‘The Temple of Jehovah, the Temple of Jehovah!’

//‘The Temple of Jehovah, the Temple of Jehovah!’

Tuesday, August 30

You see, brother, how many thousands of believers there are among the Jews, and they are all zealous for the Law.Acts 21:20.

If we are to have Jehovah’s favor and blessing as individuals, we must support his organization and accept adjustments in our understanding of the Scriptures. Consider this: After Jesus’ death, there were thousands of Jewish Christians who were zealous for the Law and found it hard to break free from it. With the help of Paul’s letter to the Hebrews, however, they accepted the fact that they had been sanctified, not by means of sacrifices “offered according to the Law,” but “through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all time.”  Undoubtedly, most of those Christians of Jewish descent adjusted their thinking and moved ahead spiritually. We too need to study diligently and be open-minded when there are adjustments in the understanding of God’s Word or in our preaching work.


A truly diligent study of the Bible and an open-minded consideration of the role the Watchtower has and is playing can only lead one to the conclusion, that the organization is the modern counterpart of the law-bound Jewish system, for which first century Jewish Christians were zealous.

The apostle’s letter to the Hebrews informed them that the real city of God is spiritual, not physical. He said that because the Jewish converts —including the apostles and “governing body” —were very much tied to the Law and the physical city of Jerusalem. Paul was preparing them for the moment when the disgusting thing would stand in the holy place, which would be the signal for them to flee out of the doomed city and abandon their support for the Jewish organization.

Jehovah’s Witnesses find themselves in the same position now —being tied to a religious organization and duty-bound to be loyal to it until the end. It is assumed that the Governing Body are going to be instrumental in issuing life-saving direction in the future. It is naturally assumed that the organization will always be a source of unfailing light and truth.

In that respect Jehovah’s Witnesses are like the Jews in Jeremiah’s day who felt secure in their attachment to the city of Jerusalem and its grand temple. However, Jehovah instructed Jeremiah to tell them: “Do not put your trust in deceptive words and say, ‘This is the temple of Jehovah, the temple of Jehovah, the temple of Jehovah!’”

A reader sent me this YouTube video which is a compilation of various kingdom hall interiors and their faux pillars design that underscores the perception Bethel wishes to impress upon Jehovah’s Witnesses that their meeting places are mini temples under the auspices of the grand organization. 

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  • T570

    If Jesus’s coming will be the point at which the man of lawlessness is to brought to nothing, as well as all things that cause stumbling. Will this not also be the the point at which Christ Jesus will be in total control of the Organization “Temple ” or literally the time at which the- Boss -is- in the building and he’s going to be cleaning the house.So will not the cleansing depict the Temple a place of life saving in instruction? How could it mean anything else?

    • Heb 13:13
      again, the temple house is spiritual.
      did Jesus say flee to the temple or buildings of life saving instruction?
      Mark 14:58
      the Boss is the temple.

      • T570

        To me , when Boss finally enters his office it’s all over anyway..

  • Burt Reynolds

    It appears that the governing body has nothing left to offer spiritually at this time, in fact, since I first associated 46 years ago, I cannot recall any new teaching, only ’embellishments’ or, I’m not going to say ‘new light’, just ‘different’ teaching, for it is not, and never has been spiritual ‘new light.’ The article points to the dressing of the Kingdom Halls, and this is significant, in that it is not the biblical truth that is developing, but the means by which the governing body apply the ‘glue’ to the sheep to keep them tied to the temple, ergo regular book releases…of the same old teachings…threats, intimidation, followed closely by statements of ‘love’ and pleas for donations and as stated here, visual enticement, or, ‘association’ (with the organisation) in its most pernicious form, subliminally. I’m afraid that decorating the hall with faux pillars, paradise pictures and waterfalls could not repel me more quickly than if the hall was full of chanting demons. I never went to the hall to have my visual cortex stimulated. The carrot at one end and the rod at the other, drives the donkey forward. It appears then that the sheep’s allegiance has little to do with the bible, and more to do with the mental entrapment and constant mental battering of the falsely trained conscience overseer. Surely this is the reason why we are admonished to keep checking that we are knowledgable about Jehovah’s requirements, that we are not misled.

