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The Kings of the North and South

“And he will prove successful until the denunciation comes to a finish; because what is determined must take place. ”  ___________________ Mankind now stands at the brink of a great upheaval, a global crash — even a third world war; a war that will most certainly far surpass the horrors and hardships wrought by the [...]

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Will Christendom survive the end of the Watchtower?

QUESTION: Having read your website since 2010, now I can grasp the real meaning of prophecies. It is said at Daniel:11:41: “He will also enter into the land of the Decoration, and many lands will be made to stumble. But these are the ones that will escape out of his hand: Edom and Moab and [...]

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Will There Be A New World Order?

New World Order (Right click for MP3 download) There are various and sundry conspiracy theories that come under the rubric of “new world order” – much of which is either intentionally diversionary or simply outlandish nonsense, seemingly intended to discredit everything categorized by the mainstream as a “conspiracy theory.” (For example, London’s Telegraph, [...]

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Is Russia reemerging as the King of the North?

QUESTION: With the recent troubles in Ukraine and the Russian invasion of Crimea, is it possible that Russia is reemerging as the king of the north, as the Watchtower suggested might happen? ANSWER: Bluntly, no. And the reason Russia is not “reemerging” is because Germany and the Soviet Union never were the king of the [...]

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How can Babylon the Great be related to the king of the North?

QUESTION:  In your book Jehovah Himself Has Become King, in the chapter on Revelation, you wrote: "Contrary to presently prevailing assumptions, Jehovah’s Witnesses have not gotten out of Babylon the Great. That is because Jehovah’s Witnesses have not even gone into exile yet! Babylon the Great is yet to conquer Jehovah’s people. That will come about as [...]

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Is London the prophetic City of Tearing Down?

QUESTION: You have mentioned that “the City of Tearing Down” is New York City, but is it possible that it may be London, as it also has become a place which is the financial capital of the world, as well as over 300 different languages are spoken there as well as the inheritor of the Roman Empire mantle?

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Doom of the American Republic

Other than Israel and Judah no other nation is featured so prominently in the Bible as Egypt. Before God even founded Israel Egypt existed as a great nation.

The father of all those with faith, Abram, along with Sari his beautiful wife, once sought relief from the famine in Canaan by going down to Egypt. Abraham’s offspring did too. In fact, Abraham’s great-grandson, Joseph, was appointed by Jehovah to be food administrator for all of Egypt, which of course, ultimately led to the Israelites becoming a multitudinous people while in slavery in Egypt over the course of four centuries. Over the hundreds of years after the great exodus the Israelites at times faithlessly looked to Egypt for security. And even the infant Jesus was taken to Egypt after Jehovah’s angel ordered Joseph to hide the family there until the murderous Herod died, this in fulfillment of prophecy.

So, Egypt served both as a benefactor and a snare for God’s people.

Because Egypt is an integral part of the history of the development of God’s purpose in connection with the children of Abraham, for that reason Egypt is also a prominent piece of the prophetic puzzle as well.

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What the Near Future Holds

“What the near future holds” is the title of a talk outline presented by elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Representatives of the Watchtower Society have also delivered variations of the discourse in recent years.


Over the years the Watchtower Society has published volumes of interpretations of Bible prophecy.  Aside from their saying “peace and security,” the destruction of Babylon the great and the actual war of Armageddon, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been led to believe that nearly all prophecy has already been fulfilled. In fact, the Watchtower is fond of saying that prophecy cannot really be understood until after it is fulfilled.

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