Wednesday, June 1

I am longing for all of you with such tender affection as Christ Jesus has.Phil. 1:8.

Jesus felt tender compassion for others. When he saw his friend Mary and those with her weeping over the death of her brother, Lazarus, Jesus openly “gave way to tears.”  Then, likely stirred by heartfelt pity—just as when he raised a widow’s son—he resurrected Lazarus.  By means of that tender act, Jesus may have put Lazarus in line to receive life in heaven. On an earlier occasion, Jesus “felt tender affection” for a crowd that came to him. Impelled by compassion, “he started to teach them many things.” What a life-changing experience that was for any who responded to his teachings! Note that Jesus’ tenderness was more than a feeling; it moved him to take the initiative to help others


A sister in California, Carol Ramos, who comments on this site occasionally, is struggling with cancer. Another sister in the Philippines, Katrina, who also comments on this site, has taken the initiative to try and raise funds for her. She posted several blog articles regarding Carol’s situation. 

Apparently the local elders are useless. But if you would like to help out please read Katrina’s blog and note the PayPal account where you can contribute.  Some of you have already contributed, indirectly. That is because I am temporarily suspending the funding of Google pay-per-clicks and diverting your monthly pledge to help out our sister. I trust I have your support. Thanks

To sent Carol a gift directly from PayPal just use her email

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