    • Sam

      This comment sums up the current state of things so accurately Burt! The bros and sisters are just gushing over the regular stream of high budget videos and broadcasts along with other “provisions.” It is this constant feeding of milk and “look at the temple” as the verse Robert brought out highlights that has completely overtaken Jehovah’s word. The talks and items given at the hall now are regurgitated from watchtower articles, with videos sprinkled in along the way and a few obligatory “praise the org”s thrown in for good measure. Our spiritual family has lost the ability to reason on the scriptures. Keeping an open mind as the text urged means to accept every new change in direction from the GB.

      • Joel

        Good points Sam!

        You are so right; the brothers and sisters just “gush” over all the new modern technology the Society is using. Yes, the ‘look at the Temple’ mentality’ has indeed overtaken God’s word. It’s sickening!

  • Sam

    Is it just me or did anyone else find the watchtower’s commentary extremely difficult to read? I had to skip half way through and start reading Robert’s commentary to calm down lol I feel like if this was being read at the hall I would just have to get some fresh air until it was over. This self elevation is so very nauseating… Glad to know that Jehovah is paying every bit of attention and will soon send his judge to measure every inch of the spiritual temple!

    • i do that offten

    • Joel

      I found the very first sentence of the Society’s text to be amazingly arrogant:

      “If we are to have Jehovah’s favor and blessings as individuals, we must support his Organization.”

      Oh, the height of arrogance! Let me tell ya, I can’t stand it sometime!

      • sally

        Yes I feel the same, this is being hammered home in a big way right now both at meetings and literature. JW’s think that the GB is “preparing” them for the imminent tribulation where all of the lifesaving advice will hinge on the support and obedience given to the leaders now.
        If you ask me, there is no way at this point, especially after the convention and the video’s shown, that many if any witnesses will look critically at the leaders. They are totally focused on the leadership more than ever. Even I, with my limited experience of the organisation can see the self elevation of those at the top happening right before my eyes!

        • Joel

          You are so right Sally. It appears that the GB BELIEVES the Great Tribulation is imminent. To this end, they consistently are drilling into the heads of the friends the belief that ‘loyalty to the Organization’ is vital, yes, imperative at this critical time.

          • LW

            But is not the GT something that’s near and not far removed in the future? Otherwise, what is the purpose of all the information that we’ve learned here, aside from building more appreciation for the truth?

            • Joel

              Yes, you are right LW! The Great Tribulation is near, not too much further in the future. BUT, and this is a big but. . . our dear E-Watchman, Brother Robert King, has showed us from Bible prophecy that certain OTHER events must FIRST TAKE PLACE between now and the start of the Great Tribulation. Ah! But this is where the Governing Body has made their mistake!

              How so?

              In that they have placed ALL the soon-to-happen events coming in the future, they have erroneously taught the Witnesses that this things already happened IN THE PAST! In the early 20th Century! You see, that’s the problem!

              So the average Witness is under the impression that only ONE prophetic event is left—and that is the United Nations turning on all false religion, or Babylon the Great. Now let me ask you LW, do you see ANY evidence of that happening anytime soon? I don’t.

              So you see, the Governing Body is being a bit disingenuous; by exacting strict loyalty and “creature worship” from the rank&file under the guise of preparing them for an event, that in truth, is not quite imminent! You see? It’s a guise, a roose, to feed their (the GBs) hunger for greater man-worship.

