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10 Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses

1.) For a long time Jehovah’s Witnesses had been taught that Jesus’ parable of the wise and foolish virgins was fulfilled in 1918. But the July, 2013, Watchtower adjusted the coming of the bridegroom to a point in the future. Previously the Watchtower had explained that the International Bible Students had “nodded off” during the [...]

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Will the Watchtower ever say: ‘Enough’?

QUESTION: Our Bible reading this week references Exodus 36:6,7. Proverbs 30:15 talks about those that have not said "enough." In view of the latest move of the Society on collections, is there anything in prophecy that addresses this situation?  ____________________________________________________ ANSWER: The account in Exodus concerns the occasion when Moses made an announcement to the Israelites, requesting [...]

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Should we now move away from the Society?

QUESTION: Should we now move away from the 'Society,' i.e. meetings, 'Get out of her my people.... ?' But doesn't the Bible say not forsake the gathering of yourselves together and all the more so as you behold the day drawing near, etc.? And what do we do about the memorial of Christ’s Death? I can see that you are speaking the truth when you say about the Man of Lawlessness, surely standing in a place where they ought not, I.E. in place of the Christ, saying: ‘No one comes to the father except through us’ has put them in line for punishment, but how do we handle this after 30years?

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Part 4 – July 2013 Watchtower Review

In order to keep the 1914 myth intact the Watchtower has since then promoted the notion that Jesus has two thrones. Supposedly, he sat down on his kingly throne in 1914, but he has not really commenced the work of a king in carrying out any sort of judgment within the earthly realm of his domain.

The reason the Watchtower is compelled to fabricate a secondary throne for Jesus is because in his parable of the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31) emphasis is placed upon the Son of man arriving with all of his angels as he sits down upon his glorious throne.


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How will Jehovah’s Witnesses come under attack?

QUESTION: Under what scenario will the Watchtower Society come under attack from the Eighth King? The Watchtower is not a threat, is it? Feel free to speculate. I know it will happen because Jehovah said that is how it will go down. In any event, we will have to wait and see.

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Kingdom Bulletin #7

 JUDGMENT OF THE HOUSE OF GOD - WHEN DOES IT BEGIN? TO THE ELDERS Dear Brothers, You have probably heard the news that has come out of the Watchtower Society’s 2012 annual meeting by now, regarding the new understanding in connection with the faithful and discreet slave. If not, the highlights of the meeting have [...]

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Watchtower Society Hedge Fund

This is a revision and an update from a previous blog entry.

Apparently this is to be an annual occurrence, necessitated by the fact that the Watchtower sends representatives to an annual hedge fund conference about this time every year, and I, accordingly, am compelled to publicize their unseemly affairs. (The Watch Tower Society is on the 2012 attendees list under Investors.)

But what is wrong with the Watchtower investing in hedge funds? For one thing, the Society is a tax-exempt organization based upon the supposition that it is a non-profit institution. (Not to be confused with its non-prophet status) But is it even ethical for a non-profit organization to operate as a hedge fund or to invest in hedge funds seeking maximum profits? At the very least it is questionable and may even violate the rules governing tax-exempt organizations. Ultimately, their avarice may well be their undoing, as it is not out of the question that they may at some point lose their tax-exempt status for this very reason.

But it is not just that. Everything the Watchtower does now is either done to save money or to make money. For example, some assembly halls have evidently installed cash machines so that Jehovah's Witnesses can donate money straight out of their bank accounts. Apparently the donation boxes at every exit just weren’t enough. (Be reminded that Jesus became indignant because of the presence of moneychangers in his Father’s temple.)

On the other hand, it has come to my attention that this year the Watchtower asked Jehovah’s Witnesses (at least in France) to print copies of the convention program off the Internet to save the Society the printing expense. Apparently, that means that in their view it is a waste of money to provide programs for those who attend their conventions and that the money might be more wisely allocated by placing million dollar bets with the high rollers in the global financial casino. The Society’s sophisticated money masters make the Miracle Wheat fiasco of the organization’s founder seem amateurish by comparison.

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e-Watchman Vs the Watchtower

As regular readers of e-watchman are aware, not only is it my unwavering conviction that Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Society have heretofore played a vital role in the outworking of Jehovah’s grand purpose, but I also stand convinced that the present system of things is poised to implode in the immediate future – commensurate with the authentic arrival of Jesus Christ and the actual ouster of Satan and his demons from Jehovah’s heavens. Even though no mortal knows the precise day and hour when the Son of man will make his thief-like presence manifest, thereby plunging the world into a brief period of unimaginable chaos, the conditions are undeniably overripe for a calamity of apocalyptic proportions to suddenly overtake the present wicked system of things.

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Isaiah – An Ancient Prophet with a Message for Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Watchtower rightly points out that Isaiah is an ancient prophet with a modern message. Indeed, the message contained in the ancient prophecy of Isaiah is of the utmost relevance for the Watchtower Society and Jehovah’s Witnesses at this present time. The name Isaiah means “salvation of Jehovah.” The name Jesus means [...]

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The Mark of the Beast

This is a revised and expanded article that appeared on the original Watchman site in 2005.

The April 1st, 2004, Watchtower Magazine carried an article on the meaning of Revelation’s mysterious 666 – the name and mark of the wild beast. Under the subheading on page four, the Watchtower asks the rhetorical question: “Do you enjoy solving a mystery?” Notably, that statement implies that the Watchtower Society has already solved the mystery. But have they really? In keeping with the apostolic exhortation: “Do not believe every inspired expression, but test the inspired expressions to see whether they originate with God,” we do well to take a closer look at this important topic.

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Ted Jaracz brochure

It has been a couple of weeks since the Watchtower Society's Governing Body lost Ted Jaracz in death. I try to keep the Jehovah's Witnesses in the News blog up-to-date with links to the latest information appearing in the news, and so I have been scannning Google search results for the Watchtower's press release of the death of Theodore Jaracz. So far, there has been no mention of it in any newspaper.

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Why Jehovah’s Witnesses?


Who are Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses? Are they the true worshippers of God – the true light-bearers, as the Watchtower Society claims? What makes the witnesses of Jehovah so special? Do they really believe that they are the only ones who will receive salvation? After all, many accuse Jehovah’s  Witnesses of being a satanic cult. How could such a maligned sect possibly be the only true faith?


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