The Harvest Is a Conclusion of a System

MP3 Download file      “Look! I Am With You All The Days” is the title of the second study article in the July 2013, Watchtower, and is a consideration of Jesus’ parable concerning the wheat and the weeds. This blog entry is intended to examine the Watchtower’s teaching – testing it for authenticity.

You may read the parable Jesus expounded upon in the 13th chapter of Matthew on the Watchtower Online Library. By the way, the Watchtower Online Library is a valuable resource for those who may not possess the Watchtower CD-ROM. It is available in an astounding 77 languages! Although not as extensive as the CD-ROM in terms of older publications, Jehovah's Witnesses Online Library hosts the Daily Text and Theocratic School schedule for each week and virtually every magazine, brochure, book, booklet, tract, and yearbook published since the year 2000, as well as kingdom songs and the Bible. And the New World Translation is also available in audio on