            • LW

              I see your point. When I was much younger, I thought alot about the great tribulation and the nature of it. Based on what I was observing and then thinking, it was like I could “see” events happening relating to the GT, and not just the 1-2-3 UN attack on religion. No, it was like more of a unique set of circumstances, whereupon life as we know it changes suddenly (just like those classic end of the world movies that are around nowadays and not by coincidence either…). Even though I didn’t know as much of what was happening in the world as I do now, it was like I felt things were going to happen quite differently. But now based on the information here, this can be taken as validation of those feelings I had all those years ago. So perhaps, this did not all happen by coincidence 😉

            • Joel

              Great! Thanks to Brother King’s prophetic understandings, I am able to impart a bit of truth. Thank you.

            • Tabitha

              Joel we are only newly enlightened ones, and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to find a concise listing of events and the order they take place. For example great tribulation starts when Jesus is enthroned, gods people persecuted….etc. I have just finished reaing Robert’s 2010 book and have now begun the final addition, but am not sure if I’ve got it all straight in my head yet. Any suggestions?

            • Joel

              Hello Tabitha.

              First off, thank you for considering me as a voice of understanding and reason. But I must be totally honest with you—everything I have learned, or should I say “re-learned” about the order of end-time events is due to the stellar prophetic knowledge of Brother Robert King.

              I sincerely believe that Jehovah God has anointed Brother King to understand end-time prophecy, and to serve as a “Watchman” to the true household of end-time believers. I am confident that Brother King is being used by Jehovah to “re-educate” the minds of God’s people—those who were being “duped” by the MAN OF LAWLESSNESS found in the Watchtower Society—in order to fully prepare them for the things that are soon to befall mankind.

              So, even as I thank you for your trust in my judgement; I kindly and humbly acquiesce, and ask that you direct your queries to the one God is using in these last days to UNLOCK the many prophecies that were at one time ruled by Watctower error. . . Brother Robert King.

              A good place to start would be to read Brother King’s excellent book “Jehovah Himself Has Become King.” It lays out the entire end-time scenario in sequential order. It’s one of the finest and most important books of our era.

              So in the words of Brother King, “may Jehovah bless your search for truth.”

            • Tabitha

              Sorry Joel, my request must have not been worded very clearly. Although I do appreciate your comments here and recognise your spiritual maturity, I was actually wondering if you could point me to a particular post or pod cast from Brother Robert which lays these things out briefly. I have actually just finished reading Robert’s 2010 book Jehovah has become King and am part way through the final addition as I said. They are both fantastic

            • Joel

              I get it now.
              Tabitha, if you look right above on this site right now, you will see a posting from “Bklyn Kevin” entitled ‘A detailed summary of the time of the end.” He posted those listings just for you.

              I hope that helps you.

            • Tabitha

              Thanks Joel, just been looking at those links from Kevin. It is so fantastic to have such incredible resources and so many helpful brothers and sisters here to lend a hand. Thanks again!

            • Joel

              You are more than welcome Tabitha.

              Keep posting!

            • Bklyn Kevin

              A Detailed Summary of the Time of the End.

              Read more> https://e-watchman.com/a-detailed-summar

              What is the Great Tribulation and Holy Place?. https://e-watchman.com/great-tribulation-holy-place/

              The Day of Jehovah Is Near!

            • Joel

              Very good BK!
              Thanks for that backup!

            • Bklyn Kevin

              It’s always a pleasure Joel.
              I truly love Roberts articles that he writes and what’s even better Is his book but it’s kind of hard to place his book with everybody we have a conversations with in regards to the kingdom, on the other hand we can always find an article or a daily text that Robert has written by typing in a key word in the search box, and I always find the material I need in regards to the conversation I’m having with others whether it be on the Internet or in the field service and the great thing about the articles is that they could be printed out and distributed as necessary.

            • Tabitha

              Thanks Kevin, that information is priceless!

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Psalms107 https://www.jw.org/en/publications/bible/nwt/books/psalms/107/#v19107001

              1 Give thanks to Jehovah, for he is good; His loyal love endures forever.
              15 Let people give thanks to Jehovah for his loyal love And for his wonderful works in behalf of the sons of men.
              6 They kept crying out to Jehovah in their distress; He rescued them from their plight.

