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What about the earthquake that raised the dead?

QUESTION: When Jesus died there was a massive earthquake as described in Matthew 27.
It says that the dead bodies of holy ones were raised up and many saw them. Was this an actual resurrection of those holy ones or just their graves and dead bodies exposed by the effect of the earthquake? If it was a resurrection does it signify anything in the future?

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Not all will die, will they?

QUESTION: In your Article "the visible Presence of Christ", page 2, you say that according to 1 Thess. 4:15-17 "the living, who subsequently die "during his presence" will be resurrected. But isn't it so that Paul was speaking of those who are surviving? Why do you say that they have to die? The apostle says "we the living who are surviving" will be caught away in the Clouds. I think that not all have to experience the death, those still living at the Parousia will be caught away and changed in spiritual creatures, to meet the Lord in the air. This was also what Br. Russell believed to happen to the livings at the Parousia, wasn't it?

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