubt if most elders have the intellect to detect the deception they are being subjected to. I hope I am wrong. 

Needless to say, Jehovah does not require us to obey the feckless authorities who are shilling for the pharmaceutical industry and carrying out the genocidal scheme of the London gang. Even if there was a binding law requiring Americans to be vaccinated against their will such a law would be null and void as it violates the constitutional law upon which the nation was founded; namely, that we are legally entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Submitting to a potentially lethal injection hardly promotes life. 

And ought elders be careful not to voice any objection to the slow-rolling genocide being pushed by the lying, tyrannical superior authorities? Aren’t elders supposed to protect the flock? 

Furthermore, the Watchtower implies that our love of neighbor will move us to be vaccinated. But since the vaccines do not provide immunity and since it is well known that vaccinated persons are super-spreaders of variants, the Watchtower’s talk of love is nothing but a clanging gong and clashing cymbal. 

As for causing divisions and creating stumbling blocks, just a few short weeks ago the Watchtower’s official policy was that taking the vaccine was a personal decision. Then with 2021 Updates #6 and #7 the Governing Body suddenly flipped. Without any discussion of the risks involved with the experimental injections now the Watchtower is threatening elders with disfellowshipping for causing divisions if they voice any dissenting opinion. The Watchtower’s hypocrisy is absolutely astonishing. It is they who are creating divisions. It is they who are causing stumbling. 

In truth, Jehovah purchased people with the blood of His beloved Son. The Governing Body does not own Jehovah’s sheep. They have only been entrusted with their care. And it is now obvious that they have betrayed that trust. By their coercing Jehovah’s Witnesses to submit to vaccination by falsely claiming it is the law and that any elder who questions them is guilty of opposing God, the Governing Body has disowned the owner who bought them. It is they who stand in opposition. In view of this latest development, it is apparent that the foretold apostasy has come. 

“Let no one lead you astray in any way, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. He stands in opposition and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he sits down in the temple of God, publicly showing himself to be a god.”— 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4


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