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Concerning the “green vegetation” of the Apocalypse

 QUESTION: Revelation 9:3-5 concerning the locusts, if I understand you correctly they are the anointed remnant after having received the seal of God. They are told not to harm the vegetation of the earth, nor any green thing, nor any tree. Are we to take that literally or is it referring to those who will [...]

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The Day the Stars Fall from Heaven

With the recent developments in Ukraine, developments intended by the Empire to push Russia into war, a war that will unavoidably go nuclear, it seems timely to consider the phenomenon known as EMP (Electromagnetic pulse). Since the USSR was disbanded 20-some years ago the defensive posture of the Anglo-American powers has subtly shifted from defensive [...]

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What takes place with the unsealing of the Apocalypse?

QUESTION: On page 46 (Chapter 3 The Harvest) of Jehovah himself Has Become King, you state: "The opening of the sixth seal INITIATES earth-shaking events associated with what Christ called a GREAT TRIBULATION". (My emphasis) If the opening of the sixth seal initiates the great tribulation, what exactly is initiated by the previous five seals? Elsewhere in [...]

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10 Years After the Start of WW IV

In the aftermath of the devastating terror attack on September 11 – now a decade ago – in 2003 a former CIA director, one James Woolsey by name, is quoted as saying that the United States had embarked upon World War Four. (He was counting the Cold War as World War Three.)

He went on to identify Iraq and Iran as the primary enemies, along with Syria, Egypt and even Saudi Arabia, and of course, the conveniently ephemeral al-Qaeda. Laughably, Woolsey claimed that America was intent on bringing democracy to all the oppressed peoples of those lands ruled by dictators.

(As a side note, not only has the world’s most sophisticated military superpower failed to eradicate the sandal-shod, ragtag Taliban in Afghanistan in ten years of war – a Taliban who had nothing whatsoever to do with the 9-11 attack – since the invasion of Afghanistan heroin production has soared, particularly in the British-held Helmand province. Not only are the hundreds of billions of dollars of illicit dope money being laundered through the offshore banking/hedge fund conduit in order to prop up the bankrupt European banking system, but also the deadly drug itself is being deployed primarily as a weapon against the people of Russia. The US has resolutely refused to destroy the poppy crop, which it could easily do.)


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