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Facing the End of the Watchtower

(Download, right click and save as Facing the end of the WT)   This essay is a brief review of the Watchtower article entitled: “Facing the End of This Old World Together.” On what basis do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that we are facing the end of this old world? According to the Watchtower [...]

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The Kings of the North and South

“And he will prove successful until the denunciation comes to a finish; because what is determined must take place. ”  ___________________ Mankind now stands at the brink of a great upheaval, a global crash — even a third world war; a war that will most certainly far surpass the horrors and hardships wrought by the [...]

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Will there be another world war?

QUESTION: Do you think there will be another world war, and if so, is it prophesied in the Bible?


ANSWER: Yes. There is definitely going to be another world war – consider it to be the last of a three-part series that began in 1914.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been deluded by the Watchtower into imagining that virtually all prophecy (except for a few trifling details) were fulfilled in the 1914-1919 period and that there cannot be another world war because it would only leave a few survivors – if any. Ironically, this delusion is, itself, also prophesied in the Scriptures.


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Reasoning From The Scriptures

The Watchtower Society published a minister’s handbook in 1989 called Reasoning From The Scriptures, which provides Jehovah’s Witnesses with a handy scriptural reference in support of basic Bible doctrines. It also offers suggestions for overcoming various “conversation stoppers” and objections that may be raised by householders.

For the most part the “reasoning” of the Society is unassailable – at least in matters of doctrine, which really are not open to interpretation.

But prophecy, or rather – interpreting prophecy and matching it to events in the past or even projecting to the future – is another matter entirely. And in this regard the title of the Watchtower’s original minister’s handbook is apropos: “Make Sure of All things.” But have Jehovah’s Witnesses really made certain of all the things they believe and teach? Consider the following: Under the heading “Last Days” the Reasoning book presents all the “evidence” to support their teaching that the last days of this present system began in 1914. And as Jehovah’s Witnesses surely know, the last days of the system commence when Jesus is given the throne of heaven and the kingdom of God comes to power.


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A Great Military Service

Since the emergence of America from British colonialism the progenitors of the aristocratic, imperial system, have intended to crush the emerging republican system of sovereign nations.

They have so far been only marginally successful.

In truth, both world wars of the past century were fomented to pit nations against one another in order to prevent their mutual cooperation and development. The same oligarchy that serves as Satan’s earthly throne is relentlessly pushing for one more world war. (King Edward VII – Evil Demiurge of the Triple Entente and WWI and Roosevelt Verses British Colonialism)

(The prophecies of Daniel depict the feet of the image as an unworkable fusion of iron and clay, symbolizing the oddly matched empire and republican systems manifested in the Anglo-America dyad today.  Recently, the Watchtower Society has even enlightened Jehovah's Witnesses on this matter - having previously taught the the iron and clay simply represented a "politically divided world." Also, the empire that descended from Rome is appropriately symbolized as an unusually ferocious beast that crushes and tramples everything.)

In the aftermath of the collapse of the colossal Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the end of London’s Cold War scheme to pit the victorious allies of WWII against each other, the drones of the Empress of London embarked on a bold plan for total world domination. But first the imperialists must gain control of the US political and military establishment to accomplish their plot, which has been an ongoing conspiracy for many years. From all appearances that scheme is now virtually complete. London even has access to the US nuclear trigger.


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A Closer Look @ 1914

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been taught and whole-heartedly believe that the sign of Christ’s parousia has been evident since 1914. In fact, according to the Watchtower 1914 is the most important date in all human history. But in spite of the belief that Jesus Christ has been invisibly present in some fashion for over a century now, [...]

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The Spanish Armada or World War III?

This entry is an edited repost of an article that was  published in September 2008

With the looming threat of war against Iran before the end of the year it seems particularly timely to consider the ill-fated Spanish Armada of the 16th century, at least the Watchtower Society’s perspective of it.

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