            • James

              We’re on the verge of the judgement of the house of God in my opinion.

              Whether that starts at the doors of Kingdom Halls via “free speech” law, or just against generic Christian religion, is yet to be seen.


      I must admit…I can’t stomach it! When I attend a meeting, I personally don’t feel the peace from the presence of Jehovah’s spirit…that scares me! I feel like I hear an echo trapped inside the walls of a desolate and barren temple, laid to waste….

      • James

        A strong holy spirit in my congregation.

        My local congregation will have a HUGE sigh of relief when this is all revealed.

        • ELiJAHxSEVEN

          Yes…when the “True” Sons of God get revealed…we will all sigh, cry, and rejoice together!

  • Joel

    Another good commentary Brother King.

    It sort of reminds me of Peters response to Jesus when some of Christ’s early followers left the movement because they found some of his speech “shocking.” (John 6:60) Jesus then asked his remaining disciples, “You do not want to go also, do you?” Simon Peter astutely responded: “Lord, whom shall we go away to? YOU have sayings of everlasting life” (v.68).

    Interesting, as far back as 1975, the Watchtower applied Peters response to the Organization itself! Note what the September 1, 1975 Watchtower magazine, p. 531 said (parentheses mine):

    “Where could we (the average JW member) turn (or ‘go’) if we would leave God’s Organization? There is nowhere else!” (Apparently to bolster this erroneous view, they put in parentheses the scripture John 6:66-69).

    It never ceases to amaze me how the average JW really in BELIEVES this in their hearts!
    It is just as Brother King said of the warning that Jeremiah prophsied to the children of Israel regarding the physical Temple . . . “Do not put your trust in deceptive words and say, ” this is the Temple of Jehovah . . .”

    Why did Jeremiah label that view as “deceptive”? No doubt because he knew, in the words of Brother King, that ” they had an attachment to the City if Jerusalem and it’s grand Temple.”

    Jehovah’s Witnesses today feel that same inordinate “attachment” to the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society; primarily its many ‘grand’ buildings and real estate holdings that figure into the billions of dollars!

    How sad that very soon all those “physical” man-made and man-glorifying structures will be brought to nothing! Then where will the loyalty of the average JW prove to be then!

    If only they would have taken the words of the Apostle Peter to heart: “Lord, whom shall we go away to? (Only) YOU have sayings of everlasting life.”

    —See Jesus’s words at John 6:63.

    • i wish i could remember this comment to respond to others

      • Joel

        Keep it locked in! Read and use it at your discretion. Thanks.

  • Yuri Fisher

    We just had last convention about loyalty. There much was said about loyalty to Jehovah. But somehow always was reminded that without loyalty to organization one cannot be loyal to Jehovah. This brings me to Jesus example. Was he loyal to Jehovah? YES. At the same time was he loyal to Pharesies and other jewish groups that represented true religion at that time. NO. He was not loyal to them at all. Jesus was loyal to the TRUTH. So we too. We must be loyal to Jehovah and Jesus. But at the same time not to be blinded by false loyalty to WT organization. Take what is good in teaching of WT and reject what is bad. Do what they say good. And reject what they do bad. This is the right way to serve Jehovah today. Robert is right. Our situation within JW organization exactly like of Jews in 1 century. Satan again played the same tricks on Jehovahs servants. We must be wise not to go after satan and his tricks.

    Thanks to Robert he recognized long ago satan tricks on JW and opened to us spiritual mind.

    Blessings to all.


    • Joel

      Here Here! Very good Yuri!

      • Yuri Fisher

        Dear Joel
        Thank you for your comment

        • Joel

          You bet, my brother! Come back and ‘post’ with us again!

  • Isaiah 28:15 Rev 18:4 Jer 51:45 Matt 24:26 2-Thess ch2

    • Joel

      Great Scriptures all.
      But now, what is YOUR commentary on them?

      • i’ll let you do the commentary. i dont have much other now but the self explanatory

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